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This is past, present, and future embossed with an aggressive tone and a dash of sophisticated swagger. PRIMATE's live set demands attention and dials up the intensity. Renegade top-notch bold dose of reality. This is music with confidence and dignity. This is Hip-Hop. This is PRIMATE.


Let the PRIMATE begin.


PRIMATE|PRIMATE - self-titled album

Singles: Swing it Dirty, St. John

Set List

1) Kingrush (intro)
2) Energy (Knightrider theme song as beat) not on album
3) Diabolic
4) St. John
5) Instrumental interlude
6) Swing it Dirty (starts with a somber, classical piano solo and climaxes into the song, merges into next song-Heir Time)
7) Heir Time
8) Goat Heads
9) Kareem (Reggae-tinged roots groove beat, not on album)
10) Newlywed
11) Blue Dust

Typical set is 45-55 min.