Princess B-

Princess B-


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Helen of Troy and Robert

Written By: D. Evers

Quietly alone he stays in a car
Flying across the empty plain

In the mirror this he sees
Tears that fall but do not land

Every memory seared in the sand
In the mirror he only sees

Her standing there all alone
Surrounded by the demons high

Red silken sunset calls out his name
He flies across the barren plain

Shards of memory burns his soul
The demons come and exact their toll.

Alone he sits her hand in his
Echoes down the canyon wall

In the mirror is her face
A million deaths can not replace

Alone he flies across the plain
Where empty places call her name

The sunset down so silken red
In their eyes all is said

He wipes away her lonely tears
In his hands her deepest pain

Timeless memory turned to dust
Tears fell no where to land
Tears fell no where to land
Tears fell no where to land