Primate 46

Primate 46


Mainstream Rock in the vein of Saliva, Incubus. The music is thoughtful and we put on a helluva show. The total package.


Primate 46 first got together as a recording project in early 2003. None of us expected to take it very far out of the studio. We were convinced by a local club to come out and do a live show before the recording was done with. After overwhelming pressure by fans we began to play relentlessly over the west coast of Florida. Our first CD Anatomy of a Life recieved a great response from our fans and served as a starting point for us to fine tune our sound. After the departure of guitarist Bobby Kellar at the beginning of the year, Brian picked up the guitar and filling the gap left by our friendÂ’s departure. And in early 2004 we released The Year of The Monkey Vol. 1, a four song Ep where the music found a life of its own. In November of 2004 we introduced Shayne on guitar completing once again the full throttle 5 peice rock style that we began with. With a much more corroborative writing style and the no nonsense rock and roll that the world is missing, Primate 46 is working towards larger venues and another full length CD in 2005.


Anatomy of a Life LP 2003
Year of the Monkey Vol.1 EP 2004

Set List

Done to me
Down to this
Turning Blue
Start Again
How does it feel
Monkey Boy
The Rain
Nothing left
Typical set time 45min to 1 hr can put together 2- 1 hr sets if needed