Priory Falls

Priory Falls


We are Priory Falls, a Liverpool guitar pop band. Our music is uplifting, feel good pop, laced with hints of folk, country and rock. Our catchy tunes are complimented by 3 part harmony, and will have you foot tapping all day.


Priory Falls was born a year ago. Lead singer/songwiter Ben Sherwen, was joined by bass player Chris Wilson in a quest to set up a band which could showcase a catalogue of impressive pop songs. Shortly after, school friend Neil Grant joined on lead guitar. Grant's intricate lead guitar added authenticity to the group, as well as bringing an extra songwriting dimension. The three voices blended instantly.

After a brief period with another drummer, Phil Stevens joined, completing the jigsaw. Phils drumming style complimented the songs perfectly, and added drive and momentum to the songs, without losing sight of the melody and harmony, which sets Priory Falls apart.

Influenced by the classics of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Band, The Beatles, Supertramp, James Taylor and more recently REM, americana, and the Liverpool scene, we aim to entertain as many people as we possibly can.

This is what truly sets Priory Falls apart.

We are not pretentious musicians, who are afraid of the obvious. We don't want to show off our instrumentation through gratuitous solo's. We believe that the song and the melody is the key, and this is why anyone who listens, loves us.

Simplicity is genius.

Set List

We can play a set of 30 - 45 minutes, comprising 7 - 15 songs, depending on requirements. Our songs are around 3 to 4 minutes long, and are all original composed by members of the band.