The first real rock band in a very long time. More soul than you can handle.


PRICE is a pop/rock group from Miami, Florida with deep roots in '60s and '70s rock. The band was founded by Chris Price and his brother Mikey in August of 2005. The band played a few gigs with original bassist Roger Houdaille before parting ways. Chris and Mikey's other brother, Corey, stepped up to the plate, picking up the bass for the first time ever in September. This new lineup, which includes drummer Alex Ibanez and guitarist/keyboardist/singer Adonis Cross, instantly clicked and began to build a chemistry. They recorded 9 songs in November and plan to record a lot more. The band already picks from over 50 original songs for their live shows. Their immediate plans for the future are to become the biggest band on the planet.

Set List

A typical set is anything but typical. We have built a vast repertoire of original material, and we also love to throw in some extremely obscure covers from artists such as The Kinks, Emitt Rhodes, Caetano Veloso, Jimmy Cliff, Traffic and Bob Dylan.