Principles of Geometry

Principles of Geometry

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Actually, at a first glance, those two Siamese could easily pass out as mild hippies of the third millennium ; ensconsed in dreamy electronica as much as others can be glued in folk. It would however be a misjudgement. They are obsessive freaks and ultra demanding aesthetes.


Principles of Geometry met upon a common addiction to analog synthetizers sounds which are the object of their absolute fancy du to the rich and deep textures they generate.

Their music qualifies as christic – a veiled Boards of Canada reference- electronica as much as deconstructed Hip Hop (Wendy Forest, Köpob Ingo) and carries the stigmata of a deep cinematic influence be it Wendy Carlos or John Carpenter. Beats are often chiselled sharp but also softened at the edges by multiple melodic layering (Arp Center) and as if tamed by relentless harmonic crescendi.

It’s not also a matter of desperate anoraks that vow a selfish cult to click @ cuts or useless laptop virtuosity. Instead, those two maniacs develop a deep poetic vision of arithmetic and install a sort of contemporary technology cult, where nature meets artifice.
In their own words, the most important notion contained in their music is EMOTION. That’s what won us over. A record you should listen wth eyes closed and a focus on your inner self.


2005 TSRCD007 / s-t (Tigersushi Records)