Makes you want to rip off all your clothes and dance to the eclectic, dynamic, funky, heart pumping, hip to the tip uncubistic tonal frequencies!


PRIMMO is Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso on a musical canvas. “An original sound with hints of funk, bossa- nova, hip-hop, jazz and rock.” With universal lyrics and their innovative sound, PRIMMO captivates the listener. Through experimentation with diverse genres and sounds, PRIMMO has created a unique trademark that sets them apart from others.

PRIMMO begins as the brain child of musician/composer, Gian Paolo Perini. In January of 2008, he starts to record PRIMMO´s first album, “Project Jive.” At that moment the band is composed of Drummer, Alejandro Calderón, involved from the beginning of the project (four years back) and lead guitarist, Andrés Ponciano who joins the group shortly after completing his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. During the recording process bass player, Luis Pedro Gonzalez and trumpet man Julio Cesar Micheo join PRIMMO. With the band complete PRIMMO´s first album “Project Jive” is launched into the market November 15th 2008 and receives rave reviews for their amazing live performance.

The album “Project Jive” comes together after four years of pre production and experimentation, with almost 60 written songs. From the hand of renowned musician and producer Juan Pablo Perea, each song is given a life of its own. The lyrics are co written with Emilio Camacho, member of the Guatemalan Hip Hop group “Strate Crooked”. The result, ten tracks of urban music mixtures.

PRIMMO is currently working on their international tour to promote their first album “Project Jive” with help from their management team Spinhouse Agency and UO Productions. Currently, they are also working on their second album that is being produced in Iximche Studios, Guatemala.

"For a band that has only been together about 6 months PRIMMO has already played in and around Guatemala City, in neighboring country El Salvador, and was the only Guatemalan band invited to play in the first ever 2009 ISTMO Rock Fest in Panama. Expect great things from these guys..."

“PRIMMO, Music and Life, an analogy”



Written By: PRIMMO

Im not handing out a line,
I think a might be elevated
Girl youre looking like a dime
I wanna jump your bones

Excuse me if Im bold
Think we should consummate it
The way vibe together
We could be conjugated

I already said it, you know what it is
Don’t think about it too long, this aint no quiz
The engine is running and I gotta split,
I cant wait to hit-off those hips that don’t quit
Blow me,
Captivating your immaculate sway
Love me,

And everything is copasetic
We could be friends with benefits
And we can hang now and again
And celebrate that there’s no end

Girl Im glad you understand
I Never planned to be your man
Myabe just give me some time
Your as fine as wine

Primmo Show

Written By: PRIMMO

Whats happenin,
my people en la house
Q onda Primmo,
Centro America Representando

Vivo te quiero,
You know how we be used to gettin down.
Ingles or Spanish,
Pero no esporque estemos agringados.

Express Cultura,
Pa’el mundo entero no matter the style,
Our working motto,
Siempre palante nunca para atras

Pierde el control,
Ya sabes que te llega este flow,
You already know

I’m Strummin on.
Ya sabes vos,
Q este ritmo es la mera tos
It’s a Primmo show

W’ere sliding through to bring you this flavor you know it’s gonna make you wanna look like tarzan 'n' sing like Jane.

We got you fixed,
this latin mix,
La mera guayaba hierba Buena en Guatemala hay.

Pierde el control,
Ya sabes que te llega este flow,
You already know

I’m Strummin on.
Ya sabes vos,
Q este ritmo es la mera tos
It’s a Primmo show


"Project Jive" 2008

Singles: Copasetic, Primmo Show

(Radio airplay in Guatemala and El Salvador)

Set List

1. Primmo Show
2. Copasetic
3. Project jive
4. Soldier of Fortune
5. This is fashion
6. U.M.M
7. The Analogy
8. Heavenly Ecstasy
9. Maximus
10. Mi Guatemaya

Our live set includes all music from first album and second album which is currently in development.
Live set approx. 1 hour and a half.