Prevedoros, Golden & Joy

Prevedoros, Golden & Joy


BRAND NEW MUSIC GROUNDED IN MANY TRADITIONS. Prevedoros, Golden, & Joy is trio of veteran musicians whose groundbreaking sound is an exotic synthesis of eastern, Latin jazz, African, pan-Asian, and Celtic folk influences.


Prevedoros, Golden, & Joy is a recently formed trio of veteran musicians whose groundbreaking sound produces the essence of music without borders. Award-winning guitarist Brad Prevedoros, acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Greg Joy, and percussion master Niel Golden create an exotic, unique synthesis including eastern, Latin jazz, African, pan-Asian, and Celtic folk influences.

Brad Prevedoros is a guitar virtuoso noted for his exciting live performances. Brad has released ten internationally distributed recordings of original compositions and innovative interpretations of a wide-ranging repertoire having sold over 400,000 CDs since his 1988 recording debut. In 2003 he was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for Instrumental Album of the Year and in 2006 he won Vancouver Island’s Monday Magazine Performer’s award. The guitarist’s recordings have also been chosen for over 20 CD compilations including the "Best Of The West" collector's edition titled "Go West - A Vital Collection Of Western Canadian Music".

Niel Golden has been a world music pioneer since graduating from York University in ethnomusicology and tabla studies with Bob Becker of the renowned percussion ensemble, Nexus. Golden later became a disciple of tabla master Pandit Sharda Sahai, and over a three-decade career has performed and recorded with Indian classical musicians, blues artists like Harry Manx, and Australian roots star Xavier Rudd. Niel’s tabla playing has grounded numerous world music ensembles including Juno-nominated Djole. This year he released his debut solo CD, "It’s a Journey", to critical praise for its brilliant marriage of Brazilian, Celtic, blues and classical Indian influences. It has been nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for Outstanding World Recording 2008.

Greg Joy studied classical guitar and music theory at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. He has demonstrated his mastery of the guitar, flute, mandolin and hammered dulcimer in his live performances. He has recorded 18 albums, which have sold over 250,000 copies world-wide. His music has also been used on many different compilation albums in Europe and South-east Asia. Inspired by the folk-baroque guitar style of John Renbourn, Bert Jansch and Davey Graham, Joy's playing features a unique fusion of celtic, baroque, folk-rock and contemporary jazz.

Prevedoros, Golden, and Joy combine technical brilliance and a shared sense of musical adventure in their exciting, new collaboration. Together, they create music that is grounded in many traditions and yet, brand new.