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Prey for Sleep

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Metal Rock


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"2007 Performance Review"

"Taking traditional metal styling and applying a fresh new brutality, they abuse their audience with the sheer power of their song structure. Infusing elements of traditional hardcore with unbridled vocals and a heavy approach that is no less than pure metal." - Chuck Loesch,

"Album Review by Chuck Loesch, KROX"

“I heard the potential when they began, and now they have realized it. Their incendiary sound has been successfully translated to disc and mark one of the best hardcore Austin bands.”

- Chuck Loesch,

"Do you still believe in Rock and Roll?"

"This metal-cum-punk firestorm of a band seems to be on the cusp of a major breakthrough. With the intricate instrumentation and frank brutality that seems to be the zeitgeist of the ever-elitist metal community right now, combined with the punk politics and self-releasing ideology of the Maximum Rock 'n Roll crowd, PFS refuses to copy old metal standards, instead creating a style all their own."
- Cannibal Cheerleader

"Article by Metal Edge Magazine"

Austin-based metal band Prey for Sleep formed in May of 2006. They’ve had a few line up changes but the latest came with the intention (and accomplishment) of a heavier sound. This transition came in the form of new vocalist Hunter Townsend, a guy so heavy in that the band almost didn’t hire him. Prey For Sleep had been looking for someone who could “sing a bit more” until they recognized the power and potential of Hunter’s voice.

During the half-year Prey For Sleep have been together, fighting for the revival of the Austin metal scene, they’ve found that Hunter brings not only commanding chords to the stage, but also depth and rage to the lyrics. Before he showed up, Prey for Sleep had already recorded five songs for their album A Bitter Beginning, and with Hunter’s arrival the second set was of a much darker nature. He’s been told that his lyrics can come off as accusatory, but he states, “If you turn all the ‘you’s’ into ‘I’s,’ then it’d probably be a much more accurate depiction of reality.”

Prey For Sleep revel in the experience and community of the metal scene as much as the playing of the music itself. Guitarist Jason Powell cracked a rib in the pit before a show and Hunter broke his nose and had to perform with a bloody face all night. However, Prey For Sleep says the broken bones and day jobs these guys endure in order embrace the culture of metal are “totally worth it.” Hunter sums up their passion, saying “It’s the reason you wake up in the morning and it’s the reason you can’t go to bed at night. When you know what it is you’re meant to do with your life, you don’t want to do anything else, but you will do anything else to ensure that you’re able to do it.”

-Metal Edge - Metal Edge Magazine

"Album Review by the Austin Chronicle"

Texas Platters

Prey for Sleep
... A Bitter Beginning

Metal alchemy produces mostly unstable results, but Prey for Sleep measures out uncompromising modern mayhem admirably classic within the genre's table of elements. Hunter Townsend's vocal evisceration manages an emotive afterimage, while guitarists Jason Powell and Matthew Carey unleash firestorm rhythms in sheets of penitentiary height. Only Dave Swanson's kick drums punch up low in an otherwise unsinkable mix. Multiple movements of "Death to Reason," epic at 3:28, shift into overdrive on the succeeding "Bridges Were Meant to Be Burned," whose precision thrust climaxes on Townsend's lashing, "You failed, you failed, you failed us all." The title track kiss-off ("Promise me that you'll never speak again") heaves two minutes of scorched earth; "Empires of Blood and Lust" surges next with an unrelenting swarm of barely two minutes. "Reborn," medieval fate through contemporary surrender, rams home the local quartet's galloping pummel. Ten fusillades in 25 minutes, ... A Bitter Beginning, but a happy ending.
- The Austin Chronicle

"Album Review by"

"...A Bitter Beginning. A very apt title for this release. This one throws a bit of a curveball when you first play it as it's a lot harsher than you'd expect. A full on groove pummels away until the arrival of Hunter Townsend's vocals. Man, the only way I think to describe his style and his raucous delivery is to imagine Phil Anselmo having had his bollocks stapled to his legs and then be told to scream in a painful hardcore style. It sounds as if he must tear the lining of his throat every time he gets near a mic. Musically, it follows a similar pattern to the vocals. Raw as hell, but just a little bit more controlled, apart from Dave Swanson's drums, which rattle along like there's no tomorrow. Tim Gerron has done a brilliant production job on this and despite the intensity of the music, every note is crystal clear and as loud as can be.
Prey For Sleep have kept it tight for their first album-cum-MCD. Ten tracks are beaten out in about 25 minutes and they take no prisoners along the way and not an ounce of your time is wasted. So if you like brutal metal with the vocals veering towards the hardcore side of things, then check out these new bruisers on the block."

-Steve Green,

- Steve Green,

"Album Review by INsite Magazine"

In a word, the debut from

Austin's hardcore maniacs Prey

For Sleep is… punishing.

They pound through ten

blistering tracks in just over 25

minutes… and it seems like only moments from the opener

"Escape" to the final notes of "The Frailty of Words."

A Bitter Beginning reminds me of Pantera on steroids. Dave

Swanson's double-kick-drum skills are showcased as is the

growling screams (which are amazingable understandable) of

vocalist Hunter Townsend. Matthey Carey shows monstorous

chops on guitar and Jason Powell lays the bassline down.

"Death to Reason is a standout track. Perhaps it's about

politics… perhaps not. "How long did you think that we'd

keep living with our eyes closed? How naïve you must have

been to think there'd be no consequense for every lie you

ever spoke, for each life you took. Without thinking you

created hatred that will see to your demise."

Other standouts include the great guitarwork of the title

track, and the "he's gotta have three legs" kick-drum of

"Eliminate All Rational Thought." Of course… there's not a

disappointment on the record. The artwork (by Rich Knepperath

of Fireside Creative) is damned impressive as well.

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys about a year ago

at a battle of the bands at Red Eyed Fly and they impressed

the hell out of me then (I recall they were the first "all 10"

band that night… and the last band to play). They are also

some pretty stand-up young men who are as cool in person

as they are brutal on stage.

As for A Bitter Beginning…I dare you to play this thing

on MoPac during rush hour and NOT get a speeding ticket (I

survived this dare… barely). A (SC)

- INsite Magazine

"Album Review by"

PREY FOR SLEEP: "A Bitter Beginning" EP
PFS 2008
Review by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom,
25 June 2008

"...A Bitter Beginning", dude, you can't help to wonder what they'll sound like after a couple of more albums and years under their belt. You know, when they r-e-a-l-l-y have stuff and issues to be bitter about. Like, music business, not the best environment for ever lasting companionship.

Prey For Sleep, formed 2006 in Austin/Texas, the band quickly set out to conquer the world through their powerful blend of melodic death and thrash metal. This is their 10-track CD debut (they have previously recorded a 5-song EP) with Grammy nominated producer Tim Gerron (M.O.D./Deadhorse) behind the control desk. I might as well inform you already: strickly intended for the real headbangers out there as you're immediately overthrown by a cascade of Pantera metal and hatered.

"Escape" is a mind opener and also a real kick to the head. It's been a while since I've heard such a demon-ish vocal performance. Actually, comparisons with Pantera are perhaps a little unfair, singer Hunter Townsend does not let anything go to waste, it's obvious that he's got a lot of issues and managed somehow to unleash them all into his vocals [:-)]. The lyrics are straightforward and speak of broken promises, empty words, betrayal, misconceptions, sell outs, and lack of remorse. Oh, it's a deadly bitter little CD, featuring double-bass drumming not of this world and ultra heavy power riffing.

The well-crafted songs, excellent guitar work, and fine production, should appeal to a headbanging nation of past, present, and future. The only downers, #1 - the at times monotonious sounding vocals. I wish Hunter would blend in some 'clean' vocals just to open up to a broader audience and express way to success. #2 - it's all over after merely 26 minutes. The latter, probably for your own safety, considering how goddamn bitter these fellows are. -


"Prey for Sleep"- Self titled LP, 2006
"The Frailty of Words"- Radio Single, 2006
"...A Bitter Beginning"- Debut Full Length Album, 2008

Three tracks from our debut album are currently in rotation on different radio stations around the US -"Reborn," "The Frailty of Words," and "Bridges Were Meant to Be Burned".



We've been lied to, stolen from, and taken advantage of. We've played shows for 300 people and we've played shows for the sound guy and his girlfriend. Over the past 4 years we've seen and done a lot of things, and we've worked harder than we ever thought we would, but we can say with confidence that not only have we earned everything that we have accomplished, but we've fought for it tooth and nail. We're not waiting for a label or an agent to hand us our dreams, we know what we want and we'll do what it takes to get there.