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Camden, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Camden, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Primisis "ReConstruction Mixtape Vol.2""

North Carolina based Christian rapper, Primisis, teams up with VA’s very own DJ I Rock Jesus to help launch a hard-hitting set of tracks on the highly anticipated, “ReConstruction Mixtape Vol. 2”, set to release on April 27th, 2011. The ReConstruction Mixtape series’ sole focus is to help stir up the hearts and thoughts of the body of Christ to rebuild what’s been torn down. Rebuild the way that “Christian” hip-hop is viewed by the world, and by the church. Reconstruction starts here, right where we are at locally. In our towns, in our cities, and in our states. So many times “Christian” musicians are looked at as that their entire purpose behind their grind, in this genre of ministry, is to just become famous or successful; when all the while, the reason behind these thoughts are simply just our lack of community and outreach to one another.

The ReConstruction Mixtape Vol. 2 is much more than just another free downloadable mixtape. With special guest features from upcoming artists such as JB Real, Scott Lane, DJ Noble, Genesis Tha Protege, E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y, Brotha Wyze, and Trevor Jay; along with the talents of Cross Movement Records recording artist K-Drama, Beat Lab 7’s very own Crucial, and Scribbling Idiots native M.C. Wonder Brown, The ReConstruction Mixtape is more like an album. DJ I Rock Jesus steps in to deliver the authentic DJ and mixtape feel and makes the ReConstruction come that much more to life. ReConstruction starts 04.27.11
- DJ I Rock Jesus


"The Fugitive Mixtape", 2006
"Chronicles of A Hero" EP, 2009
"Primisis Presents: The Re:Construction Mixtape Vol.1", 2010
"DJ I Rock Jesus & Primisis Presents: The ReConstruction Mixtape Vol. 2"; 2011

Radio Singles:
"Bounce", "Chronicles of A Hero" (Chronicles of A Hero EP); "Nutso", "Higher ft. JB Real" (Re:Construction Mixtape Vol.1)played on 88.5FM The CurrentFM on Urban 1:1 Radio Show w/DJ Noble. Also, "Bounce" was placed at #6 on Urban 1:1's Top 10 for Christian Hip Hop & R&P. "My City"

Music Videos:
"Nutso" (Re:Construction Mixtape Vol.1) shot by: William Brooks in Charlotte, NC.
Link to Primisis' "Nutso" Music Video on



To see Justin Mitchell, better known as Primisis, growing up, a skinny-white boy from rural northeastern North Carolina, people wouldn't have imagined that he would be in the place he is right now. Hip hop music has always been a part of his life and while early on in High School, not feeling like he fit in, he began hanging with a crowd that was leading him down a pathway of trouble. Trouble with school, family, friends---everything seemed out of control. That is until Christ placed people and events before him that would change his direction, focus, passion and ultimately his life. He partnered with a friend, forming a Christian Hip Hop group called Krucix, performing locally for about 2 years. Following the split of Krucix, God lead him to be a solo rap artist, Primisis.

One of the most frequently asked questions, "What does the name Primisis mean?". Or even what does it stand for, at least what could it stand for as a rap artist. Primisis (usually viewed as Premisis) refers to land and buildings together as a place01 of buisness. Taking that definition heard, creates an analogy for the artist you know today, formally as "Primisis". His body acts as the land and his building's are his created pieces of music. The business is then layed into the hands of Jesus Christ to help spread his word onto others. And like most places, you can't go past certain parts of the 'premisis' without proper authorization. So to get into these "certain parts" and gain access to them you've got to be able to listen to the music. Primisis is sharing God's word, along with his own life experiences, to bring forth a message to the youth.

Since graduating from the Communication School of Arts in Raleigh, NC with a degree in digital audio and design, Primisis has been given various opportunities for his ministry to grow. He has written, recorded, and designed two full length mixtapes and an original album; along with a music video and other options to spread the gospel throughout many venues on the east coast.
At 24 years old, the rapper, alongside his beautiful newly-wed wife, is currently the youth leader at his local church at Powells Point Christian.

Primisis' solo debut album, as an Un-Signed Artist, "Chronicles of A Hero", released in Feb. 2009, relays a strong message to believers stating, we are called for something bigger than what we see going on in our day-to-day lives. Just as in most of today's modern day comic book super heroes, we too have a power. It may not be to sling around on a web, or fly around and catch people from skyscrapers, but it's for a cause much greater. To grab those on the edge of life, who are just barely hanging on, and give them hope through Jesus alone. We weren't desgined by God to just sit in a Church, while a dying world that doesn't know Jesus Christ drowns in a life of sin. The Albums purpose is to give Chrisitans confidence in their walk with Christ and guide them to open up the power the Holy Spirit, the gift God had placed in hearts of all of us. Teaching them to follow out Christ's final command, the Great Commission. (Matt. 28:19)

Prim's mission is to use his time, talents, and experiences to bring today's youth into what it looks like to have a real and intimate relationship with their creator.