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The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet @ TBA

Inglewood, California, USA

Inglewood, California, USA

The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet @ Second Baptist Church

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet @ Six House

Hampton, Virginia, USA

Hampton, Virginia, USA

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Write THE VISION, Or Better Yet, Listen To It
Written by Mike Parker
Tuesday, 25 July 2006
The Vision

by The Priest, The Prophet, & The Poet

Daystar Music Group

Slam The Vision into your CD player and prepare to be amazed. This nineteen track (Yes, you heard me right. 19!) disc casts a wide vision that will appeal to fans of smooth jazz, traditional gospel, R&B, funk and old-school rap.

Norris Gurganious, Raphael Ashanti, and Rodney 'Doc C' Goldsmith, aka The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet, combine black velvet vocals with passion, precision, and a no-holds-barred sense of mission. Divergent backgrounds of the three vocalists could have presented insurmountable creative differences, yet it is those very differences, properly fitted together, that is this project’s greatest strength. You never get a sense of competition between the singers, but rather there is an impression of men lifting each other up, encouraging each other to greater heights.

At times The Vision gets a little funky, as on “Make Me Your Instrument,” and occasionally they let the dramatics go joyfully over the top as on “Good Days!” But for the most part, The 3P’s draw on peace-filled, inspirational, orchestral music to provide the underpinnings for this remarkable project.

Somewhere between Donnie McClurkin and Boys II Men, The Priest, The Prophet, & The Poet strike all the right chords.

- BuddyHollyWood.Com

March 13, 2006

For Immediate Release
For Further Information contact: Debra Thompson
Phone: 850-436-2110



The new single from The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet: You've Got A Friend drops this Sunday March 08, 2008 on WRNE (AM 980) in Pensacola, Florida at 8:00am. This is a special treat to the gulf coast."This anticipated project has had several setbacks as a result of devastation due to many storms in this area.
We thought we were prepared to record this album two years ago; Prepared for any disaster - hurricane, flood, fire, even terrorist attack. “But", lamented Raphael Ashanti, AKA 'The Prophet' of the group, “we never imagined the amount of "hell" we would actually catch while attempting to complete this project. But for the grace of God, we had all but given up.”
This is a special, exclusive to the Gulf Coast area, Pensacola is the home base of the very progressive DayStar*Music Group record label. The trio will be in Atlanta, GA this weekend doing some P.R. and some promotions work for the world premier of their new album "THE VISION" which is scheduled to be officially released in about six to eight weeks. They will call into the Pensacola radio station to launch the single.

The label will be sending out more formal information about the release of "The Vision" album later.

Also the websites: and
will be updated and in full swing over the next few weeks. So hold on to these links and keep checking and watching for the announcements. This is a wonderful musical project that you truly do not want to miss.


PRESS RELEASE April 12, 2004

For Immediate Release

Contact Information
DayStar Music Group @ (850) 748-4100
DMG, Publicist @ (850) 436-2110
DMG, FAX @ (850) 437-3922

The DayStar Music Group Presents: Three Men - Three Styles – ONE MESSAGE!

[Norris Gurganious, Raphael Ashanti & Rodney ‘Doc C’ Goldsmith]

A Compilation CD from this trio of talented contemporary gospel artists will be made available to the public on April 17, 2004. Selections from their self-titled CD will be performed at Earth Day Pensacola 2004, at Bartram Park (Main and Tarragona Street) along Seville Harbor.

The group’s song ministry is scheduled from 12:35pm to 1:20pm, followed by a live remote broadcast from the Stage Right Christian Music Store in the University Mall from 3:00pm to 5:00pm where the guys will be autographing their CD’s. WRNE (Rhythm Nine Eighty) will host the event.

The group has a very unique style and classy presentation. Although their title appears to suggest a group, they actually perform as individuals with one or two occasionally easing into the background almost un-noticed, except when they collaborate on a song every now and then such as Man Of War.

“My favorite song on the compilation is Man Of War,” exclaims Earth Day Advertising executive Lindsey Kelly. “It’s such a great song that fits very well into the theme of the day and beyond” Kelly said.

They have appeared any where from Pastor Donnie McClurkin’s annual “Back To Holiness” conferences to Teresa Harriston’s “Gospel Heritage Festivals” to the opening ministry for the world renown gospel hall of famer Dottie Peoples at the Dothan Alabama Civic center to Pensacola’s own annual Gospel Songwriters Workshop.

According to their Manager/Promoter Keefer L. Cotton, they have already begun work on their full-length album release entitled: THE VISION. There will be 12-15 songs on this project with major production from Iron Quad Sounds, an extension of Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal record label (gospel division). Other production contributions will be executed by local Pensacola recording engineer Rich Lujan of Apollo Multi Media Services.

For more information visit their website @ or Press Release @ For all other inquiries contact DayStar Music Group Management @ (850) 748-4100.


Hand clapping and foot tapping excitement is what you will feel when you listen to "The Light". The energy and passion of this song could be felt as you listen. If you aren't excited about Jesus when you start listening, you will be by the time the song is over.

"You've Got A Friend,” is a song that speaks to the heart of what being a Christian is all about. You can't help but give God the praise for who he is and His awesome greatness. This smooth and melodious sounding song will have you raising your hands in thanksgiving and praise to God.

If you feel like your life needs a change, then "Good Days" is the song for you. It has a young sound, but an old message --- salvation! That is the whole purpose for Christ dying on the cross and making the sacrifice he did so our souls could be free. This song will certainly grab your attention with its drama, poetry and lyrics.

"So Many Tears" is an anthem that has sounded throughout the years for many of our young people. The constant exposure to the eminent dangers of this secular world and other tribulations are very clearly expressed in the song.
The most important message is that there is a way out. This rendition will cause young people to think and reflect on what life is really all about. The old saying that we are our brother’s keeper is something we need to think about and practice. This song helps in that endeavor. The Rap is spectacular, the words penetrate the heart and you will want to help make a difference as you sing along.

"The Vision" by The Priest, the Prophet Poet is one of those collections of songs that you will want to have in your favorite listening materials. I would encourage everyone to go out and buy a CD for yourself and one as a gift. Whoever receives this gift will thank you forever as they listen to this classic for years to come.


Debra Thompson
President of The Gospel Songwriters Workshop (Pensacola, FL)

Please visit my website at:

Here is what some of the pre-listeners had to say about the music and the artists:

*****! THANK GOD

Reviewer: Leslie Sage

Two thumbs up fellas the music is awesome! Real & Personal

*****! THE BEST

Reviewer: Debbie Iselands, Jackson, MS

How can I explain this CD? Well I thought I heard gospel music before until these guys came along. It's like everything I was feeling and thinking came out in these songs. Thank you very much, I feel truly blessed to have witnessed THE PRIEST, THE PROPHET & THE POET!

*****! OK NOW!!!

Reviewer: Linda Turner, Washington, DC

Well we know where gospel music is going don't we! THE PRIEST THE PROPHET THE POET!


Reviewer: Jessica Reola

I consider myself a gospel music scout! I've heard all kinds of gospel music, BUT! When I heard these three guys I lost my mind, their blend is outstanding their concept is perfect, the vocals are heavenly! & whoever decided that THE POET should be in the group! Knew exactly what they were doing! He's terrific GOD BLESS you guys.


Reviewer: Gennen Jerigans

I rated this CD a five simply because the power of this group is outstanding the way they use the different styles are very unique. I never heard gospel rap like it was spoken on this album and the singing (Lord Have Mercy)! To top things off go to their website and look at their pictures. I am surely a fan of this group! Freeport loves you DOC C'/RAPHAEL/NORRIS


Reviewer: Ms. Cynt., Lil' Pooh, & Ladi Meek

It's so full of variety and captures a diverse population like these reviewers: middle-aged teens.

*****! PERFECT

Reviewer: Eric Fagoen



The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet - Public Debut - (4/17/04) self-titled compilation CD on the DayStar Record Label. Official street date = 08/03/04.

Initial interview: Easter Sunday 04/11/04, on The Big Station 93 WBLX in Mobile, AL with Elder James Simon and his award winning program "Joy In The Morning."

Released -SCREAMIN'- #4 on the CD to Radio Airplay, being rotated to listeners on the Gulf Coast.

Alpha & Omega (Mega Single)
DayStar*Music Group_released_March 25, 2005

"THE VISION" (The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet)
DayStar*Music Group_released to national radio and worldwide satellite_January 30, 2007. Official street date '2007' TBA.



Three Men, Three Styles, ONE MESSAGE!

Norris Gurganious, Raphael Ashanti & Rodney
'Doc C' Goldsmith make up: The Priest, The Prophet & The Poet.

The moment you think they’re a group is the same moment their individualities take over. Their vocal diversity combined with dramatic presentation set them apart from other Artists.

With songs such as "You've Got A Friend, Make Me Your Instrument, Take Me To The Water, Good Days, Body & Soul, The Rain, and So Many Tears. The group Takes you on a journey of faith, hope, personal testimony, and ultimate salvation. Through their music one achieves a true to life sense of inspiration thats sure to leave you emotionally charged but in a cool, calm and collective sort of way. Enough said, experience it for yourself.

Norris is the traditional gospel singer of the group with obvious contemporary experience, while Raphael is more contemporary gospel with a traditional background. 'Doc C' is poetry in motion with a skill that flows like ancient rivers.

Apart, they each have unique talents to offer, or they can give you “the whole enchilada” at the same time.

Norris (AKA THE PRIEST) was highlighted in the May/June 2003 issue of Gospel Today Magazine. "My personal desire now, is to position myself as a national even international recording artist. "I believe sincerely in my heart that God has prepared me for such a time as this, I am a voice crying in the wilderness seeking to go throughout the earth, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through song,This is my mission."

Raphael (AKA THE PROPHET) is not a stranger to Gospel music, He is a visionary, songwriter and vocalist armed with a music business degree. He is also the President and CEO of DayStar Music Group, INC. He is a lifetime member of the International Playmakers Association and the Florida A&M Playmakers Guild (Phantom 8). He currently sits on the board as Vice President of The Gospel Songwriter's Workshop based in Pensacola, Florida. With a quick smile and a pleasing personality, Raphael can find the humorous side to any situation. He knows good talent when he hears it and knows how to promote and market it. His goal is to spread the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ by writing, producing, promoting, marketing and distributing the best gospel music he can. His favorite quote by an unknown source is "When you're down to nothing, God is up to something."

Rodney 'Doc C' Goldsmith (AKA THE POET) is a movie scriptwriter, songwriter and producer extraordinaire. 'Doc C' (The Devils Only Concern is Christ) once found himself in a secular world that had sucked him in. He now wears the pseudonym because, as he says, it reminds him that Jesus is "Lord of Lords and King of Kings." 'Doc C' abandoned his own studio and signed with DayStar in January 2002. He quickly proved his skills as a poet/rapper, songwriter and producer. "When Raphael explained to me what the DayStar Music Group was all about and I read the foundation of DayStar, I knew I had come full circle and stepped back into the path that God had predestined for me since the beginning of time. I am where I am supposed to be right now."