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Principles of Geometry


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"All Music Guide - 03/2005"

A French electronic duo," someone might say, and the immediate impression is that the next Daft Punk has come into town, or perhaps the next Air. The feeling with Principles of Geometry is more the latter than the former, though -- and they aren't trying to be much like Air either. Instead the two-piece seem to be interested in combining the meditative, uplifting drive of a group like Mogwai (consider how the opening tones of "Arp Center" suggest the way the Scottish band similarly starts off many of its numbers with the calmest of introductions) with the glitch-laden bursts and twinkling melodies of countless numbers of laptop acts. It's a slightly unexpected but still effective combination, and if Principles of Geometry are as yet working on finding their own individual way this self-titled debut has much going for it, with brooding, dark backgrounds looming behind more hyperactive, upfront rhythms and melodies. Generally alternating between shorter and longer songs -- at nearly eight minutes "Kopob Ingo" is something of a prog epic of sorts, probably by intent -- the album is still ultimately more an initial calling card, and after a bit starts to feel a bit of a piece throughout. The unexpected serves them well, as the sudden samples of hip-hop MCs cutting through the mix of "Wendy Forest" demonstrates, adding dynamics and tension to their work. The chopped-up and reused piano on "Omagh" has a similar effect, becoming both a centerpiece to the song and a regularly revamped extra twinge of chaos. Elsewhere, the hints of older synth sounds suggest murkier electronic art work waters of three decades past, and while often charming the musicians at points hit a groove only to do little with it, as on "Black Barn." Still, the seeds are potentially in place for something more down the way. - na

"CMJ 03/2005"

A pair of weirdo beardos from Lille,France,Principles OfGeometry are analog
synthesizer fetishists who create a lush, indescribable electronic mush of
instrumental hip-hop and Franco-tronica. Like Boom Bip remixing Saftey
Scissors remixing Air, they¹re are as quick to glitch out an El-P vocal
sample as they are to ride a wall ofhazy synths into Múm¹s Iceland. The
album¹s meandering landscapes echo the duo¹s cinematic influences (e.g.
Wendy Carlos, John Carpenter), but the music is most engaging on stuffed,cut
¹n¹paste streams like the squarepushin¹³Omagh.²

ATTN: Fans of Dario Argento movies... and their girlfriends who like Sofia
Coppola movies.
OF NOTE: The POG boys have devised their own dialect called ³hairy language²
that is apparently very amusing. - na

"De-Bug (Germany) 03/2005"

Their blend of nostalgic tones and minimal electronica is perfect - Bleed

"Libération (France - Broadsheet) 02/2005"

An highly recommendable album - Alexis Bernier

"Les Inrockuptibles - 05/2005"

This should be the soundtrack to forthcoming eclipses. - Jean Daniel Beauvallet


2005 TSRCD007 / s-t (Tigersushi Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Principles of Geometry met upon a common addiction to analog synthetizers sounds which are the object of their absolute fancy du to the rich and deep textures they generate.

Their music qualifies as christic – a veiled Boards of Canada reference- electronica as much as deconstructed Hip Hop (Wendy Forest, Köpob Ingo) and carries the stigmata of a deep cinematic influence be it Wendy Carlos or John Carpenter. Beats are often chiselled sharp but also softened at the edges by multiple melodic layering (Arp Center) and as if tamed by relentless harmonic crescendi.

It’s not also a matter of desperate anoraks that vow a selfish cult to click @ cuts or useless laptop virtuosity. Instead, those two maniacs develop a deep poetic vision of arithmetic and install a sort of contemporary technology cult, where nature meets artifice.
In their own words, the most important notion contained in their music is EMOTION. That’s what won us over. A record you should listen wth eyes closed and a focus on your inner self.