Icy layers of mesmeric vocals and gut throbbing electronics will lure you to the dance floor and ease you through the post-party comedown.


Preyers are a one woman + one man pair transmitting icy layers of mesmeric vocals on top of gut throbbing dance floor electronics. Songs of sin, eyeball destruction, and the end of the universe are bound in pop hooks tinged with dancehall, electro, and avante garde.
Rosalind Christian (ex-Lad Mags) is lead vocalist and Curtis Ross (Bebop Cortez) operates the machines. Both are former members of the notorious Edmonton bands BrontoScorpio and the Frosted Tipz, better known for their shocking gore-splattered metal and trashed out guitar rock than the electro-hooks of Preyers. Change is good.

The debut "Sin + Skulls" EP single was released in January 2013.



Written By: Rosalind Christian/Curtis ross

I'm in your skull/poking out your eyeballs
Shades of control/looking out your eyeholes
Break your back, your neck, your glasses
I'm not your friend/I'm your downfall
You're down on the ground, you're down in the street
You're down on your ashes, you're down on your downfall


Sin + Skulls EP Single (2013)

Set List

Boring Sin
The Photon Era
The Fear of Half Open Doors
Last Light in the Universe
Head vs Hips