Prince Blakk

Prince Blakk

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Up and coming hip/hop and r&b producer trying to bring a new sound to the two genres.


I started writing songs and messing around on the keyboard at a very young age. Up until high school, this all was jsut a hobby for me. It wasn't until I became more involved in the music scene, that I really thought I could turn this hobby into a career. I was never classicaly trained to plain any instrument nor have I taken any kind of vocal lessons but I do create my own music and write lyrics from time to time. The music I create is pretty much rap and r&b music for now, because that is what I love. On the other hand, I do listen to all different kinds of music and have an open ear to anything that I have yet to hear. I think my sound is different from alot of other people who create rap music, though I can easily do what is already out there, I choose to try and come with something a little different and slowly bring in a new sound. THe down side to that is, most people are not willing to break out and do something different or atleast give it a shot.


STS Records - "Who Gon Stop Us LP"
Lil Witness - "Strickin' Cold LP"
SMoke - "Only Time Will Tell LP"
Smoke - "Show No Mercy EP"