Pride Before The Fall

Pride Before The Fall


We are a Rock/Alternative Band From Yuma,AZ.


Pride Before The Fall Started in 2006 when Victoria Islas Moved To Arizona from California. Knowing no one she met stephen on a popular site called myspace. Victoria Always wanted to start a band but never could in california. so she asked stephen clark to start a band with her. She played him a song and stephen was amazed. They started playing acoustics the first 2-3 months and were called "The Walking Armada" at that time. Victoria And Stephen decided to get a drummer since Victoria's music composition started getting harder.
Stephen knew Stephanie Sandate since pampers and decided to try her out for for the band. After that victoria and stephen started looking for a bass player, having no luck, they had no bass player for several months. So it was just Victoria,Stephen and Stephanie for the longest. as the music started changing ,They all decided as a group to change the band name to "Pride Before The Fall". Where did the name come from? The Bible. After The name change,They started playing at every outside park and venues they could find in the local community.
Still searching for a bass player.Stephanie decided to talk to brian curl,since both her and stephen knew he was originally a good guitar player. as soon as they tried him out! he fit just fine with the rest of the group.

Promotion companies that help PBTF:

Empire Productions- Yuma,AZ

Bad Current Booking& Promotions-Bay Area,CA.

The House Show Productions-Fresno/bakersfield,CA


Demo CD- June 22,2007
Ep CD- Out Nov/Dec 2007.

All Songs Written&Compsed by: Victoria Islas
All songs produced by:Bryan Grider

Set List

Out typical set list:
The midas Touch
Icy Cold Bodies
Buried Alive
Just Let Go

Our set is: 30-45 min long.
all our original work! we DO NOT DO COVERS.