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Carol Stream, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Carol Stream, Illinois, United States | INDIE
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To start off, "the primeridian's" explosive stage presence separates these lyricists and put them in a class of their own!! Their extraordinary show performances have been the reasons for them being labeled as seasoned stage entertainers. Since 1995, "the primeridian" has released a major production video for the song "Battle Cry" and 5 nationally & internationally distributed singles on vinyl that received plenty of radio play on the college market throughout the United States and over seas. They have also been part of several nationally & internationally distributed compilation albums on CD's that included major and underground artist, "the primeridian" has facilitated hip hop workshops on production, writing and performing during their month long residency tour in France and in Chicago, They've performed at colleges/venues all across the United States with artist such as Erykah Badu, Umphrey's McGee, Run DMC, Pharcyde, Common & Pete Rock. In May of 2002, they were included in the "Conscious Hip Hop Panel Discussion" during the 5 Elements of Hip Hop Odyssey Conference with Afrika Bambaataa & DJ Kool Here.
During the months of June & July of 2001 in Bordeaux, France, "the primeridian" was part of a residency tour with the JUBA Collective. The JUBA Collective project consists of avant-garde jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, dance and visual arts. This was a month long residency tour in which "the primeridian performed, and taught workshops on urban art and culture, for European students, The JUBA Collective features Jazz icons & musicians such as Kahil El' Zabar (Chicago's AACM, Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Ritual Trio), Robert Irving III (producer for Miles Davis), Fareed Haque (Jazz professor at Northern
Illinois University) & Frank Orrail (Poi Dog Pondering), The JUBA Collective is releasing a self titled album, co-produced and written by "the primeridian", on Preminition/Blue Note Records in the spring of 2002.
In April of 2002, "the primeridian" performed with the JUBA Collective in Munchen, Germany at the Theater im Haus der Kultur & Wien, Austria at Porgy for some Jazz Festivals.
In April of 2002, PROMIHJAY 8, Inc. released "the primeridian's" well over due album called "I'll meet you in Greenwich". It contains 21 tracks of melodic tunes for the dreamer to a collage of thought provokin lyrics to some intense head bouncin' tracks. We're currently touring, getting, write ups in the media and promoting the album with radio play and creative marketing campaigns
Look out for "the primeridian's" next album called "Tha Allnighta". The release date is scheduled for Fall 2004.
- The Great Black Music Project. All rights reserved. ©2007

"Primeridian - Da Allnighta"

Conscious rappers suffers from the nice guy syndrome; we all profess to like them, but sometimes they're too complicated to cope with, or they're entirely too earnest, or worse yet, boring as hell, and we flee to the bad boy type with the crunk beats. Primeridian at least has a Chicago pedigree to promote their jazz-inflected brand of intelligent hip-hop, and subtle charms that may manage to win over some new fans with their second album.
Their genius doesn't come obvious like an Outkast, but then they'll throw out a line like "You wanna be a smartass, sit on your brain", and the smile sneaks up on you, all involuntary like. The humor definitely helps leaven the album, as heady tracks like "Tatudhendi" features a sample intro that checks through racial relations and the politics of the drug game, with an MC that "was conceived in a protest against nuclear arms". Clearly these guys are steeped in the intellect, though they know how to change things up - the predictably titled "Brain Power" actually shines in its dynamics, shifting from a smoothed out rumbling track to a beatbox and finger snap breakdown that sounds like a back alley cipher, the MC's passing lines that tout their mental prowess rather than dis each other's fashion choices.
"Smoke Signals" sports an similarly open mix of sounds, dropping in with a beatbox but then shifting to a bass and piano driven track, with just a bit of dancehall toasting to ride out into the sunset. "Broken Wings" shows how to use a female vocalist on a track beyond the typical singing on the hook, as Uneq'ka floats in and out of the track, overdubbing both the verses and the chorus and harmonizing throughout. Primeridian does a great job of not lingering on any tone - wedged between "Brain Power" and the political analogy of "Social Studies Pt.2", they spring out with "Off the Track", an upbeat bouncy joint with J. Sands that shines with a restrained but irresistible energy and hypnotic hook.
Primeridian mostly rides a mellow jazz groove, which is all good except for hip-hop's insistence on filling up every cranny of the compact disc. Even the greatest of wisdom gets hard to discern after 70+ minutes, and even the nicest of guys can become dull after passing the hour mark. Some tracks plumb the depths of their aesthetic a bit too far, like on "Pose To Do", a noodling hip-hop romance track that throws out one French phrase too many and comes off more cheesy LL Cool J than subdued Pharcyde. Slight missteps aside, the clock begins and ends at the prime meridian, and killing an hour with Da Allnighta won't waste your time.

Eric Solomon
- OkayPlayer Review

"The Primeridian - 11/30/2005"

The Primeridian has established a strong following in Chicago and surrounding areas with their conscious and passion-enriched music. The release of their first album “Meet You In Greenwhich”, led to The Primeridian being featured on a number of compilations that included the likes of Chuck D, Mos Def, AfuRA and Common. So, naturally the emcee combination of Tree & V merged with Chicago-based recording label All Natural, Inc., to release their first full-scale commercial release album “Da All Nighta”. Without surrendering to the average rap quo, The Primeridian standout on Da All Nighta with stylish, yet positive lyrics on songs like “Floatin” and “Wisdom”. With most of the production on the album being handled by The Primeridan, they take the opportunity to enhance personally designed tracks with live instrumentation in order to manage a sound and essence that’s reminiscent of hip hop beats of past. Involving warm bass lines, and soulful drums with comprehensive concepts from song to song, Da All Nighta features additional production by Kenny Keys on “From the Go” and “Off the Track”, which also features a cameo from J.Sands of Lone Catalysts. Stoney Rock rounds out the sound and theme of Da All Nighta with highly noticeable production, giving The Primeridian an obvious comfortable feeling with peaceful musical compositions. From the first 1 2-inch release “Trumpets of Zion” to album cuts such as “Brian Power”, Da All Nighta stands on 1 9 tracks of colorful emceeing and solid song writing with a purpose. - JIVE Magazine


The Primeridian is a duet made up of Jaime Roundtree alias Tree The Scarecrow and of Simeon Viltz alias See-Me it, all two resulting from the scene rap of Chicago.
They propose to us a first album of very high quality which will leave the very high bar for a second.
"Da Allnighta" is an album with the heart Soul and Blues, nothing less surprising for a project coming from Windy City. But they are not so much the musics and environments which mark initially, they are the pointed flows of the two rappeurs. They hang the microphone terribly. Near to the vibration East Coast and more particularly New Yorkaise, one could confuse them with some old timers large apple.
These goods flows are posed on original beats and soul with wish which put Primeridians at equality with rappeurs like Talib Kweli, Common or even if one pushes little, they have less smooth side who points out Artifacts, as well on the level of the voices as of their attitude. Near to the street without falling from there into through.
A rap of young conscious people, influenced by the Jazz and Soul, of truths musicians, here to what you expose yourselves by putting "Da Allnighta" in your platinum. Do not hesitate, that not made of the good.

"Primeridian: Takuthere and Yesterday"

Some hip-hop artists talk about dropping knowledge.

The Primeridian go out and do it.

The Chicago-based group, made up of Darshon "Race" Gibbs, Jaime "Tree" Roundtree and Simeon "see-me-on" Viltz, puts as much effort into its albums as it does into working with the community. The guys are involved with a number of education and youth outreach organizations, including hip-hop workshops at the Gary Comer Youth Center, 7200 S. Ingleside.

Rap and hip-hop have a particular connection with troubled communities, Gibbs and Viltz told RedEye, but the most popular styles rarely send positive messages. This spring, they're hoping to get some of their students' tracks played on local radio stations to help young people see that there is an outlet for conscious-minded work.

"Because [most radio] formats are so locked in place, there's no other way the youth are really gonna get a different perspective, so that's why we're hitting the grassroots as well, to try to get them to open up," Viltz said.

The group's songs embrace many styles and often discuss overcoming life challenges.

Ayoka Samuels, senior program director at the Comer center, said the programs offer students not only production skills but also intangibles such as improved self-esteem and a creative outlet.

"Doing hip-hop themselves gives them an opportunity to express what's going on with their lives," she said.

They're excited to see the resurgence of Chicago hip-hop and of artists who push boundaries lyrically and musically. Viltz said the trend could hearken back to the city's heritage of soul, blues and jazz, which value authenticity.

"I think that's a big part of why Chicago artists tend to have something of substance to say and have a soulful feeling to their music," he said. "I feel like we kind of blessed to be in that position, to be in this city, to be from this movement going on." - RedEye (Chicago Tribune)

"Da Mornin' Afta - 10/21/2008"

The Windy City's Hip Hop stable runs the gamut from Common to Cool Kids, Kidz In the Hall to Twista and even Kanye to Molemen. Chicago single-handedly refutes stubborn old folks that claim all Hip-Hop sounds the same. For their third album, Tree and See-Me-On of The Primeridian completed the off-season acquisition of longtime friend and collaborator, Racetacula. Despite this shakeup, Da Mornin' Afta sounds like a logical progression from 2004's Da All Nighta, both in name and vibe. Note the use of “Da” in the title, rather than then the significantly less Hip-Hop equivalent. Entirely outsourced to European beatmakers, Da Mornin' Afta demonstrates that Hip-Hop is in the soul and not inside a GPS location.

While the general American audience might not be ready for foreign languages or strong accents, production is a different story. An instrumental can originate from New York or Germany with fans being none the wiser. Three subscribers to this theory belong to The Primeridian, who tapped Nicolay from the Netherlands, Norway's J-Rose, Willowtreez of the U.K. and DJ Steady from France. This time around, PM's trademark soulful sound was injected with traces of grit and edge. Take the No Mercy featured “Change the Meridian,” which appropriately earned the subtitle “Hard Rock” and serves as Race's initiation. Even the “Mornin' Afta Intro” hits hard with a funny monologue about backwards messages in Heavy Metal music. Who knows what kind of subliminal messages Da Mornin' Afta is emanating.

Not including the Intro, Howmanysyllablesmario's words on “Mario Speaks,” the silly “Count Tac Acts a Fool” and the shout out laced “Shoutro,” Da Mornin' Afta shapes up at a brisk nine tracks, more than half of which feature guest spots. Naledge from Kidz In the Hall joins the fray on “Bucktown,” a stormy City of Wind anthem that lifts Brooklyn's famous nickname. The other notable posse cut is “Takeuthere” featuring singer Yaw, Chi's Iomos Marad and Imani from the Pharcyde. “Whistle While You Work” delivers on all aspects of the title, with job-related rhymes over a whistle-infused beat by Willowtreez. The substance continues on “Trust” featuring Ka-Di, focusing on the five-lettered word that defines all relationships. Even with the newfound edge, “Melodic Healing” oozes soul and Nicolay's “Let's Go” shines with Rhythm & Blues style guitar.

Lineup changes are always risky business for groups with established identities. Just as the Cunninlynguists seamlessly integrated third member Natti, Race fits The Primeridian like the last jigsaw piece that fell beneath the couch. Part of Da Mornin' Afta's success should be attributed to PM's open door studio policy. Between the guests galore and tracks that feature anywhere from one to all three members, the focus is always on the music rather than egos. There's no law requiring each group member to get a 16 bar verse. The group's collaborative passport may have earned a few extra stamps, but in the end it's just some more of that Go Ill flavor.

"Primeridian: Where East Meets West (02/2009)"

Chicago native Simeon (now known as See-Me-On) Viltz had plenty of musical influences around him growing up. Viltz’s father was a member of the MCA Records funk outfit, Black Lightening, and the young boy from Hyde Park (home of President Obama) watched his family jam with Earth, Wind & Fire on several occasions. Even with being surrounded by legends of that stature, Viltz insists it was Darshon (Race) Gibss who lead him in the direction of rap.

See-Me-On and Race make up Primeridian, one of the best hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk fusion groups since the days of A Tribe Called Quest. Taking their name from the point where east meets west, the two Windy City MCs found their early influences to be cross regional.

“Chicago was a hub where we would see the East Coast and West Coast kind of set it off with the whole hip-hop thing,” Race says. “We were banging Cube and banging De La Soul all in a single bound.”

More than just simply underground legends, Primeridian has collaborated with everyone from RUN-DMC and Brand Nubian to Common and Erykah Badu. On their latest album, Da Mornin’ Afta, the fellas — along with original member, Jaime (Tree Tha Scarecrow) Roundtree — accomplish what few in rap music can today, a solid record from start to finish. “We try to bring you through all of those [musical] dimensions. The listener’s A.D.D. is strong nowadays [so] you want to keep it moving,” See-Me-On says.

Primeridian is known to invoke the spirit of iconic artists from their hometown. “Even with R. Kelly — he could take a raunchy concept, but kind of make you feel like you’re almost going to church with it,” See-Me-On says. “With our music we definitely connect on that [feel-good] soul music and the funk.” - Rolling Out Magazine


"I'll Meet You In Greenwich"
"Da Allnighta"
"Da Midnite Snack"
"Da Mornin' Afta"



the primeridian, a hip hop based, power duo hail from the eclectic, historical music scene of Chicago. With thought-provoking lyrics, a touch of humor, skilled production/musicianship and years of explosive live performances, the primeridian takes a stage by storm with energy, emotion, and experience moving crowds of diverse audiences (young and old), various musical preferences and tastes.

From "b-boys on the street" to "grown men with responsibility", we address harsh, contemporary themes with positive inspiration for the youth raw with refined experience. Disciplined, educated artists who work have studied and performed with numerous artists of various genres including the legendary Run-DMC, Redman, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Common, Fareed Haque, Frank Orral, Bobby Irving, Kahil El Zabar, Ari Brown, Dizine, and Tamara Shaw and many others. the primeridian has remained active in the community working extensively with youth & performing at anti-war demonstrations across the nation and standing in solidarity with the struggles of the oppressed peoples in the world.

Simeon AKA 'V', a native of Chicago's southeast Hyde Park area, represents the 'the soul' of primeridian. Born to a family of gospel and jazz artists, V was 'raised in music.' His work centers on the search for spiritual alignment and growth of character amidst the mayhem of urban madness. With metaphysical imagery and cultural history, V takes the audience on a soul filled "mental ride." He encourages the audience to read between the lines and not just look at the face value of things, leading them to a space of original thought . . . with spirituality that is collective in essence but objectively different.

Darshon “Race” Gibbs is an electrifying and captivating emcee able to entice those in earshot with lyrical prowess, depth and a distinct, strong voice. Born on Chicago’s infamous South Side, Race gave his first rap performance during a school play in the 7th grade. Since that day, there has been no turning back. Determined to share his gift of poetic wit and sarcastic wisdom, he began doing local radio shows and performing at local venues. Race is a mix of the old and new - the new essence, a combination of late 80s and early 90s themes done in the 21st millennium way. He is like a loaded gun; he can go off at anytime. Come take a ride on the soul side of the spectrum, walk with Race, hear and see Something New.

the primeridian takes listeners on a soul filled "mental ride" and is filled with conscious lyrical content that is honest and genuine, inspiring critical thought, while touching on topics from politics, to relationships, to the present state of hip hop.

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