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The best kept secret in music



The Primadonnaz are a relatively new band from Philadelphia, complete with outrageous makeup, leather, beautiful go-go dancers and a pretty cool enhanced CD. The group would have easily fit into the late 80's sleaze rock genre, which means that like so many others, they would have been an incredible yet largely ignored band.
"Black & Blue", the single, just begs to have the volume cranked to 11. Dan Parsels has an incredible guitar sound going on here, while vocalist Mikey Primadonna tries to steal the spotlight with his sleazy gritty voice. As good as this tune sounds in the studio, it is even better on the accompanying live video! "She Don't Understand" is much the same, but with a slightly different vocal sound -- in fact they have a hint of Faster Pussycat to them. "Pure" is a slower more melodic tune, while "Superstar" could pass as a Sea Hags number.
The disc finishes off with a cover of The Divinyls' hit "I Touch Myself". Now either this is a butchered attempt at this pop-song, or else it is a tongue-in-cheek masterpiece. Everything here is so wrong, be it the screeching (bordering on out of tune) vocals, the wailing guitars or the mental picture of the Primadonnaz's appearing in the The Divinyls' seductive video (well both lead singers do wear fishnets!). If the band is taking themselves seriously at all times, we are in trouble -- but if they are mocking the mainstream, then the album makes for a very entertaining listen. Check the band out at; I really enjoyed it and hope to hear more from them soon.
- Skid/Sleazroxx


The Primadonnaz, the band that makes you remember that Crue, Poison and Pussycat once ruled the airwaves of radio and TV, have just released their newly self-titled 5-song CD.

The CD starts off with 'Black n' Blue', a catchy, in your face anthem; continues down the power ballad route with 'Pure' and even covers the Divynls classic 'I Touch Myself'.

Included are a couple of bonuses, which are worth the money alone, including a video for the song 'Black n' Blue' and a bunch of bonus footage. I didn't know what to expect from the video, but it looks extremely professional and all from a band that have taken all those eighties hair band influences, shaken it up with a touch of Nu-Metal and teased out the end result Primadonnaz Style.

Overall, this disc has been rocking my computer for the past week, and the only bad part is that it's only 5 songs long and under lasts for less than twenty minutes
- Bay Breeze/Glitzine


Knowing I was heading into the sticks this weekend to visit the oldies, I decided to kinda borrow a laptop from work in order to fulfil a promise I made to Mikey Primadonna what seems like centuries ago. This being that I would finally get my ass into gear and review the demo 'Lucky' he sent. So here I am, Sunday afternoon, jamming the CD into the machine, thinking, hell, I need more sleep… but no, a promise is a promise, but hang on… silence… check… yeah, the CD is spinning alas no sound. I pull out the headphones, squirming in case my mum screams at me; still nothing. Plugged them back in and decided to check the in-built volume facility. Aah hahhhh, some one had turned the volume down to zero. A smile raises as I ram the volume switch up to max. and oh my gawd, WHAM!!! my eardrums collapse and burst to the sound of 'Drag Queen'. This is one LOUD Mother F***** recording, so beware folks, you have been prewarned! *Spicey ponders whether she should sue for loss of hearing, or if she should just give Mikey a good kick up the ol' bootie (or arrange for someone a little closer to do it LOL). In light of the fact that I can still hear (just), I will continue…

In their biography, Primadonnaz liken themselves to the 'New York Dolls', 'Kiss', 'L.A. Guns' and 'Fasterpussycat'. I'd openly agree with two of the above and say… a fan would NOT be disappointed however, I am not gonna say which two I agree with, this is for you to figure out and I'm sure you will. But I guess with any band, the hardest thing is to liken yourself to another, afterall, one person will have numerous influences, throw together 4 or 5 and that's one gigantic subway sandwich, a sandwich that once named, critics and fans will make you eat until your dying day.

Bearing this in mind, Mikey stated in an interview with Sunset ( that he likes a lot of the British bands. In my opinion, I feel this plays a large inspirational influence both musically and lyrically for Primadonnaz. They hold that raw edge people loved to hate, the question is, in today's music industry, is it enough? Personally having heard this 4-track, I'd say it is. Their limitations aren't bound in razor wire and they appeal to more than one audience, as proven opening for bands such as Anthrax and Tuff. Diversity is the key to today's society and no matter how small the key, if it's there in your hand, the door is also there to be opened.

Let us wish them well; pray that their key size grows and that the sparkly door opens with a warming clarity. Primadonnaz are for sure a band that will continually have my undivided attention and full support. Best of Luck!

- Spice D Warlock/Bubblegum Disaster


The Primadonnaz, Philly’s answer to what Rock ‘n Roll is about was back in action tonight opening up for probably one of the biggest influences… Pretty Boy Floyd. What a night this was set up to be. A glam slam extravaganza in the city of brotherly love… Something you don’t see too often in Philly anymore: Old school rock ‘n roll, with makeup, hairspray, glitter and a packed house to go along with it.

Primadonnaz hit the stage, and opened with “Models and Movie Stars” and “She Don’t Fall,” which has the crowd just loving every second of the show. Lead Vocalist Mikey Primadonna plugs their new CD and plays the lead off track from the CD, which also includes a video for this song, “Black ‘n Blue.”

“Teenage Lover” and “Pure” which is another song off the new cd were up next, of which “Pure” is the Primadonnaz venture into the land of the ballad. Hey all good glam * hair bands need a ballad, and this tune was pulled off live, sounding just like the disc.

The band played a totally new song also tonight: “Crucifix,” which was classic Primadonnaz style. Next up was “Superstar” and “I Touch Myself.” That’s right the Divynls classic, which is also on their new CD.

Lastly the band ended with “King of the Drag Queens.” The more the band played, the louder the crowd was getting, winning the crowd over more and more with each verse and chord, the Primadonnaz helped put the rock back in Philly this night.

I’ve seen this band about 5 – 6 times in the last year, and I can honestly say these guys each show have shown improvement, in every aspect of their shows, from new songs to new stage moves to new clothes, or hell, even higher hair. This band has earned my respect and everyone should give them a chance to earn your respect also - KNAC 105.5


"Primadonnaz" 5 song EP (Includes CD ROM Features)

"Black and Blue" DVD (Includes 11 minues of bonus material)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The PRIMADONNAZ are Philadelphia's answer to the glory days of Glam Rock. They are a twisted mix of Glam, Punk Rock, and Sleaze Metal in the vein of The New York Dolls, Slade, Gary Glitter, Kiss, OLD Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Faster Pussycat. The PRIMADONNAZ have taken all of these base elements, added a decidedly modern edge, and have produced a unique and original sound that is all thier own, most assuredly one that sets them apart from thier rivals.
The PRIMADONNAZ have been invited to open for such National Touring acts as "Orgy", "L.A. Guns", "Powerman 5000", "Vains of Jenna", "Wednesday 13", "Dope", "The Wildhearts",Pretty Boy Floyd, Sebastian Bach, Stryper, and Europe, to name only a few.

With a recent invite to play at Bam Margera's post wedding party, The PRIMADONNAZ resume' continues to grow. Quickly being recognized, not only by National Touring acts, but also by high profile television personalities as a band known for thier consistant high calibre performances.

For 2007, The PRIMADONNAZ are looking to take thier Glam Rock Revolution on the road to a national audience. With fans and supporters from coast to coast, and a Myspace page that gains new fans on an almost daily basis, the band is ready to hit the road and give the people what they want!