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"Louisville Rock Closeup-Scott Gibson"

Notorious music man, Eddy Metal gets close and personal with Prey for Maria's Drummer, Scott. Click here for details! - Eddy

"Eddy Metal Showcase Review"

"Prey For Maria is a very good new band I was proud to have played my showcase. The audience loved them. They kind of remind me of Lacuna Coil or Evanescense, with a little bit of a punk-rock style added in for good measure. I look for good things from this group, they are nice people who are a pleasure to work with. Listen up. bands, give them a chance and invite them on some of your shows. You won't regret it." - Eddy


"As soon as Disappointments kicked in I thought 3 Doors Down. The tempo and guitar tone with the synth in the backround. then of course once the vocals kick it's different. Your vocalist sounds very cute and innocent. I really like her voice. it's sexy." - mikedominey from Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada on 19 Sep 2006

"Allbiz Showcase Review"

"I Like the band. You have a signature sound and I liked the songs as well. The look is there and something that would sell itself. The band looks to definitely have some future potential. I could tell that you all take it seriously. I could tell w/out asking that at some time she has had some vocal lessons. If I`m right/wrong tell me, because she has great vocal control" - Sagabu (Online Ohio Music Columnist)

"Louisville Music News"

Lacuna Coil at Headliners
: One of my favorite bands is coming to Louisville: I'm in love with the singer Cristina Scabbia, an Italian gothic beauty. This show was added at the last minute to their super-busy schedule. Thanks a million, Terry Harper! They will be at Headliners on Monday May 7 with guest Stolen Babies, In The Moment and Within Temptation. Too bad Prey For Maria and Never the Man couldn't open, that would have been perfect for them! Lacuna will be headlining, which is awesome, since their set has always been restricted in past shows I've seen. This show might sell out, so get your tickets ahead of time.
- Eddy Metal

"Prey for Maria"

Prey For Maria:
I just got to see Leitchfield Kentucky's Prey For Maria again recently and they sound really good. They're very nice people and as appreciative musicians as you can find. They have come into their own and are sounding better than ever, maybe taking the place formerly held by the band Never The Man for top female-fronted band. Jessica Clemons' vocals were very powerful and focused the night I saw them. The only thing they need to work on is publicity.. If you like Lacuna coil and Flyleaf, do yourself a favor and listen to Prey For Maria.
http://www. louisvillemusicnews. net/webmanager/index. php?WEB_CAT_ID=49&storyid=4884 - Louisville Music News

"The Hard One"

March 2008


Hello everyone and welcome back to The Hard Place. It seems like the magazine is growing in leaps and bounds, and right now I'd like to take a moment to welcome all of our new readers in the Louisville area into the ME fold. Louisville has many great hard rock and metal bands and I can't wait to let the rest of the state in on all the talent slugging it out in the 502 scene. So, with that in mind, I am bringing you my first Louisville band of the year - Prey For Maria. These guys have only been around for a little while, but already sound like they've been together forever. They are in the process of recording their latest release "No More Drama", so I shuffled on over to myspace once again and snagged a couple of choice tracks for this months' column.

The first song I checked out was called "It Could Have Happened". The first thing I noticed was how "professional" they sounded. I know that may sound strange to some of you, but many local bands' CDs just sound like local bands' CDs, ya know? This one had that professional "gloss" to it that everyone is used to hearing when they turn on the radio. It fades in on a distorted guitar chord before the band kicks in with some nice, tight guitar and drum unison stabs. From there the song really takes shape with some big, full sounding distorted guitar tones with a keyboard riff riding on top giving us the opening melody. The guitars and drums fall into a quick syncopated riff before the first verse begins where we find the guitars keeping the muted staccato riff going while the keys provide us with a nice airy backdrop for the vocals. The unison stabs come back in for the intro to the chorus which uses the same riff as the intro. The syncopated section works well with the vocals here and it gives the song a real "push/pull" effect. The keys on this one seems to give a little nod to an 80's mentality, but on top of the very modern rock guitar sounds, work well to convey the overall mood of the song. After another verse and chorus, there is a short solo section where the guitar and keys both follow the chorus melody. From here the band doubles up on the unison stabs before rolling through another chorus for the end. This is a very well put together song and I found myself listening to it over and over as I wrote this review.

The next song was called "Wake Up". It begins with what sounds like the keys playing an acoustic guitar sound, but it could be doubled with an actual acoustic. It brings to mind the power ballad sound of the 80's and is a nice sound none-the-less. The comparison ends there as the band comes slamming in with some big, sustained power chords before breaking into a very upbeat, hard rockin' riff that continues in a more muted form for the first verse with the keyboards playing accented notes that work well behind the vocals. The drums do a good job of keeping the section fresh sounding with some very energetic kick and snare work. No double kicks or anything, but still pretty driving. The power chords return for the chorus and the vocal melody is very catchy and radio ready for sure. The second verse finds a different muted guitar riff taking over and is a nice change instead of just playing the same riff as the first verse. From here we go into another chorus and somewhat of a lead section. I say "somewhat" because it's not really a lead as much as an interlude between the second and third choruses. The song ends with a recap of the secondary intro riff I mentioned before slamming to a stop.

Even though they are a young and relatively new band in the area, Prey For Maria have the chops and the talent to go far outside the local area. Their songs are very well written and the vocal melodies sound thought out and serve to further the mass accessibility that is needed to achieve that all important radio play that'll take them to the next level. Being a hard rock band with a female vocalist, you can't help but make comparisons to bands like Evanesence, but Prey For Maria are more than a copycat band. True, they combine similar pumped up metal riffs with melodic female vocals, but they do it in their own way, just as every 'groove metal' band doesn't sound like Pantera. All in all, I really dig their sound and I am glad to have "discovered" them for myself. To check out Prey For Maria for yourself you can go to their main site, http://preyformaria. com or hit 'em up at http://myspace. com/preyformaria to hear the afore mentioned songs as well as a couple more tracks that rock just as hard. While you're there you can see where they'll be playing live and let 'em know that you heard about them in ME!

http://memusicnews. com/THP_march08. html - Music Entertainment Magazine


-No More Drama EP (2008)



Prey for Maria developed in early 2005 and has been rocking most of central Kentucky and northern Tennessee ever since. This five piece Alternative Rock band includes Damien Haze on guitar, Rob Lewis on bass, K.B. on keys, Mr. Scott Gibson on Drums, and the talented vocalist Jessica Clemons rounds out the band. Each member has their own love for music and their lives reflect that. Jessica enjoys writing lyrics and began singing at age 5. She has a powerful self taught voice that would even make the girls go "ga-ga". Did I mention she's very pretty too? Damien developed an early interest in music and at age 13 he began writing and playing the guitar...he hasn't stopped since. His talents are a force to be reckoned with and he proudly displays that at every show. Scott started playing drums at age 10 and has been extremely influenced by the musical abilities and stage performance of Tommy Lee. While Jessica may have fans singing along, many are fixated with Scott's stage presence. What could be better than a hard-core drummer with a painted face? A bassist who puts forth full energy at every show, that's what! Rob comes from a metal/funk background, and has played in many bands on the east coast. Rob has the charisma and talent to ignite the entire crowd. The latest addition to the band is KB. His musical influence comes from a strong electronic background, which is a nice addition to the band's sound. He's been around for quite some time as KB's work is featured on the current cd. Adding the keyboard to the live show has been more than "warmly welcomed" by the fans and puts a new spin on a band that's consistently moving up.
Prey for Maria has a sound unlike anything you've heard before, fronted by an angelic voice, hard hitting guitar riffs and dancable beats. PFM's music is appealing to everyone from the casual music listener to even the most hardcore of rockers. Their sound can go from a brutal wirlwind force to a beautiful melodic composition in a matter of seconds. This is just one of the many things that set Prey for Maria apart in todays music scene, and because of this PFM is quickly becoming one of the hottest acts in the Louisville/Kentucky area.

Accomplishments Include:

Prey for Maria was awarded first place in the 2007 Allbiz Entertainment Major Label Showcase!

On Jessica recieved Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock for the week of September 4th 2007, the week of September 11th 2007, and the week of September 25th 2007. (

Scott Gibson was awarded Musician of the month on Louisville Music News. (

Regular rotation on 93.1FM The Fox Rocks (Louisville, KY) 103.7FM The Point (Bowling Green, KY) and Q101.9FM (Evansville, IN)

Prey for Maria has been featured on live radio Interviews

The band landed in the top 5 Alternative chart on

Prey for Maria's music was featured on G1NBC commercial

Prey for Maria will be featured on the 2007 Boom Boom Bands compilation CD (distributed by Blasted Records and sold nationwide)

The band has showcased for a few major record labels including Virgin, Atlantic, and Koch records.