Our music can be described as Ben Harper meets lenny kravitz hangs out with bill withers while helping Stevie Wonder and the Beatles kick William Hungs ass.


The music of Austin-based Primm is all that and more. With a sound that smacks of fusion, rock, pop, and even a hint of R&B, Primm is hugely entertaining, infinitely accessible and easy on the ears, heart and soul. Together for two years, the band’s first album, "figure it out", was released in 2002 followed by the long awaited 2nd album, "dontlookback" in 2004. Sales have been brisk from fans that crave the band’s soulful sound, blazing guitars, sensual horns, and beautiful vocals.


kopy kat

Written By: Ray Prim

how does it feel to be loved, adored, revered by your peers and the rest of the world?
how does it feel to be incredible, absolutley beautiful to men , boys, women and girls?
what do you do when your blessed with a gift that lives in your skin and it's making you sick?
How do you cope with a hope that floats on a river of ideas and that sink when you show them? oh...
i wanna be like u
how do you make just enough to get by and get high with your friends and still set some aside?
how can someone be so sexy and pretty ugly if need be and still be amazing? oh...
i wanna be like you... just like you
what if i were blind and could not see? would you still be beautiful?
what if i were numb and could not feel? would you still feel the same?
what if i were wrong all this time just to find it's all dream?... if I've been dreeeeaaaaammmming!
would i wanna be just like you?


Written By: Ray Prim

in the begining we were just good friends
it was all innocent.. we were just flirting
untill one day feeling came creeping in.
it was easier, easier in.... the begining
we were comfortable
it was so easy then just to be ourselves
neither one of us were walking around on eggshells
but emotions change all that...
in the begining
we were crazy to think we'd never change
in the begining
we should've known, nothing ever stays the same
everything you said to me, back then makes more sense now( repeat 4 times)
back then, back then i wish u were mine


Written By: Ray Prim

step outside, lord it's a good day today
swallowed my pride, laughed my tears away today
saw myself in an old mans eyes, i was all alone and scared for the first time.
called you up just to say...
i'm sorry
went to church to pay god a visit, a quick little visit today
to see if my sins would rise to the surface, somehow vanish away,
got down on my knees i put my hands together, together and i gently prayed...
i'm sorry.... for all the things i 've might of said and done
is in your heart to forgive?
you just don't know how sorry i am


figure it out(ep)- 2002
dontlookback(ep)- 2004

singles- figure it out, up and down, all i have and kopy kat, receive airplay on local austin stations 93.7(klbj), 94.7( the mix), 90.5 ( kut)

Set List

dont every body
figure it out
up and down
elanor rigby
angela polady
i don't wanna see you hurt
hard road
sickens me u
story kalled love
drama queen
i'll be ok
all i have
if your not happy
sir duke
hit the road jack
pass the grease
it doesn't matter 2
kopy kat

Our sets usually last two hours. We have about four covers we do. We cover the beatles, stevie wonder, ray charles and depeche mode.