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""..You guys rock..""

" guys rock and I would love to play you on Rokkus Radio." ~John Starr - Rokkus Radio


Studio Album: "Persistent Resistance"
Independent Release Dec. 2010
8 tracks
Currently in negotiations for placements and licensing.



Art Rock trio out of LA. "Heavy hitting stinky pocket filled funky rock and rolling with fresh and energized slap happy skin beating and guitar killing!" "A beautiful explosion"

Often likened to Incubus, Primus, Radiohead, Mr. Bungle, but a very original and unique take on the Rock genre. Lead singer writes the music and slaps the bass like a mad man, all the while singing with ferocious ownership of the mic. Guitarist sings back ups while utilizing his arsenal of sounds to texturize the parts perfectly and lay down an awe inspiring solo when called upon. Holding down the groundwork, their drummer hits hard, fast, and with some serious funk and soul, all adding to the raw and well arranged, and sometimes indescribable sound, that is "Principal Spinach."

While playing the SF Bay Area music scene, the band started with the long lasting friendship between Gaelon Davis and Luis Briones almost a decade ago. The two had been a part of the same musical circuit for years, playing in bands together and apart, always writing, jamming, and improving as a rhythm section. The two eventually decided to attend Musician's Institute together in Hollywood, California to further their education in music and the music business. Their intense commitment to music nurtured their understanding and creativity, while the new location also had its benefits. They soon became seasoned working musician’s doing session work, and performing live all over LA with various new artists. It wasn’t long before they enlisted the skills of friend and band mate, Rod Castro, to top off the package with his money making guitar masterpieces.

The group finished their first studio album together last year, recording it at big name studios like Linda Perry's Kung Fu Gardens and Chris Lord-Algae's Mix LA. They aimed to create a fresh sounding Rock album unlike any other and that is exactly what they got. “Persistent Resistance” is being independently promoted while they finish up pre-production for their follow up record. Currently the three are playing shows in the LA area (next of which is at the ROXY, Nov. 26th) to aid in their inevitable domination of a world in need of something new.