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(37 reviews submitted)

P-dUb Iz HoTt!
Maaan,pretty willie went off da market wit dis album!Both 4walls n lay yo body down wuz thowed.He is very talented n speaks out wut otha "gangstuz won't say to they gal.His voice iz very sexual n demanding n wayz ppl can't imagine.His name should be up thea n mentioned as much az artistz like usher,pretty ricky,n mo'.
Submitted by penile-gland in Fuckford, NY

So Sexy
This CD is so good I love it and the first time I heard FourWalls from my friend cd, I knew I had to have the cd. Because I knew if this song sound like this I would love the other songs.
Submitted by Toy in Houston, Tx, USA

So Sexy!
I think the CD was and still is a beast! I listened to the CD like 12 times th e first time I brought the CD. Ever since I heard those 2 song 4 Walls and Lay Your Body Down, I can't keep still. Like I said before the CD was So Sexy!
Submitted by www.spectaculars_lady06 in New Orleans, La

Very nice!
He has a very sexy voice. Some good love makin' music! Being from da dirty south, I might be a little prejudiced though! i really like it though and i will more than likely purchase the Cd.
Submitted by Tosha in Tyler, TX, USA

One of the most talented guys out there! Check out this cd and his first one too!
Submitted by The Ikon, T. Harris in Mississippi

I love this cd. My boyfriend and I put the cd in and everything goes from there. I can honestly say that this is the best cd that I have. There is a new song that is by him called Whole Lotta and I need to get the cd that it is on because it is hot.
Submitted by hotgirl_redhot in St.Louis,MO,USA

God's Musician
of course, we all know that this brother has a gift and a voice from God. As long as he keeps letting God use him, he will come out on top.
Submitted by qwita in memphis, tn

Dont u just love 'em cuz i do
man i love his voice and his music, and everytime u come out with song im always dying to get it
Submitted by PAIGE in St. louis, Mo, USA
Love his voice

I love the songs on this album, he speaks the truth about lust and relationships. His voice sounds sooooo good!!! I love him and I haven't even met him yet!!
Submitted by MissPretty1984 in Tallahassee, Fl, USA

pretty boy
this song is like no other song because when i play the song, my girlfriend gets in the mood. she's crazy about this song. it's a real freaky sex song. her kind of music. Holla!
Submitted by RodneyD_90 in lancanster, Texas

this is the best cd in the world no one and i mean no one can top pretty willie i love every track especially lay your body down and 4walls. this is the only cd i have ever loved with my life.
Submitted by dre_gansta in ATLANTA, GA, USA"

Submitted by CYRUS in LONG BEACH, CA

Submitted by BARBARA in ST. LOUIS, MO

Pretty Boy K.K
a to tell you the truth i love every song on both cds and we all know p-dube is number 1 of all time
Submitted by Kelvin in (ex,"St. Louis,Mo,usa")

Pretty Willie came back with more power than the first and the whole CD is great. I love you Pretty Willie!!
Submitted by She_student in Bossier City, LA, USA


I love you pretty
Pretty shows all the wanna-be thugs out there that you can be a thug-and a pretty boy at the same time. This album is off the chain, it's definetily something you can listen over and over again.
Submitted by Saquoia in Flint, Michigan

he's back for good
he is back in no one can stop him watch haters
Submitted by jeremy gordon in mississippi,laurel,usa

I love every track on this cd. Especially 4 walls and Lay your body down. i keep both on heavy rotation.
Submitted by Lady C in Hammond, Louisiana

This Album is off the hook
Pretty is coming back 4r show
Submitted by Ieshea in Knoxville TN USA

One word and no more explaination is needed "Talented!" St. Louis has begun to birth so many talented artists, but this kids bring variety in the CD. He addresses issue that hit home. Continue to do your thing, much love!
Submitted by Supportive Fan in St. Louis, MO, USA

Mr. muzik
I've been a fan of P Dubs sinc I heard the first album on Universal. This new Album is a different kind of Will. keep it up & best of wishes with the future. Number 12 is the cutt.
Submitted by Mr. Muzik75 in Alton,Il.

i got a gurl pregnant on your cd
its great must have it now
Submitted by taquan in "Memphis,tn,usa"
Everybody gots to get this CD.
This cd is hot. I really couldn't find this cd in the stores around me, but when I found out the website to order it from, I ordered it. Make sure you pick this up on the real.
Submitted by JayD51586 in Baton Rouge, LA

Awesome cd.
I think that this is an awesome cd. I believe that Pretty Willie is a very talented artist and his music really does touch people. His songs 4 Walls, Lay your body down, and Been Changed ae great ballads. He shows us that he can actually sing and that also he is maturing and has some depth. I think you all should go cop this album and be waiting on the next one to come out. Go out and support ya boi, Pretty aka Pdub.
Submitted by tyrell_71454 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

dj quietstorm east boggie finest!!!
this is your best album,love how u rep the show me k-town banging your album in twisterz night club!
Submitted by fergerson04 in kenosha ,wi usa

Haters under the bed
Matt Dawg....does it make you feel good to hate on someone that's trying to do their thing. Where is your album? Where is your record label? Probably under the bed!
Submitted by P Dub fan in St Louis Mo

wizzie to the izzeak!!!!
Blow me young pretty. "I'm just a pretty boy, but I cant make no money cuz yall jus burn my CD."
Submitted by Matt Dawg in Under your bed.

Off the chain!
I went to 5 different stores trying to find this CD! Every store was SOLD OUT. The last store I went to, I bought the very last copy they had, and I am SO GLAD that I got it! It is definitely worth every penny, if not more. The Muzic Doctors are doin it BIG on this CD. Get it if you aint got it.
Submitted by Leggs in Milwaukee, WI, USA

Cop da album
Whats da deal. errbody need to go cop the album pretty willie aka p dub The Transition I like the album because it tells the woman what you really trying to say are how you feel about herr but cop that album derrty
Submitted by www.wellston_hb_314 in St.Louis Mo/Dat Derrty Mo

Keep up the good work ...
Submitted by Terris in Chicago, IL

Cop dat disc...ooohhh weeeee ohhhh!!!
Submitted by Luda636Chris in STL, MO

Buy as many copies as you can
Whoa this album is priceless. Let go platium

A Great Album with Great Music
This is a great album! A DEFINITE MUST BUY!!! The Muzic Doctorz are the next go to production team. Watch out Jazzy Pha, The Neptunes and Kayne West.
Submitted by rhodesre in Slidell, LA

very nice comeback
This Cd is even better than the first. Nice beats. Buy it!
Submitted by Evan in St.Louis, MO, USA

he cameback hard
all tha tracks hot and he burned Nelly on Free
Submitted by Drew in STL DERRTY

love this cd
hello i recently bought this cd and i must say this is his best work yet. i've seen him live in concert twice and he puts on great performance.and yes he is fine in person.
Submitted by www.juquanda601 in jackson, ms
Average Customer Review:
- CD


Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!, February 24, 2005
Reviewer: ManHunt - See all my reviews

Pretty have the tightest song in R&B out there! People don't know about him because he hasn't been on BET and stuff but the man got style in his music. He has the right songs for a date or when someone is at home with you. HE sets the mood right for that lonnnnnnggggg night! Thank you P Dub

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Tonight it's gon be on w/yo boy pretty willie playin!, February 7, 2005
Reviewer: Desiree B. "Desi" (Shreveport, LA. USA) - See all my reviews

Man Pretty willie is the Best R@B artist out their. My favorite of the whole album is "Lay yo body down" and "4 Walls", ur-re time i hear these songs i just be like ole boy said,"Man, I want to Lay Somebody's Body down". So when you feel like you want to get in the mood with that special someone, pop yo boy pretty willie aka P-Dub in the cd player and just, Laaaaaaaaaaay yoooooo bodyyyyyyyyyyy dowwnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.!: )

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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
4 Walls is tha Bomb, January 15, 2005
Reviewer: N. Lard "Book Lover03" (Grambling, LA) - See all my reviews

I don't know if you like the type of music I like, but the 4 Walls track and the Lay Yo Body Down track are so tight. I love these songs, every time I hear them, I just want to lay my body down.

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Hot, January 29, 2005
Reviewer: Calvin "CalNeal" (Clarksdale, Ms) - See all my reviews

This is a must listen to CD. He doesn't get the attention he deserves. With the right media attention he could be the next one. This CD is full of hot tracks. I've been listening to his music since he first made the scene. First heard his music when I went to the same college he went to haven't stopped since can't wait for the next edition. Keep an eye out for the boy cause he's on his way up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
And the award goes to....., March 6, 2004
Reviewer: "soulfulfemme" (MiSsIsSiPpi) - See all my reviews

Ok people..please believe me when I say that this cd is off da chain(and that's putting it mildly) Every track is oh so good but my favorites are "She Got A Man At Home" and "Designer Love" He is definitely a talented artist who isn't getting the credit he deserves. Also, I hear that there's a new cd coming soon..I've heard two tracks which are "Wooo" and "Lay your Body Down" check those out. Whenever this cd is playing, I definitely keep it on REPEAT...COP THIS DISC

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Pretty Willie Concert, February 26, 2004
Reviewer: "keandrea_s" (Jackson, MS-Memphis,TN) - See all my reviews

I had never heard of Pretty Willie before I moved to Jackson, MS. My boyfriend took me to see him in concert on Valentine's Day 2004 at Freelon's. I really enjoyed his performance and now I play his songs all day. I have even told some of my friends about him in Memphis and they have starting listening to his songs.

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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
New Song by Pretty Willie, January 26, 2004
Reviewer: jmason (Dallas, TX) - See all my reviews

Hi to all viewers, fans,and Pretty Willie ,
My first exposure to pretty willie's music was at my girlfriends cousins birthday party. The song I heard was told to me by the DJ to be one of his new songs called "Lay your body down". Let me tell you all out there, " I love this song and my girlfriend loves it too". For the most part I consider myself more of an Jazz lover and older age individual,however I have to say , Hats off and Praises to Pretty Willie for such a dynamic song and beat. Keep it up Pretty Willie. I look forward to more songs like that one. Also Does any one know when the song " Lay your body down" will be available to purchase?
I look forward to purchasing the CD with that song and many more great songs. Let me know when Please ASAP
Thanks for such a hit Pretty Willie

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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Pretty Willie is Suella, September 21, 2003
Reviewer: Jeremiah (Hawaii) - See all my reviews

The first song I heard from his CD was "Designer Love," and it was when my cousin bumped it in his car. I was curious who sang it and my cousin said that it was Pretty Willie. I was like the hell is that. But I love the song so much that I went out and copped the entire CD just for that song. Little did I know this guy had an entire collection of songs that I felt should of been hits. Pretty Willie deserves much more attention in the music industry. This guy is tight with his smooth rhymes and beats. All I can say is buy this CD and tell your friends about 'um because they'll like him too!

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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
p-willie STL, April 26, 2003
Reviewer: msSTL (Southern California) - See all my reviews

alright, i heard about p-willie through my cuz who came down to cali from the lou(ST.LOUIS!!)and i bought it a few months back after hearing "She Got a Man at Home" and some other tracks. i love it!! this cd's a 10 for me,no cussing(not that i mind it), original songs you can dance to, & p-willie can both rap & sing. he's a lot different than nelly, but that's good, i love them both. my fave tracks are "She Got a...","Designer Love", and "Thinking the Same Thing". so, if you don't have the cd yet, go ahead & go cop it a.s.a.p.

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areal_1's Review

1 user agrees 10.0
"All-time favorite"
Pretty Willie is hot.I love his songs "lay your body down" and "4 walls". Those are my all time favorite songs.I haven't heard his whole cd yet but da two songs i have heard are hot.I think he will really make it somewhere in life.I could listen two "4 walls" all day if i could.I have completely fallen in love wit that song.My boyfriend sings it 2 me all the time.
posted July 29 2005 1:14 AM

chualreadyno's Review

She Got a Man at Home
Artist: Pretty Willie

"Turn it up!"
this song is hot i love the beat and i like the artist he is very good artist. I think that this song will take it to the top one i get it on a cd. I heard this song today and i was on the computer for an hour looking for this song
posted August 21 2005 12:36 AM
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pretty willie is every thing to me and his music is so inspiring i love him so much and i am also a fan of kappa alpha psi

# posts: 3
newbie posted 04-18-2003 07:03 pm (edit, delete or reply

Pretty Willie is bumping. The first time I heard his song was on The Johnson Family Vacation. The song was called"Lay Yo Body Down".When I heard that song I knew I had to find out who was the singer and what album it was on.I didn't get the album but I got the song on a slow cd. Pretty Willie is a sexual singer and he's also handsome. So Pretty Willie just keep on trying because alot of people today are asking who you are and how can you make a song so good sound like that.Everyone in Memphis is listening and having sex off this song. MS.POOH {Memphis,TN representive}

# posts: 2
newbie posted 10-07-2004 10:50 am (edit, delete or reply)

Willie I was just writing to say thanks to a song on your album I feel better everytime I hear "Lay your body down." Also I will be dancing off your song in a Black and Gold Pageant at Indiana Universty in Bloomington, IN. On November 19, 2004, Friday 8pm. I plan to win and become the Next MISS Black and Gold. You should know where I.U. is since it is where your Frat was founded. If someone would like to reply, you can reach me on at crazysexycoo21. OUT Ta`

# posts: 1
newbie posted 11-05-2004 07:34 pm (edit, delete or reply)


# posts: 2
newbie posted 12-08-2004 08:45 pm (edit, delete or reply)


"Rap snacks Redux"

FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2005
Rap Snacks Redux

A couple of years ago, I posted on a list serve an amazing discovery. Since this sensation has swept the country. A friend requested I repost this on my blog. I am going to repost some fun items from the past over the next few weeks.

This was posted Jan 3, 2003 on the Nonoise list:

Steve Smith, longtime lurker, rare poster here in this strange post
noisemaker world now world w/ no noise. I have a hot music story
sensation I wanted to pass along to my nonoise peeps. Please read
through. For the Vintage Vinyl posse, go talk to Jim Utz. I brought
the goods to him tonight at his spin at the Halo. You can see and
taste it for yourself. Please bear with me, for I must request your
help. Finally STL is getting its props! But we need to take action
to make sure a hometown hero gets the respect he deserves.

I was just got back from my second favorite milk provider 7-11 on
Morganford. I was walking down the aisles taking a look for additional products to potentially purchase to enhance my lifestyle. I saw some taquitos rolling on the old hot dog rolling machine. Um, no thank you. I will just go to El Bronco for the real deal. Hmmm. Stay away from the sugar aisle, for it will make your nose bleed if it is hit repeatedly. But I spotted something very special; there was a display over by the Slurpee machine that was holding a rack of chips.

Now I am sure that everyone is familiar by now with Pretty Willie. Who hasn't read about his escapades and adventures from his youthful days as a member of the "Baby Gangsters" to his new fame as a Hip Hop giant in this city's finer daily and weekly publications? Pretty Willie is a STL native who is proud to be from the Lou. He was a track star at the University of Mississippi, where he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and received a degree in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. He would drive back to the Loo almost weekly to record the album that has created the huge national smash hit "Roll wit me" an ode to Saint Louis where he received generous support by the people by packing the clubs regularly for his Hip Hop performances.

Now I know Saint Louis has hit it big time when I saw Pretty Willie's face staring at me from of a bag of chips on the bottom rack across the aisle from the slurpee machine at my second favorite milk provider. Salsa and cheese flavored chips to be exact. Rap Snacks, owned by the genius James Lindsey has a line of chips featuring illustrations of Hip Hop artists. On each bag above the flavor is a different message with Pretty Willie's bag sporting "Love Your Neighbor". There are a series of Hip Hop stars on these bags from Lil' Romeo Stay In School bar-b-quing with my honey flavored chips (who proudly and defiantly holds a pacifier up in his picture) to Master P Start Your Own Business platinum bar-b-que chips (who has a wistful and almost tiresome look about him).

Now here is how we can make a difference to show our pride in the Lou. The clerk at 7-11 told me that Lil' Romeo (the one holding the defiant pacifier) is currently the most popular seller. The kids love his Stay In School bar-b-quing with my honey flavored chips. But coming in second is our homeboy Pretty Willie. The kids love giving STL's own Willie his propers and they also enjoy snacking on his Love Your Neighbor salsa cheese chips. So we all need to show our propers for our STL homeboy hero Pretty Willie and purchase a bag of the Love Your Neighbor salsa cheese chips. Go to the clerk at the 7-11 on Morganford and proudly tell him you are paying your propers with a vote for Pretty Willie. Eat the chips proudly and buy an extra bag for that one kid you know would think you are the coolest for buying it for him or the kid who you think needs to find out just how cool Pretty Willie is.

"Take that to the bank"

Living It
Take that deal to the banks - and the books

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 6:19 PM CDT

Attorney Mary Nelson, Hudson "Big Hud" Baxter and National Recording Artist P. Dub check out a contract from Warner Bros. recently at Jack Thompson Square. Photo by Bill Beene

P. Dub makes music history with Warner Bros. deal

By Bill Beene

Of the St. Louis American

St. Louis artists aren't only making music, they're making music history.

First, Nelly becomes the first rap artist to drop two albums on the same day - and then see them chart at No. 1 (Suit) and No. 2 (Sweat).

Now, P. Dub, who calls Nelly and the St. Lunatics "the Jackson 5 of rap," has become the first artist to nab deals as a rapper at a major label then as a singer at another.

After parting with Universal Music Group a few years back, P. Dub kept his head up and on the national grind until his indie label, Wilflo Music (named for his father and mother, Willie and Flora), hooked up with Warner Bros.

That means the rumor that it was only a rumor that P. Dub has a deal with Warner Bros. is itself merely a rumor.

P. Dub rapped to the American Friday while waiting in a California bank to deposit seven figures.

"Thank God for letting me know who I wasn't, so I can now respect who I am," an ecstatic P. Dub said of hanging up his rap cap for a singer/businessman brim. "I love the fact that everyone embraced my transition."

The R&B crooner/songwriter said he got what God wanted him to get out of Universal - how to take over radio and start a business. But he admits the road was rough.

There were days when he couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and couldn't hit the mall - not good for a grinding, charismatic pretty boy in the music game.

That changed when he hooked up with his boy and manager, Hudson "Big Hud" Baxter, in L.A.

At the time, Big Hud was putting it down as DJ Quick's road manager. The veteran rapper/producer mixed P. Dub's setup single, "What You Sitting Down For," produced by the STL's Muzic Doctorz.

"Quick loved P. Dub's sound," Big Hud said. "He called it a hot, new sound and was taken aback by P. Dub."

P. Dub rocked the House of Blues in L.A. with Quick on December 6 of last year and is counting on those new fans and the ones he amassed singing across the country to drive his sales.

Big Hud is predicting a million sold out of the gate for P. Dub's album release. The two are pushing Warner Bros. for a fourth quarter 2005 street date.

"Quick is a genius, and when those two, along with the Muzic Doctorz, get together, it's unbelievable," Big Hud said. "The Muzic Doctors are coming up with some hot beats which take him to the next level."

"He's phenomenal," Muzic Doctorz's 88 said of P. Dub. "I feel like I'm working with Mozart or Beethoven. Our chemistry is so good."

P. Dub and the MDs created "What You Sitting Down For" while on the road in a Little Rock hotel. Because of that experience, P. Dub and the MDs opted to drive to LA for Wednesday's BET Awards instead flying.

They definitely have the loot to fly, but P. Dub said they're looking at some new sights to get some new ideas.

According to the Big Hud, they had better keep their eyes open because some L.A. thugsters held fast to the old idea of straight jacking.

On Sunday, award-winning producer Jazze Pha was robbed at gunpoint and made to strip in a restaurant in the company of a couple of women and an 18-man entourage. The stickup kid reportedly got away.

"Crazy things go on out here when you have a major event. Who knows what's going to happen - we hope nothing, but anticipate everything," said Big Hud, who also is head of security for bling-bling rapper Mike Jones during the BET Awards and subsequent festivities.

Big Hud began his career in celebrity security in 1988 as the infamous R&B bad boy Bobby Brown's personal bodyguard. He has also played the same role for P. Dub, but will soon hang up the security badge and stick to managing.

Of managing P. Dub, he said, "Being a former athlete like me, he knows how to train and practice. And, when it's time to play, he knows how to play the game. He took the body shots of the business and took it like a man. Now, to come back and be the new sound in the music industry is awesome."

What's this new sound? It's P. Dub's fresh R&B with a hip-hop flair that doesn't sound like all the rest of the R&B jazz.

The single, "What You Sitting Down For," bodes well as an immediate, feel-good club hit with P. Dub's serenely smooth vocals and melody.

Flipping from rap to singing, P. Dub said, is "like playing both sides of the ball. If you can play running back, you should be able to play d-back."

Though a rapper at Universal, P. Dub showcased his singing skills on his CD. And, on the last song on his upcoming Warner Bros. Album, he'll spit a few verses and showcase some St. Louis artists.

Warner Bros. A&R rep Naim Ali said, "We are very excited to have Willie Moore Jr., aka P. Dub, join the Warner Bros. family. He is a great artist, songwriter and businessman."

Last week, the Post-Dispatch reported that P. Dub's deal was a rumor, but it's a fact-checked truth and a piece of recording music history.

"I never get into the media and what y'all do, and I never listen to rumors," P. Dub said. "It's the truth - I'm in the bank right now."
- St Louis American

"Mayor's Christmas Podcast"

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
St. Louis Hip Hop/R&B Holiday

If my blues don’t get you, my jazzing must.

There are few American cities with as rich and varied a musical tradition as ours. Classical . . . jazz, blues . . . R&B . . . pop, rock, psychobilly . . . hip-hop, rap . . . Every genre in the nation of music boasts an important St. Louis influence, composer, performer, or venue.

That’s why invited a few young St. Louis recording artists to join us in wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.

This podcast features:
• P Dub (aka Pretty Willie and Willie Moore, Jr.), singing All I want 4 Christmas
• Alisha Rene, singing This Christmas
• Potzee (featuring YouVee & Zee), singing This Holiday
• Focus, singing Thankful is grateful to the Butterfields/7 Fourteen Entertainment for their production assistance, and to publicist Jane Higgins for wrangling the talent.
Download and Listen to this Podcast: holiday.mp3
- St Louis Mayor


{pretty willie: links | reviews}

Imagine if a new kind of talent came along. One, who rarely cursed, was educated, spiritual, rapped, sang, and often looked to the bright side of gloomy clouds. Sounds too good to be true? Well believe it. Because St. Louis, Missouri birthed one such artist Pretty Willie. His magnetic debut, Enter The Life Of Suella, departs from the dark and depressing weather of today's hip-hop climate, and brings a brighter and friendly aspect to the game. "I really haven't heard anyone talk about the good things in the ghetto," says Pretty Willie. "I really want to change the game, maneuver the pack and take rap to another level where new audience can come into our world. I keep it clean and edgy by just being myself."
Pretty Willie (Willie Moore Jr.) was always destined for musical success. At 7, he learned how to play piano, drums, guitar, and sang with the Ferguson Florissant All District Choir. When he was 11, he became the rapping/singing member of a rap group named The Baby Gangsters, but this group was just a stepping stone in preparation for what was yet to come. "We had a song on the radio in St. Louis, we performed every weekend at clubs and we got a lot of local recognition," he says. However, Willie got tired of rapping about negative topics like robbing and killing, so he turned his focus to school and track. Pretty Willie graduated from Berkley High School, where he became a track star and received a full scholarship to The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss.), where he pledged the historical African American fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and received a degree in Psychology with a minor in Political Science.
But Willie couldn't shake his love for music. "I was always rhyming. I would hop on songs [in the studio] whenever I came home [from school]," he says. "I came back one summer and did one song in D2's studios, just joking around and six months later, during my finals, they called saying they wanted me to do a whole project." That was the beginning of 'Suella' (Suave Usually Educated Luckily Ladies Ask) or another way of saying 'swell.' D2 would fly Willie back and forth from school on weekends to record. Sometimes he'd drive the 5-hours from Mississippi to St. Louis, listening to beats and writing songs during the ride. When things became too hectic, Willie made a life changing choice. "I had to give up track or rap. I gave up track and decided to rap full-time," says, the former NCAA track and field star. He made a good choice. Since focusing on his musical craft, Pretty Willie has become an on-air personality for one of St. Louis' popular radio stations KATZ 100.3 (The Beat). "It's something I always wanted to do," says Willie, who also uses the mix-show to preview cuts from the album. I do all the talking and hold it down." And hold it down he does...His Sunday night program "Pretty Radio" is rated number one in its time slot--the perfect stepping-stone for the release of Enter The Life Of Suella.
Executive produced by D2 Entertainment, Enter The Life Of Suella, is Pretty Willie's open introduction to his outlook on living. The album not only speaks directly to the people in St. Louis, it speaks to everyone around the world. The laid back, mid-western swing on tracks like the first single "Roll Wit Me," is as contagious as a head cold on the local playground. "Roll Wit Me," an ode to St. Louis, is a #1 hit regionally, but will soon have everyone from California to New York nodding their heads with a confident bounce.
Pretty Willie's multi-talented plethora of creative flavor comes to life on songs like, "Thinking The Same Thing," where Willie uses his gift for singing and rapping, to bring a delightful mixture of story telling alongside mesmerizing soothing vocal prowess. "I'm not just a rapper. God blessed me with the talent to sing," says Pretty Willie. "I respect all of my blessings and make them into big things." And they get no bigger than the bound to be classic "She Got a Man at Home." The story of a neglected girlfriend, who looks to Willie for relief from her loneliness, is a hypnotic cut which mixes soulful singing with slick rhyming sentences, and to top this track off, the live guitar strings add the perfect intimate touch. "There are a lot of live instruments on the album," he says. "That's what I'm pulled to." This live instrumentation stretches far into songs like "Hard Times," where Willie sings about the importance of education and on "I Don't Know About You," where he makes a touching tribute to his adoptive parents. While on the lustful "Liner Love," Willie skillfully bounces between crooning and spitting while schooling a material lady on the important things in life. For all the stone-cold rap fanatics, Pretty Willie includes some hardcore joints like "High Speed," and "I Can Only Be Me," a raging emotional roller-coaster of rap fury that sets the record straight, Willie won't front for anyone. On the playful bounce track "Na Na" Pretty Willie is quick to reaffirm his blast of confidence and wittily quip, "Why can't I call myself Pretty/If you thugged out, I'm cleaned up."
Pretty Willie is hardly ashamed to call himself a pretty boy. Enter The Life Of Suella is proof the Willie knows who he is, where he wants to go, and is taken the right path to get there. "I live for the day. The past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift," he says. "Just handling your business, making your money, and doing everything you want to do, that's pretty to me.

"P Dub Lays it down"

P Dub Lays it Down
Adam Bernard of
"I'm P Dub now," explains the artist formerly known as Pretty Willie, "life ain't pretty no more." Continuing his explanation of this change, Dub notes "My rhymes are gonna be a little more gutta now, but we still gonna keep (some things) pretty for the ladies." A self-described mixture of Usher and Jay-Z, P Dub hails from St. Louis, MO, and yes, he's run into Nelly more than a few times. "I really didn't have big problems with Mr. Haynes," Dub notes. He continued, though, explaining that there were some heated moments due to the company Dub was associated with at the time, "there was D2, we called 'em Double Dumb Entertainment. He had the view that I have now, anything that came out with D2..... I can't let it blow up, whatever it takes to not make it happen I'ma do that, and now I totally understand him. We've had our battle, but there were a lot of things that happened that I didn't have anything to do with but got caught in the crossfire."

One of the things that happened was that the two ended up on the same major label, Universal. With Nelly selling millions of records, Dub knew there was only one thing to do, "I asked to leave. I mean I love everybody over there, I just think they love Nelly more. You gotta go where you feel like it's a home for you."

Home for Dub now is his own company, Wilflow Music Group, and management team, Starz Management. Dub launched Wilflow by inking Stevie Blast to head his production staff. Blast was responsible for Nelly's hit "Batter Up." When it comes to Starz Management, Big Hud, John Gavin and Carl Brown, who's also the CEO of Fubu, are all already on board. Dub feels he, like a lot of artists, wasn't surrounded with the right people to be fully prepared for a major label, especially coming from D2. "Double Dumb, don't get me wrong they break local records great, but once you get to national status it's like goin to Spain and not knowing how to speak Spanish." Dub continued, explaining this is why he created Wilflow, "you just gotta be surrounded by good people. What I did was just try to get everyone in St. Louis who's a big name and just give them a production house."

When it comes to who Dub likes in St. Louis the list is long. "This place is wonderful place with a lot of wonderful music, but we gotta start workin together. It took a while just like any other city. It took a long time for Atlanta to blow up. Once everybody gets their structure and their company ready you're gonna hear a lotta noise comin outta St. Louis, it's going to be the next Atlanta."

Adopted at the age of three months, Dub knows the importance structure in one's life. Knowing he wanted to take his career in his own hands he hit the books rather than hit the streets and earned a degree in psychology.

Dub's thoughts on Hip-Hop are positive and all-inclusive, as he feels "I ain't got no problem with someone makin their music and making some money, there's enough money out there for anybody." With his next album, "Money Don't Sleep," set to drop in June, things could be looking prettier in that department for P Dub in the near future.


2001 Enter the Life of Suella (Universal)
2004 P-Dub vs. Pretty Willie...The Transition (Wilflo)

2002 Bad Company Soundtrack (Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins
2002 The Guru Soundtrack (Heather Graham, Micheal McKean)
2004 Johnsons Family Vacation Soundtrack (Ced the Entertainer, Vanessa Williams)
2002 Paulina Rubio - Stereo
2004 Skillz- Confessions of a Ghost Writer



“Turning Point”

“I create my music with a hope that it gives a sense of healing power and quality that comes from the experiences my fans and I go through individually and collectively. My fans need me and I NEED THEM! And music is our therapy!”

--Willie Moore, Jr. (Pretty Willie)

Willie Moore Jr., known to his friends and fans as Pretty Willie or P-Dub anticipates the release of his new album, “Thurro-P(pronounced Thorough-P) ... Lover's Lane” in the summer of 2007. His new album to be released on his label WILFLO features a long list of guest appearances such as, Cedric the Entertainer, Potzee (Derrty ENT. Quor), and Hoo Bangin artist Rukka Puff.

Drawing on his roots as an artist, on-air radio personality and psychology major, Willie created “Therapy” as a way to bring his music to life and integrate it into the lives of his fans. The CD portrays Willie playing the role as an on-air psychologist who accepts various calls from his fans, offers his advice and follows up with a song relative to their situation.

Willie learned at a young age that his calling in life was in music. He displayed his passion and dedication through his participation in talent shows, the church youth choir and time spent with his father in local juke joints.

At the age of twelve, Willie started his own group called the Baby Gangstaz. This group landed him a deal with a local record company, French Jamz. Through this opportunity, they were able to gain local fame and release their first album titled, “E-Z Goin’ Gangsta”.

In 1997 he became the Missouri State Champion in the 100 meter dash. This accomplishment earned him a full track scholarship to the University of Mississippi where he earned a degree in psychology, pledged the historically black fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, and helped him to grow into a very prominent college student athlete.

Being a college track star with Olympic dreams as well as a reputation as a popular artist, Willie made a life altering decision. He decided to pursue his music career full-time. Shortly thereafter, Willie was signed by Universal Records for his single, “Roll Wit Me,” which led to the creation of his debut album, “Enter the Life of Suella”, a mix of Hip Hop and R&B. Willie attributes a portion of the success of this album to the local radio station KATZ 100.3, The Beat.

That album yielded several other successes such as the single “Na Na” featured on the soundtracks of the hit movies Guru and Bad Company, starring Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins; a Celebrity figure for Rap Snacks Potato Chips; and finally serving as the opening act for several mainstream performers such as Sean “P Diddy” Combs, New Edition, Mario, R. Kelly and Trillville (to name a few).

Willie became a well-known radio personality in the mid-west region on KATZ 100.3- The Beat. His show, “Pretty Radio” became the #1 radio show on the weekends. This radio show provided a bevy of opportunities for Willie to grow in knowledge and progress his music career. He was able to learn industry lingo and test his new music on the listeners.

From this process of testing, Willie emerged with two bona fide hits, “Wooo”, a hip hop hit, and “Lay Your Body Down”. Lay Your Body Down later became an unofficial love anthem for all generations. This success propelled Willie’s career onto new levels. It enabled him to launch his own company “WILFLO Records” (2004), which is a tribute to his parents Willie Sr. and Flora. Without their unconditional love and support, the magnitude of his success would be non-existent.

With a new label and a renewed sense of confidence, Willie released an independent album “Pretty Willie vs. P-Dub.” This album was reflective of his multi-talents in both Rap and R&B. It included the hit songs “Four Walls” and “Lay Your Body Down,” which featured in the movie, “Johnson Family Vacation”, starring Cedric the Entertainer and Vanessa Williams. The album further solidified his position as a hit maker. Willie states, “I did this album independently so I could be myself and build my own fan base, my way!”

With two successful albums under his belt, Willie and his partner Rod Odom gained airplay on P1, P2, and P3 radio stations across the mid-west and southern regions. The continuous airplay resulted in an increased awareness of his music and they where able to set out on multiple college tours selling out stadiums in major cities and markets.

In 2005, Willie’s music and success of his album reached the ears of Warner Bros. This union led to the production of his latest album “Therapy” Co-Produced by the Muzic Doctorz (Big Lou, 88, Theo, and Willie J). Willie has coined this album as, “a culmination of everything he has been through and the prominence gained in the Mid-west and South. A good blend - one that will be a fruitful return to his roots.”

”There’s a lot of me on it. I come from Berkeley, a hood that isn’t know