Priscilla Hernandez

Priscilla Hernandez


Awarded singer-songwriter and fantasy illustrator from Spain. Haunting bittersweet angelic voices. Ethereal gothic music inspired in fairy and ghost tales. Cinematic, eerie, spectral, dreamy and beautifully dark. Based in Barcelona (Spain). It will satisfy both gothic and new age music lovers.


Ethereal gothic singer-songwriter, composer and fantasy illustrator born in the Canary Islands and now living in Barcelona (Spain). A world of fantasy: dark fairy tales, romantic ghost stories, and "other creatures" that dwell in the boundaries between dream and awareness inspired by her personal experience with sleep paralysis, night horrors and hypnagogia... old fears and passions... ancient shadows...

Her debut album, Ancient Shadows is a collection of 19 illustrated song-tales that take you to a ride through the haunting and spectral realm she creates with her sorrowful eerie but sensuous music, led by an angelic and silky voice that invites you to shed your own cultivated defences. Wistful, evocative, pure and meaningful.

Priscilla studied Molecular Biology but now her life is devoted to illustration and music. Her drawings and paintings, just like the songs, are inspired by old fairy books and gothic literature: haunted houses, mourning willows, nymphs,vengeful fairies, ghosts fluttering like moths around the living... A world of spectral romance and intense melancholia. Also, her personal experience with sleep paralysis, night horrors and hypnagogia is a constant influence in her lyrics.

With a remarkable success in internet, Priscilla’s dedicated fan base continues to multiply. After declining a wealth of record deals, including majors, just to remain true to the spirit of her music, Priscilla founded YIDNETH, her own record label and publishing company that takes name from her illustrated book project. She also created, along with the spanish composer Héctor Corcín, Nuevas Músicas (, a platform for the promotion of independent artists in Spain in genres like hers. She has been aired in several spanish national television channels, featured in countless specialized magazines and media and also played in radio stations all over the world. As a songwriter and vocalist she's participated in several published cds and soundtracks and also have performed in some european emerging talent festivals.

Often compared to Tori Amos. Kate Bush and Enya, Priscilla claims to be nourished by Tears for Fears (Orzábal lyrics), Cocteau Twins and most importantly her fascination for film scores and soundtracks. Still she truly carves out an original image for herself and is more than the sum total of her music influences creating an unique and personal soundscape that is difficult to put a finger on or describe.

-“Without any doubt one of the biggest talents to break into the fairy scene” (David Riché, Fairies World TM,UK)
-“Like Venus emerging triumphant from the sea” (Diario de Navarra)
-"I cannot describe the endless beauty of this work" (Sonido Obscuro, Spain)
-"Imaginative and fairytale dark" (Virus Magazine, US)
-"Darkness is present in the shape of a bit sting" (Mentenebre)
-"A journey full of contrasts enraptured by angelic vocals delivered with dreamy beauty" (Music Non Stop, UK)
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I steal the leaves

Written By: Priscilla Hernandez

I steal the leaves
But I'll bring them back in spring

I bring the daylight with my spells
That light will fade where my shadow dwells
My voice arises in this song
that brings a silence deeper than a tomb

And I could grant any wish you dream
for all the promises I shall not keep
this way we're linked in each other's chains
and thus the cycle runs again

I am the chaos that brings the order back
Rush every second and then stop the time
As dead and breathless as any newborn life
Can be both shapeless or graceful like swans are

I... I... I steal the leaves
But I'll bring them back in spring

And I could grant any wish you dream
For all the promises I shall not keep
This way we're linked in each other's chains
And thus the cycle runs again

I'm the open window. I am the closed door
When I say maybe. I state not anymore I am your courage/ I am your inner doubt
When I push forward I make you step back

I... I... steal the leaves
But I'll bring them back in spring
I steal the leaves

The Call of the nymph

Written By: Priscilla Hernandez

Down here I hardly see the world through water lilies
rounded and edged distorted silhouettes
Under the waters my graceful being suspended
by a rope of weeds bound so tightly to my waist

It's so silent down here I can only hear
the hissing murmur of the distant river
It's so freezing so cold come to me my dear, my dear...
Won't you dare to break the glassy surface
of this shady pond?
there's no reason to feel fear if your heart is wise and pure
Are you afraid it is not?

Where do you hide?
Where do you go?
Why do you run away?

It seems it was ages ago
I last saw the shining sky
how many souls I may devour
to become a dragonfly?
And fly high
Down here I hardly see the world through water lilies

The realms of twilight

Written By: Priscilla Hernandez

Child of ours
you remember us
though we yearn to know...
Will you tomorrow?

Your spirit sours
you were so sweet
Now you're growing old
and full of sorrow

And time takes flight so fast
the days of games and joy
are gone in a blast

The days we gaily glowed
like white stars in the dusk
playing in the realms of twilight

Ephemeral but true
so wild and so sublime
our shimmer crossed the skies
and then started to fade

Oh don't you miss now your invisible friends?
sweet child of ours you know we wish you well
the time has come to tell you fare thee well

But when you feel your light die down
just call our name
and we'll be back to keep your blaze
oh safe with us
glowing, glowing again
in the realms of twilight


Written By: Priscilla Hernandez

You want me to fail
But you can’t have me

When darkness falls
and creeps upon me
half awake
or half sleep
may I ask you
wistful wraith....
what do you long for?

with spider fingers
cast a spell
a curse that lingers
but long ago
I shed this nightmare
to be forlorn

(And when I deny you..)
You appear before my eyes ...
deceive me with your lies
and drain my will to drink my tears...
feast on my deepest fears

You're coming in disguise
pretending to be a friend
and though I don't believe
You still will come when all the lights get dim

Vanish into oblivion
go and leave me alone!
Go back where you belong!


I can’t move, I can’t shout
my hands are tongue are tied with fright
Without defense I cannot fight
The horrid things that come at night

But I see your shadow crawls
like ink your cloak unfurls
a cloud of rags as black as coal
jumps over me to stain my soul!

But you can't steal it from this shrine
You can't take it cos it's mine
You want me to fail...
But you can't have it
You're not real...! Go!
When darkness falls ...
And nightmare comes

/ghostly whispers/
Liar, Deceiver
I won't lie to you
Stay the night with me. Haunt me
Child, do not distrust me
I'm forsaken, forgotten
dream of me
remains of myself ...Nightmare


spotlight on:
Late 2006: First official debut album ANCIENT SHADOWS (All songs written, performed and arranged by Priscilla Hernandez)

Other discography
2007: Appereance as vocalist in "Forgotten moss" re-released track in Emotive album (album reached top 1 new age Spain in itunes)
2007: Appereance in "Chaweng Chill Out" (Various) compiled by Michel Huygen (Neuronium Records) - tracks included: I steal the leaves, I'm right here (both included in Ancient Shadows album)

2007. Appereance in "Aint that better" (Yellow Jumps Twice) featured as vocalist in the duet "All I ever wanted)
2005: Appereance in "Introspective" (Joaquín Taboada) released by Non Profit Music for Doctors without Borders. Featured as lead vocalist in the track "El Olvido del musgo"
2004: Appereance in "Azhdark Passion" (Psicodreamics) released by Margen Records. Priscilla wrote the song (melody line and lyrics and performed lead vocals, arranges were done by Salva Moreno)
2004: "El atardecer de un sueño" (short movie ost along with D. Tejerina)
2003: Flame (online release with M. Burn, Frankfurt)
2002: I steal the leaves CD DEMO

Set List

Repertorie depends on the number of musicians hired for the event. Usually ranges on 9-12 songs most often including:

I steal the leaves
The Call of the Nymph
Nothing (solo accoustic piano/cello)
The willow's lullaby
Ahora que te has ido (solo accoustic piano/cello)
The voice of the night
But if you go
Sueño muerto
Facing the dream (closing)

New songs from "The Underliving" work in progress already in set list