Priscilya Marie

Priscilya Marie


I'm a purple cow. If you ever saw one, you'd do a double-take and you'd never forget it. I have a natural glow, a voice that's angelic and souful at the same time, and my priority of making each performance fun makes everyone in the audience want to have fun with me. You want more when you hear me!


After passing the NY bar exam, many friends of Priscilya Marie asked her why she stopped applying to law firms. Well, while it was probably NOT the safest thing to do- especially with all the money most lawyers owe in student loans, Priscilya Marie feels empty without her music. She's been singing since she was a little girl in church. As a teen, Priscilya Marie joined a gospel group that went on to become the 1st place winners of the Annual McDonald's Gospelfest in 1996 obtaining a first time ever perferct score from all of the judges. The young group was signed for a period with Fred Jerkins III of Darkchild Production Company. Even in college, Priscilya Marie left her mark with students at University of Maryland at College Park whenever she could get the mic. At the final leg of her education- law school- Priscilya Marie did not let the "1L blues" keep her from the stage. In fact, she became more drawn to it finding freedom and passion in her music.
"The JD and title of Esq. are mine and can never be taken away from me," says Priscilya Marie. "But, my spirit can be taken away very quickly if I deprive myself of the one thing that makes me happy," she urges with a serious face. So why did Priscilya Marie even go to school one might ask? As a firm believer in the power of education and how the black race needs that power, Priscilya Marie has no regrets.
One thing is for sure. School is out! Watch out for this young soul star because if she can persevere through a secondary career, imagine the possibilities when Priscilya Marie grabs the mic!



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