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"Not on Your Life (radio vers.)"

Listener #95

Prince J has a melodic leaning to his melodies that I dig and displays commercial ambition. There's definently some thump factor to the track "Not on your life".

Listener #178

Nice one! Great track Prince. It has a party vibe with lots of energy and the hook is very catchy. Your flow was delivered well with personality and charisma. This song receives a strong 8 out of 10.

Listener #246

"Not on your life" had a great intro with the chorus. The chorus was good and memorable. Nice metaphors also. Your style is definently different from most things that are out there, which is a good thing. - Taxi

"NMS 07 Compliation Album"

I got it...? Yeah, your boy was chosen outta thousands (I think) to be on TIN Records Compilation Album. My music is that good. - Tin Records NMS 07

"Rollin' (radio version)"

Listener #178

This song has a bounce with a laid back feel to it. It captures mood. His flow is confident, flavorful & sexy; Hook is memorable. Lyrics not to over the top, but has more than enough description to get the point across. This song receives an 8 out of 10.

Listener #246

Oohh! Rollin was a dope track about extacy. Clever incorporation of everything. Your flow is nice, distinctive voice. Really liked the track. The 1st line in the first verse is the perfect fit for the song. - Taxi


"You don't know how refreshed and excited I was upon coming across your music. I love the song "Rollin." WOW... You are exactly what we are looking for at TIN Records." - Marjorie, head of A&R at TIN Records. - TIN Records


" Not on Your Life "
" I Love It "
" Rollin "


Feeling a bit camera shy


------------ Hip-Hop's New Prince invades music------------

Like every kid growing up in the ghetto, music touched many, and like many, the goal of capturing it seem unattainable...not for Prince J. Despite learning the true meaning of homelessness in Southeast Washington, DC., and at that time, surviving the uncertainty of living in an alcoholic and drug addicted household, Prince James McNair still persevered. "Surviving the crack era (80's), made adults outta children." With a clear vision of the future, Prince J knew that controlling the business side of music, would propel him ahead of his competition, he was right.

In August of 2003, a local Atlanta rapper by the name of Big Weazie, asked if he would sponsor a trip to Brooklyn, NY to record some new songs with a couple of friends/producers by the names of A.C. and Dap (Brooklyn's Best Kept Secret). A friendship formed and immediately after returning to Atlanta, Prince J invested in a full pre-production studio, packed with industry standard equipment, but didn't know how to use it...any of it.

Working day and night to make sense of some of the technical issues of the music biz, Da Prince realized that Hip-Hop's almighty carrot is quite elusive. In February of 2004, he acquired the services of an Atlanta DJ from Lawrence, KS, by the name of DJ Damn. Prince J understood that, in Hip-Hop, sometimes it takes being connected to "movers and shakers" already in the business that can help with the unseen issues that new artists face. "By the Grace of God," Mr. Jeff Thomas, a manager at one of Atlanta's famous clubs (Club112), introduced him to a producer in July of 2005 by the name of Spencer who was working for (Organized Noise). With those key elements in place, creating melodic, hypnotic, and head banger sounds would be a cinch.

After taking three years to learn more of the business side of music, Prince J returns with his own publishing company named Crazy 88s, of course, signing himself. Da Prince is quick to mention, "Knowledge of the business will grant you longevity, but will not guarantee success".

Prince J's debut album, "My Finest Hour" is due to be released late fall of 2006 and he is currently marketing and promoting himself as well as four singles from the album. This hot, new, unsigned hype gets 4 1/2 mics and is available for bookings.