The PRIMADONNAZ are Philadelphia's standard bearers in the Glam Rock Revolution! A Leather, Lace, Boas and Platform Boots Glam Slam, in short, an over the top Rock and Roll band with attitude and the talent and professionalism to back it up!!!


The PRIMADONNAZ are Philadelphia's answer to the glory days of Glam Rock. They are a twisted mix of Glam, Punk Rock, and Sleaze Metal in the vein of The New York Dolls, Slade, Gary Glitter, Kiss, OLD Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, and Faster Pussycat. The PRIMADONNAZ have taken all of these base elements, added a decidedly modern edge, and have produced a unique and original sound that is all thier own, most assuredly one that sets them apart from thier rivals.
The PRIMADONNAZ have been invited to open for such National Touring acts as "Orgy", "L.A. Guns", "Powerman 5000", "Vains of Jenna", "Wednesday 13", "Dope", "The Wildhearts",Pretty Boy Floyd, Sebastian Bach, Stryper, and Europe, to name only a few.

With a recent invite to play at Bam Margera's post wedding party, The PRIMADONNAZ resume' continues to grow. Quickly being recognized, not only by National Touring acts, but also by high profile television personalities as a band known for thier consistant high calibre performances.

For 2007, The PRIMADONNAZ are looking to take thier Glam Rock Revolution on the road to a national audience. With fans and supporters from coast to coast, and a Myspace page that gains new fans on an almost daily basis, the band is ready to hit the road and give the people what they want!


"Primadonnaz" 5 song EP (Includes CD ROM Features)

"Black and Blue" DVD (Includes 11 minues of bonus material)

Set List

Kill Myself
She Dont Understand
I Touch Myself
Pretty Anymore
King Of The Drag Queens
Black And Blue

Set ranges from 45-60 minutes in length