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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
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"prima donna "Not Having Fun""

Not Having Fun
Sep 4, 2003
Publication: various independent music sites
Reviewer: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Prima Donna - Not Having Fun

By: MuzikMan (Associate Writer)

I don't believe that these three woman that call themselves Prima Donna are Not Having Fun. The music is too damned good! You cannot make good music like this unless you are having a good time, right? I have to tell you, I listened to this CD countless times I enjoyed it so much.

This authoritative trio made up of young women has their act together. Debbie Keman (lead and background vocals), Tina Ciere (rhythm guitars, background vocals) and Gina Cieri (lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards, background vocals) are accomplished musicians and vocalists and they prove that steadfastly throughout this entire album. You will hear a CD chock-full of great guitar licks with hooks galore filling in every track including sexy and attention grabbing vocals all backed by an out of sight rhythm section that is clicking on all its cylinders. This band is as tight as a pair of spandex jeans.

The lyrics have their moments in the sun too as they stab and bite at their intended victims. On "Like You" the singer asks Do I like you?-not enough, Do I love you?-not enough, Do I want you?-not enough, Do I need you?-how much? Well, you get the idea. The point made is quite clear that she does not need the person that is the subject of the song. This is music about self-reliance and independence; I am woman and hear me roar! Damned straight, and do not forget it.

The little girl on the front cover of this CD could easily turn her frown upside by listening to this music. Got a grimace going on that needs adjusting? Check this out, you will be dancing in the street in no time.


"Prima Donna"

Prima Donna
Nov 7, 2003
Publication: Pa Rocks/Spotlight
Reviewer: Paul Autry
Okay, I'm kind of flying blind as I write this review because I just got this album in the mail and I have yet to seek out more information on the band. I eventually will, but, I thought I would give you a quick line or two going on my first impression. Just something to introduce you to the band.

The band in question is from Philidelphia and they're called Prima Donna. The album that was sent my way was their debut release, "Not Having Fun." Can't say that I agree with that title because I'm having a blast listening to this release.

It doesn't quite have that "big sound," if you know what I mean. But, it's upbeat and full of energy and I really dig it. Musical style, well, I guess I'd say that they're modern indie rock with maybe a hint of pop thrown into the mix. Ah, put it this way, it's all good.

There are some additional players on the album. But, the core of the band are twin sisters Tina and Gina Cieri and vocalist Debbie Kernan. So, yes, it's safe to say that this is an all girl band and, personally, they're a rather good one. Seems the focus here is simply to write good songs. Put the song first, before anything else and, regardless of what your musical style is, you're always gonna walk away a winner.

Anyway, if you're someone who has been following my writing, you know that when I suggest checking out a band without knowing much about 'em, they've gotta have something special to offer. Well, pick up this CD and you'll see what I'm talking about. Gotta love it...I know I do.
- Pa Rocks/Spotlight

"Prima Donna "Not Having Fun""

"Really cool sounds coming off this project. Two electric guitars compliment each other well and the punk rock flavor is also listener friendly which is historically an oxymoron in my opinion!:) Good job!"
Annette Warner


"Twin Guitars And Having Fun"

Phillie has produced some top names in pop and rock. Each new generation of singers and musicians have a lot to live up to. One group that is taking a big step in the right direction is Prima Donna. This is a female fronted band that has a debut album that is really good. The album is titled "Not Having Fun" and was self released.
The album was produced by the band along with Bogdan Hernik. There are 10 songs on "Not Having Fun." The songs were all written by the twins.
"Love to Die For"is the first track. Debbie sings about an obsessive love. She can't walk away because she needs it every day. The guitar work is fast and furious as Debbie belts out the lyrics.
"Like You" slows things down a little. It starts out almost like an R&B tune, then moves on to something like possibly a Go Go's song. Then it slides right back into the R&B styling as it was at first.
"Someone" has some very good guitar music. "Justify" is a moderately paced ballad with great guitar and anguish filled vocals by Debbie. "In Your Own World" has a retro styling of a '60's pop song.
"No Compromise" is another fast paced tune with some great guitar. The title track, "Not Having Fun", is a more subtle tune about not feeling important and making a change.
All three ladies do blended vocals on the song, "Why."
"Not Having Fun" has been called "upbeat", "full of energy" and it's content full of "self reliance and independence." I would add that the vocals are great and the twin's guitar playing is excellent. The songs have themes about love, broken relationships, not being alone and getting it back together. They are biting commentaries, yet aren't too catty or in-your-face. The combination of solid vocals by Debbie, great guitar playing by Tina and Gina, and the background music of the other players make "Not Having Fun" a very enjoyable listening experience.
Bruce E Von Stiers -


Prima Donna "Restored" CD - Released 2012
Prima Donna "Revised" (revised tracks from "Not Having Fun")
Prima Donna "Not Having Fun" (full length cd)
Prima Donna demo cd



Prima Donna is a female fronted alternative pop-rock band from the Philadelphia area. The band features the versatile song writing/guitar playing of twin sisters Gina and Tina and the distinctive, sultry vocals of lead singer, Debbie. The trio is backed by the solid, driving rhythm section of Steve on bass and Dave on drums.
Filling a void in today's music, Prima Donna is a band of substance. Derived from pure emotion, the music offers something old and something new. Old as in old school, the song comes first, everything is built around the song. New, as in, it has a modern, edgy rock sound combined with hook oriented pop that is different enough to be called alternative. But this band doesn't wear their influences on their sleeves and these days, that's a good thing, a stand out from the rest.
The band boldly made their entry onto the indie music scene in 2003 with their first full length CD, "Not Having Fun." The CD has received rave reviews and has been played by over 200 college radio stations across the country charting in the top 10 on many, including WIIT, (Chicago, IL), and KAOS, (Olympia, WA). It's also receiving internet radio airplay and commercial radio airplay on WSTW in Delaware. Prima Donna continues to develop a reputation as an outstanding live act. With well thought out arrangements and intense presentations, their shows are always exciting. The band has captivated audiences playing notable venues including, the World Cafe Live, the North Star Bar, The Tin Angel, Puck in Philadelphia and Kenny's Castaways and the legendary Baggott Inn in New York among many others. The band has also performed at the International Pop Overthrow Festivals in Philadelphia and New York and the Dewey Beach Music Conference and Chickfest in Delaware.
The band has recently released their new CD Restored in 2012. All the songs on the record were mixed and mastered by grammy award winning Engineer/Producer Phil Nicolo at Studio 4.