Prince Isa The Black Messiah
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Prince Isa The Black Messiah

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop World




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Album: The Ghetto Rise Of The Black Messiah

Mixtape: Black Jesus 2012



(Alias Imam Isa Masai Shakur)

The First Sufi Mystic M.C. and coming straight from the STL! Peace and blessings of EL,the Most High be upon one and all, whether You are struggling in the hard ghetto streets of America or striving to survive in this apocalyptic inflamed spinning green and blue ball Of life called Planet Earth. Representing the Gods, my fellow humanity I AM PRINCE ISA THE BLACK MESSIAH!
I was born in St. Louis MO, to a Viet Nam Soldier Michael Wells Sr. and a young Arkansas girl Annie Mae Carter(Maiden name) in 1975. At the age of 9 years old my parents split up and I was raised in the East Coast With my father known to all as “Butchie” and it was in the East Coast that I was Exposed to Hip-Hop in its adolescence stage, thus as Hip-Hop grew up, I grew Up withHip-Hop. I went from Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick’s Loddy Doddy And Erick B and Rakim’s “Don’t mess with my melody” to the Wutang Clan's “Protect your Neck” and Nas’ “Ill-Matic”. I was a troubled youth, an African-American version of Dennis the Menace and kept getting in fights and Trouble until my family moved back towards the Midwest and I got Knowledge of self from a Nubian Nation brother named Rahim in Detroit in 1993. In that same year I ran across other conscious brothers and sisters: The NOI, the Hebrew-Israelites, the 5%ers, the Ausar-Auset
Society, the Rastas, the Nubian Sisters, the Moors, etc… in Milwaukee and started eating up the libraries, studying the Ancient Scrolls then start restructuring my rhymes to be Gnostic or conscious. Thus, inbetween participating in protests, doing interviews on the Radio and giving Black Power lectures as a teen age revolutionary, I performed my Gnostic raps where ever a mic was left unattended. As Heru I went back to St. Louis to live and perform gnosis but it was not the the mainstream rap choice, Gangsta or thug rap Was . thus, I was forced to give up and switch over in order to even get recognized by a label, not to mention the then lack of family support in various states at the Time.
Under pressure and desperation and I got with the wrong crowed and got sent to the Beast in1996. Yet in that same year I got into yoga and two years later in 1998 I found redemption in the Sufi teachings of the East then Isa was born(reborn). I taught Gnostic empowerment and performed rebellious lyrics throughout my building in the Beast and angered a lot of authority, which extended my forced Visit and during that time I lost both parents to the Ghettos of Babylon. In 2006 I stepped out of the mouth of the Beast then stole on the Beast. Hip-hop Artists I have met over the years as an "unheard" underground M.C. trying to get in where I fit in at and briefly broke bread with were: Nas, Doodle Bug,The Lords Of The Under Ground, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Phife Dawg,Biz Markie,KRS-One, Conscious Daughters,Ghost Face Killer, Red Man, Sunz of Man,Father M.C., etc..and now I'm being blessed to finally step into the Industry to make music for the World like these mentioned great lyricists after over many years of being on the side lines as a strickly "unheard" underground M.C. Now pass Me the Mic I’m back, Prince Isa The Black Messiah is here and is ready to set the world on fire with EL’s Holy Gnosis, and my Thug Angels got my back!