Prick and the Burn

Prick and the Burn

 Portland, Oregon, USA

We didn't make the brand, we just took a hot iron to it's very soul.


Formed in late 2004 by drummer J. Selman and singer/guitarist J. Frank in Portland, Oregon. In 2006 the group released their self-titled debut and the single "Delicious" was soon a fan-favorite. After three years of touring the duo released "Miniature Audiences" in early 2010 and are planning a 2011 tour.

----> In July 2007, PATB completed their first ever 16 day U.S. tour, which included stops in Salt Lake City, Memphis, Tallahassee, Baton Rouge, Austin, and San Diego.

----> A ten date March 2008 tour including stops in Boise, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Northern California.

----> A six day western states tour in summer 2009 that included stops in Boise, SLC, Sacramento and Chico.

---> From 2005-2009 the band played over 200 shows with such notable acts as Monotonix, It's Casual, and Green Milk From the Planet Orange

The strengths of PRICK AND THE BURN lie in J. Frank's vocal primal rage floating not so lightly beneath the squelch of his ragged 6-string. The tone is set and then quickly squashed thanks in part to the rowdy percussive acrobatics of drummer J. Selman.

When you stand inches away from genius it sometimes smells like rice wine vinegar.


Prick and the Burn (released: 3/3/06)
[recorded & mixed by Skyler Norwood (Pt. Juncture, WA)]

Miniature Audiences (released: 7/4/10)
[recorded & mixed by Skyler Norwood (Pt. Juncture, WA)]

Set List

El Ray
The Doom
Sicken the Day
Scared White People
Disgrace My
The Arc
Pseudoephedrine Square
Cannon Set to Kill