New York City, New York, USA

Preyhoven is a group that clearly reflects the unique background and origins of each member; collaborating to make a special and characteristic sound as a band, while still maintaining a easily understood connection to the public.


We all come from different parts of the world, Nich from the United States, Michael from Germany, and Daniel from Israel, this alone makes all of our influences and ideas different from one another as well as from many other contemporary bands. Our music is created to have a innate emotional connection while also stimulating certain other aspects of music that many pop bands have left out.
Our influences come from everywhere, such as classical composers like Bach and Stravinsky but also from bands such as Radiohead and Nirvana, as well as everywhere in between that. We've all been deeply invested in music from a young age and therefore have a vast amount of influences, which is definitely heard within our music.


Our four track EP can be heard on our website under the music tab.