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Primitive Mask @ Rattlers

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Primitive Mask @ Nikola's

Newburgh, New York, USA

Newburgh, New York, USA

Primitive Mask @ Rattlers

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


In the early part of 1999, two members of an already busy and established band made their decision to exit. It was noticeable from the start that Dario (guitarist) and Jim “JB” Brancato (Vocalist/Front Man)needed to form a band where their original music would shine. Hence, Primitive Mask was formed.
The profile of Primitive Mask grew quickly in New York’s famed and majestic Hudson Valley and the band’s audience reaction from their live performances convinced the two they had no choice but to record the material they had written and developed and release it to the public. The band quickly threw gigs aside and methodically immersed themselves into studio preparation. The duo promptly got down to the task of recording the first CD and worked over the next year on developing a tighter and more ambitious rock sound.
From that experience and work, what is left? The debut release of Primitive Mask. Built on a mix of songwriting styles and laced with rock dynamics galore the music on this CD is truly
origin-ale! Jim & Dario Utilize an array of musical
textures to show their thirst for experimentation.
Jim delivers an inspired vocal performance and
contributes some interesting composition styles, while
Dario utilizes multiple guitars, mandolin and the
Chapman Stick™ to create an eclectic brand of rock &

But, live performances can’t be ignored. Their performances reinforce what the studio sessions had initiated. The music is great in the studio, it’s even better when you get and hear the reaction to these songs from a live audience…it’s been tons of fun.
Now the band is eager to headline shows where they can perform with freedom and promote their self-titled CD, Primitive Mask, released by Triple D Records.
Joined by studio owner, Rick Witkowski (guitarist/producer from the famed “Crack the Sky” band) the CD nicely highlights each member of the line up assembled for this album. Just as they do
live, the band had immediate chemistry in the studio:
the amazingly talented Daniel Kelly, from the Cuban-jazz group Harvie S. and Eye Contact, added his keyboard skills; ‘legendary’ drummer Paul Berretta, along with bassists, Kevin Jenkins and Eric Winter, deliver a tour de force rhythm section. The album shines with guitar playing from Dario and Tony
DePaulo. Jim‘s dynamic vocals, with beautiful backing
vocals by Natasha Coward adds that magical ingredient
to this already spectacular CD.
The eagerly awaited new CD features a heavy sound, but also some of the band's most beautiful and fragile works.
- Triple D Records Press Release

Primitive Mask is creating some wonderful music! I loved the variety.
Wonderful production, strong vocals& music.
Lyrics were thoughtful and I especially loved the
nuances of latin, native and eastern influences. I
found the CD to be VERY enjoyable, and that
says a lot considering that I rarely listen to music
for enjoyment anymore. Loved them all! I think Primitive Mask has some very strong material.

Debora Norman
A.B.A.C.A. Entertainment
- A.B.A.C.A. Entertainment


Primitive Mask - Primitive Mask
Dario (Solo CD) - Porcelain Angel
Oasis Alternative Sampler 2004 - Various Artists
Features "Primitive Mask - Exit Wound" d2t5


Feeling a bit camera shy


One of the most difficult things to do in writing is to put into words something like the experience that is PRIMITIVE MASK.

Primitive Mask creates music with infectious grooves, strong vocals and cutting edge guitars. Seamlessly blending sounds and styles to create a truly original sound. Their new self-titled CD gives a perfect example of this.
It has been extremely well received critically, and has gotten rave reviews from people of all ages. Their appeal seems to be quite extensive.

Their studio work is complemented nicely by what they do live. Unlike many bands who are unable to recreate what they do in the studio, Primitive Mask does this and more.

Upon entering a club where a PRIMITIVE MASK show is taking place, the first thing you may notice is a man climbing the wall or hanging from the ceiling. That would be the band’s Vocalist/Front Man Jim Brancato.
Jim is a dynamic singer and entertainer who drives audiences wild. "It's all about the show,” says Jim. "You could be the greatest singer in the world, but if you just stand there and sing, nobody is going to care. People want to be entertained.”

With Jim on stage is the band's guitar player Dario. Rare is the occasion in the music industry when you meet a guitarist, especially one who graduated Boston's Berklee College of Music, who upon meeting him, wants to discuss his songs rather than his guitar. Dario is such an artist.
"First thing is the song."

From the onset it was clear to anyone present that when these two musicians got together something very special was being created.

Jim and Dario now invite you to enter their musical world.