Prevailing Words

Prevailing Words

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A bold Christian blend of hyped Hip-hop and hard Alternative music with heartfelt lyrics, banging beats, and some crazy guitar playing.


Josh and Sarah got married in January, 2004. Several months later, after much prayer and consideration, they combined their musical passions to create Prevailing Words. In February 2005, they released their first CD, "Fire and Grace" and embarked on the exciting adventure of sharing the music God had given them all over the country. Prevailing Words participated in several regional events including Freedom Fest in Snohomish, WA and Xfest in Stevenson, WA. They also did many local events and outreaches. Then in the fall of 2005 they took to the road; traveling from Seattle, WA to as far as Brunswick, GA they performed in 20 different venues. Now, almost 2 years later, the same energetic enthusiasm that produced "Fire and Grace" and followed them across the country is reflected in their newest release. However, “I Won’t Pretend” takes some unexpected turns! From the thrashing chorus of “My King” to the trunk knocking “Light in the Darkness”, this album is full of surprises. As diverse as the musical content is, there is one resounding theme - Jesus saves us, and then He changes us as much as we’ll let Him.

“This album is a testimony of God’s faithfulness in difficult times and of His grace. Starting with the first track, “I Won’t Pretend” expresses a longing for something deeper than the world can give us. The lyrics are an honest reflection on how we see life and how God’s Word is constantly changing that perspective. As we look at the destructive lives God has brought us out of, we can’t help but realize that there’s more to living for God than what we are doing. Our desire is to know God more, not just because of what He can do for us, but simply because He is who He is. Our passion is to continue to share with others, what God is revealing to us about life and our place in it.”


Fire and Grace (2005)
I Won't Pretend (2007)

Set List

Typical set - 45-60min. (length and song orders vary according to each particular event)
I Won't Pretend
When I Fall
Light in the Darkness
Your Love
King's Kid
I'm Giving Up
What Can We Do?
Shout Out
My King
I Like to Move It