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Price Carter

 Anderson, South Carolina, USA
BandPopHip Hop

Live band with experienced players in over hundreds of live shows. Dance pop feel that fits almost any environment.


Originating from a town that is primarily known for its college football team, PRICE CARTER is ready to put Clemson, South Carolina on the map in a different way. Free spirited but focused on continuing to develop and perfect his craft, this effervescent 22 year old seethes with confidence. With the release of his EP titled, “Shake the Walls” set for the fall of 2010, PRICE CARTER showcases a collection of upbeat dance and love songs that are already capturing the attention of a broad array of listeners. As momentum builds for the release, PRICE CARTER continues to entertain crowds as he performs live shows throughout the South.

PRICE CARTER began experimenting with music at the age of 16 when he traveled with his older brother’s rock band. As he taught himself how to play the piano, he discovered that music provided an outlet for him and he began writing rap lyrics and producing music. Perhaps the best way to understand Carter’s style is to trace the music roots that have inspired him. He grew up listening to the West Coast hip hop influences of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and the lyrical complexity of the late Tupac Shakur. In contrast, he was also heavily influenced by his brother’s rock band Overflow, the band in which he spent many years writing his earliest songs and going on tour with as a road manager. One of his biggest influences was Michael Jackson. Carter notes, “Michael Jackson had the ability to create upbeat and fun songs but still actually be singing about something. I try to channel that same concept in my music. I want to make it fun, but I still want my lyrics to mean something.”

Fine tuning Carter’s style has been a process that has taken years to refine. When he was 19 he wrote and released his debut album “Priceless” which included the stand out tracks “Someday I Can Change” and “Round and Round We Go”. Carter explains, “That album was a learning experience for me. It had some strong moments but I hadn’t fully developed the right balance between it being real and still being fun… I feel like I successfully did this with ‘Shake the Walls.’”

PRICE CARTER’s “Shake the Walls” creates a pop/hip-hop/funk collage that is immediately accessible, likable, and just plain fun. The EP includes hip jerking dance anthems such as “Back for More” and “Shake the Walls”. The tempo is mellowed out with the radio friendly song, “Shake It”. Carter’s compilation is synthesized with the gentle and intimate love song “Angel” while “I Love You” exemplifies his naturally fluid rap delivery as the song’s hook is reminiscent to a remixed modern day classic by Prince or Stevie Wonder. Also included is the acclaimed and candid song “Someday I Can Change” that gives the listener an up close and intimate view of Carter’s perspective of himself in the world.

With the release of “Shake the Walls” set for the fall of 2010, PRICE CARTER is in the process of booking as many live shows as possible. He is looking forward to reaching more people with his music. "I love South Carolina but the goal is a lot bigger than always performing here", says Carter. "This EP is a step in the right direction as far as being appealing to a variety of music listeners without compromising my integrity as an artist. This is the type of project to take me on a national level". With his momentum and fan base rising by the day, 2010 will prove to be a monumental year both musically and personally. PRICE CARTER is ready to take his eclectic style and sound to the top of the charts.

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EP-Price Carter-Shake The Walls
Singles- Shake it, Shake the Walls, Angel

Set List

Shake It
Back For More
I Love You
Shake The Walls