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Singles - September 18, 2007
Last Updated Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Much like this EP or the precise nature of Harold and Lou's relationship, Princess One Point Five (aka P1.5) is not terribly easy to classify. Essentially singer-songwriter Sarah-Jane Wentzki, whose floating but intense debut At Long Last
was in with a bunch of other high achievers for last year's AMP Shortlist, P1.5 is also the three-piece band Sarah- Jane's part of. Signs for the artist's upcoming second album are all positive judging by the five tracks featured on this EP. Lolita is a dark sub-two minute serve of naughty pop that demands to be played twice. I'm
Onto Something Good and You are more plaintive pop songs in the realm of New Buffalo, but a more experimental side comes out with a couple of shadowy instrumentals. Like most special treats, this EP isn't thrown around in huge numbers - there have only been 350 made and individually numbered, so get in while you can. I've already got one, and you ain't getting it. - RAVE MAGAZINE

"Vous Je Vous"

There are several bands here each making music you want to hear.
There's the almost bouncy outfit singing I'm Onto Something Good, Loilta and It's Not Me, It's You with some insouciance and flair and there's the sad-eyed chamber group singing Burn and Beautiful Day with subtle intensity.
There's Sonic Youth guitar-driven swagger with Aren't You Clever and Man in a Suitcase and Kae Bush's elliptical shapes in The Long Drive Home. And there's the almost formal folk pop of There's Got To Be More Than This and Matter of Trust, which have echos of the late 60's.

That's a good result for any compliation, ea very satisfying outcome for one band, but something rather impressive for one woman. For indeed Princes One Point Five is the work of Melbourninan Sarah-Jane Wentzki with Richard Andrew (s).
She's got something and this album is good.

Bernard Zuel, reviewer. April 4 2008 - Sydney Morning Herald

"Princess One Point Five VOUS JE VOUS"

Melbourne’s PrincessOne Point Five (aka Sarah-Jane Wentzki) is precocious, vertically-challenged (just 150cm tall), and prodigiously talented. Her third album, Vous Je Vous, is a gem. With her partner and producer, Richard Andrew (Underground Lovers), Wentzki has delivered a record that’s a roller coaster ride of emotions. The pure pop of I’m Onto Something Good leads to the haunting Easier to Give In Than Walk Away and the sarcastic Aren’t You Clever? There’s a playful treat, Lolita, and the heartbreaking Burn. These are pop songs that bite. She’s
onto something good. - AUSTRALIANA WITH JEFF JENKINS


WORDS BY: Tobias Handke

Melbourne duo Princess One Point Five’s (P1.5) latest long player is an atmospheric dream scape full of brooding pianos, inspiring instrumentals and nod-your-head pop numbers that tick all the right boxes. Fronted by Sarah-Jane Wentzki, Richard Andrew (Underground Lovers) and a host of contributing musicians, What Doesn’t Kill You is full of lush production, Wentzki’s soothing vocal range and songs that bring a smile to your face.

Eerie instrumental track Start opens the album and is quickly followed by the Feist like acoustic pop of I’m Not Ready, hinting at the laid-back ambience found throughout the album. Dominated by brooding instrumentals (Interlude), emotive piano numbers (All That You’d Thought, Your Wedding Day) and ethereal pop sounds (What Do You Know, All You Are), What Doesn’t Kill You adheres to no conclusive formula, with the differing sounds melding together to create a carefree easy to listen to sound. While it could easily be lost in the background, the softly sung vocals of Wentzki and good natured flow keep the album has helps it rise above your generic chillout music. Wentzki’s voice is the glue that holds the songs together. While at times sounding like Bertie Blackman at her quietest or Leslie Feist, Wentzki manages to sound both familiar yet unidentifiable, capturing your heart with her smart poignant lyrics heard throughout the album.

What Doesn’t Kill You is a joyful and subdued journey through intricate sound scapes and dreamy lyrics that will leave you with a feeling of blissful contentment and is a contender for one of Australia’s best releases this year. - RAVE (Adelaide)


What Doesn’t Kill You
It’s been sometime between drinks (hell, we’ve even had a bite to eat in this time) for
Melbourne’s Princess One Point Five but here they are, standing as strong as ever on their
fourth longplayer. Once a solo project for front-gal Sarah-Jane Wentzki, now various
incarnations of a band, P1.5 has produced some mighty fine tunes over the course of their three
previous albums but, here on What Doesn’t Kill You, we’re exposed to perhaps their most
introspective and finest work to date.
With a cover adorned by what looks like old family photos, the album is a down-tempo affair
overall that feels somewhat nostalgic in nature, but shows a newfound confidence and class
that truly captivates from start to finish with lots of beautiful reverb, flawless songwriting and, as
always, the simply stunning vocal execution of Wentzki herself.
You can’t help but be reminded of their Gossip Girl placement of the past when you hear some
of these new tunes, almost as if they are vying for more golden opportunities – ‘Suit Yourself’ is
the first foray into this and possibly their sexiest ever moment, with the R’n’B-esque groove,
sensual guitars and a driving, simple piano combining with poignant lyrics. The slow-burning
and infectious radio single ‘Today’ is a stunning piece of music and will creep up on you from
nowhere. Centrepiece ‘Quote Me’ is the obligatory rock moment that sees the band firing up the
guitars much like the previous (and absent) stand-alone single ‘You’, while the radio-ready
‘What Do You Know’ rolls out of the speakers effortlessly. The pointed ‘I Dare You’ declares
“Shut up and kiss me” and one gets the sense of who wears the pants around Wentzki’s house.
Bravo Princess One Point Five – your fourth album is a home run, one that really should put you
up with the finest indies Oz has to offer.
HHHH Jon Appleby - TIME OFF


2010- What Doesn't Kill You (LP)
2010- Today (Single) (high rotatation JJJ)
2009- You (limited edition Single)
2008- Vous Je Vous (LP)
2007- Lolita (limited edition EP)
2006- The Truth (LP)
2006- It's all Gone To Hell (Single)
2006- Turnaround or Thereabouts (Single) (high rotation JJJ and Radio National)
2005- At Long Last- (LP) through Le De Records, via Pharmacy Records Australia
2005- Inadequate Response (Single)



What’s in a name?

Quite a lot actually. And sometimes not much at all.

The Hebrew name Sarah indicates a woman of high rank and is sometimes translated as “princess”, described in the Hebrew Bible and the Qu’ran as the wife of Abraham. It also means “lady.”

One Point Five, in this case, is a measurement in metres

In a rather obscure nutshell, this brings us to the origins of Melbourne duo, Princess One Point Five; a marriage of seemingly unrelated elements that come together to spawn a sassy, clever, and deeply idiosyncratic little outfit.

Somewhere in between pop, rock, punk, the sublime and the ridiculous, P1.5 at its core, is a collaboration between unlikely co-conspirators Sarah-Jane Wentzki (i want a hovercraft, the less embarrassing of other musical forays) and Richard Andrew (Underground Lovers/Crow/Registered Nurse), who are occasionally joined by many and varied a guest musician – most recently Ben Grounds (Bluebottle Kiss) on bass; Libby Chow (Clare Bowditch/Feeding Set) on French Horn and gorgeous BV’s; Andy Pap, who is in more bands than there is space for, and who is brilliant at basically everything he picks up (no, really) as well as Jed Palmer (Hope Diamond/Bergerac)on guitar.

P1.5 is many things to many people but the long of the short of it is that it is something that began quite simply but grew to be so much more…erm, out of control, having released four critically acclaimed albums since 2005, won the Qantas Spirit of Youth award for music also in 2005, been short listed (top 25) for the Australian Music Prize in 2007, and received a number of surprising and down right frightening licensing synchronisations, from an America wide anti-smoking campaign (oh the irony) to the soundtrack for a Medium trailer that screened all over the interweb and at the Super Bowl….not to mention a number of P1.5 songs gaining inclusion in some wonderful Australian films in 2008/2009, including The Loved Ones, and the short films Tomorrow and Goggles.

P1.5 have toured nationally supporting Josh Pyke, Jen Cloher and The Endless Sea, toured New Zealand, supported the likes of M Ward and François Breut and since inception have evolved to be an enigmatic, adaptable and ever-changing live band.

P1.5 is a modern day romance – a little bit sour, a little bit sweet. Always surprising and never the same way twice.

What Doesn’t Kill You, the 4th long player was released on June 11, 2010, by Pharmacy Records/MGM Distribution, and has already landed album of the month in the Melbourne Age monthly magazine for July, gained high rotation on Triple J and community radio nationally with the lead single “Today”, the video clip for which won the Judges Choice award for the Catapult song contest, and been added to the MTV playlist.

* Today added to JJJ Rotation
* Today video clip added to MTV rotation.
* What Doesn’t Kill You Album of the Month Melbourne Age Magazine
* Long Drive Home (from Vous Je Vous) licensed to “The Loved Ones”

* With Light There is Hope licensed to “Gossip Girl” (NBC/U.S.)
* Inadequate Response” licensed to “Medium” trailers (NBC/U.S.)

* Soundtrack for short film “Tomorrow” By Director Simon Portus and Producer David Curzondebut at Berlin Film Festival
* National Headline Tour
* Spot Rotation JJJ- I’m Onto Something Good and Lolita

* Selected for JB seed Management conference
* Short-Listed (top 25) for the Australian Music Prize
* National tour with Josh Pyke and Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea

* Support for M.Ward December
* Main support for Francois Breut
* Appearance in “Noise on Screen” short documentary(ABC TV)
* Triple J live to air and inclusion in “Home and Hosed” compilation CD
* Turnaround or Thereabouts, single of the week – Beat Magazine, June
* Inadequate Response soundtrack for Sony Tropfest 2006 Top 16 short “Goggles”

* Winner of Noise/Qantas Spirit of Youth (SOYA) Award for Music

* Australia Council Buzz Music Grant


INPRESS (Melbourne) “… an amazing achievement… music that makes the world a better place to live in”

MAG 40 (online)”Prodigiously talented…a gem”

RAVE MAGAZINE (Brisbane) “naughty pop that demands to be played twice”

SOAPBOX NOTES (Sydney) “…exceptional”

INPRESS (Melbourne) “…sumptuous, complicated…at once quiet and loud, avant-garde and accessible, punk and suave cocktail.

This band will not be put into any pigeon holes”

CIELO LIQUIDO (Spain) “beautiful, lucid, exploratory…hopeful music