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Good Shepherd

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The Good Shepherd sound is unique to the Holy Hip-hop genre. The style is very original and doesn't blend with mainstream. I believe after hearing Good Shepherd music anyone will become not only a fan, but drawn and inspired by the lyrics of the songs.


born Price Wright II, Price (Good Shepherd) was raised with family of musicians who were gifted by God to play many instruments, and had a taste for all different types of music. From Country to Jazz, Contemporary Christian, Rap, Orchestral, Soul and many others. Price (Good Shepherd) was gifted with many abilities and talents including; producing, composing, writting, singing, rapping, poetry, and many other forms and styles. In 2007 Price decided to take on an alias "Good Shepherd" to help people look past himself and put their focus towards Jesus (the Good Shepherd). The move to use this alias had many critics, but Price stayed with the name feeling led by the Holy spirit to lead people to Christ even with the name he used. It was in 2007 that Good Shepherd released his first album called "Leading the Lost." The album stayed underground and did well amongst the fans of Holy Hip-hop and Contemporary Christian listeners. Although there was not thousands or millions of albums sold, Good Shepherd felt like the purpose of presenting the gospel with his talents had been accomplished. The next releases are planned to drop in late 2008. Good Shepherd is dedicated to helping people find the light that is in Christ Jesus. Good Shepherd leads bible studies on Wednesday nights at Trinity Temple, where he teaches and equips young men to share their faith in the world in which they live. Good Shepherd recognizes the call that God has on his life and doesn't let the doubts of others stop him from using his God given gifts and abilities, to bring souls into an eternal commitment to Jesus the Christ.

Ministry Statement:
I believe that Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again for my sins. I believe that I have grace thru faith in Christ alone, and that he, Jesus the Christ was and is the Son of God. I believe in the indwelling and power of the Holy Spirit which leads, guides and directs my life. I believe in all other essentials of the Christian faith.


I currently have two albums in progress right now. One of the albums is called "Message In The Music" and the other album is, "Found My Purpose." On these two albums I have released a few songs including; "I Give My Everything, Don't Wait, and Ima Break it Down."

Set List

Good Shepherd set includes:

over 20 original songs and a few cover songs that I have prepared.

A few of the cover tunes or Hymns I include;
Amazing Grace
I Wont Complain
Awesome God
Thank You Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy