With straight forward & Pure musical intent, Priscilla brings you a new musical experience with a collection of songs performed with the clear, free, & soulful jazz intent that is uniquely hers.


There's something about Priscilla.
Though Priscilla has been described
as neo-soul and as a cross between
Jill Scott and Laura Nyro, Priscilla's
debut album "Truth", has transcended
the need to categorize. Brought
together with a sense of individuality,
"Truth" is an erotic, yet sweet, effortlessly
brilliant album that erases any
lines between color or genre.
It simply presents the listener
with a refreshingly clear yet free
sound. The poetry in the songs
seems to come together with grace
and clarity, a deep sense of soul,
and a jazz sensibility driving the
listener to question their own truth.
Priscilla sings with such ease and
intimacy one immediately feels she is speaking with them. She plays with
sound and space like falling leaves,
moving gently, yet with great
intention, around and through each
other in time.

Courtney Hard (ASCAP) was blown
away by her lyrical style, and her
voice was noticed right away by
Timmy Regesford, (A&R for Dream
Work records) who was shocked
at the soul her voice carried.

"Truth" features the production
talents of Rod Clemmons (Verdict
Records in NYC), as well as the
song writing of Priscilla, who wrote
all but one song.

"Truth" seeks to establish a clearly
multi- talented artist with her truth
telling and her ideas about love.
"What is life without love?"
questions Priscilla. "These songs
are talking about my experiments
with my truth and love."


Radio Airplay for the single " Fantasy" from the album 'Truth'
-KLAZ Little Rock AR
-KJCK Junction City, KS
-KSDL Sedalia, MO
-KNEN Norfolk, NE
-WKPQ Hornell, NY
-KVTI Tacoma, WA

Radio Airplay for the Album 'Heyday'- Starting Jan. 19 2002 on Pensylvainias am1400WEST.

"Truth" - Streaming at
or at

"Heyday"- streaming at

Set List

1 So tenderly
2 Fantasy
3 One Step Back
4 Shadows|Breakdown
5 Fear in for Tea
6 Fly
7 Shine on
8 The Sweetest
9 Beautiful

10 Alfie
11 My funny Valentine
12 Come Rain or Come Shine
13 Stormy Weather

Set length: 30 mins. - 1 hour