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Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Rock Lo-fi


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Whooping Crane Records Launches With Release of New Prism Tats 7-Inch"

The new Seattle-based label Whooping Crane Records--specializing in limited-edition vinyl--officially launched on November 20 with their first release (which is limited to 500 pressings), a mint-green 7-inch from Seattle-via-South-Africa songwriter g vandercrimp's Prism Tats. The record comprises two fast tracks of dirty, trashy guitar pop with irresistibly catchy, driving choruses--"Vacant & Impatient" and "Haunt Me"--plus a bonus track, the earthy, mopey, and compelling "Know-It-All." - Seattle Weekly

"THE BE HELDS, PRISM TATS, SUN+FUN (Ella Street Social Club, 714 SW 20th Pl)"

Seattle by way of Durban, South Africa, songwriter Garett van der Crimp cranked out sophisticated psych rock with his wife Laura for years under the unwieldy moniker Koko and the Sweetmeats. It's terrific stuff, but it came to a halt earlier this year. Van der Crimp didn't sit still too long, reemerging as Prism Tats, a new solo project that maintains his knack for hooks and otherworldly noise. Over the past six months, Prism Tats has released a paper trail of singles, including a new 7-inch with "Vacant and Impatient," b/w "Haunt Me." It's 1967 meets 2050, and I have no doubt we'll be hearing a lot from Prism Tats in 2013. MARK LORE - Portland Mercury

"The part where I write stuff about bands"

Prism Tats - “Death or Fame“

Rising from the ashes of the super super super mega ultra very under-appreciated Seattle band Koko and the Sweetmeats ia the proverbial phoenix is the entity known as Prism Tats. During the months that the rest of the country calls “Summer,” Prism Tats (also known by the possible government name of G. Vandercrimp) has been posting songs to his bandcamp. We have reached the tail end of August and there are six songs available for your consumption. “Death or Fame” kind of reminds me of Madonna’s “Into the Groove” in the way the drum machine snare has the cheesy yet lovable 1980s echo. When I first listened to this song I wanted it to have been recorded in “traditional” rock and roll band style. You know what I’m talking about, two guitars, bass and some drums. Now that I have listened to the song over thirty times during the course of several weeks, I totally disagree with my initial assessment. I think it sounds perfect the way it is. I’m curious as to how this all translates live (ie. Maybe a full band would be more exciting?) but I think this track has legs. I can see scores of people, who are not nearly as cool as they think they are (like yours truly), flocking to Prism Tats as if he’s giving away money for nothing.* After Koko and the Sweetmeats didn’t elicit the attention they deserved, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Gentle readers, I am going to try and type these out on a weekly basis from now on. I am so behind in real life that it has dragged down my pretend life here on the internet. Sadly, the blogosphere waits for no man.

*Writer’s note – In no way am I saying G. Vandercrimp is going to give you money if you follow him around. Mr. Vandercrimp has the legal ability to file a restraining order against you. Sound on the Sound will not under any circumstances pay for your court costs. You do realize we do all of this for free, right? - Sound on the Sound

"Prism Tats at Barboza for City Arts Fest on Friday"

Prism Tats is set to perform at Barboza this Friday, October 19th. Part of the week's City Arts Fest, the set will also feature Howlin Rain, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, and Fox and the Law.

A one-man project, Prism Tats inks out a passionate, minimal aesthetic that shimmers from the first strum. G Vanderkrimp - formerly the singer/guitarist for Seattle band Koko and the Sweetmeats - takes listeners for a fuzzy but spirited ride with his self-proclaimed "future garage trash pop." He has a hodgepodge of songs available to stream currently.

"Death or Fame," forms immediately and eagerly; the sweet-singing guitar stabs mesh well with Vanderkrimp's high-pitched, incandescent vocal style. The simple bass drum beat and supporting electronic effects are subtle and help anchor the snarling wails he breaks into later in the song.

"Lizard Scum" carries on its shoulders a more somber, secluded vibe. The chorus, though, is as melodious and ear-grabbing as many of Seattle's catchiest and inclusive folk bands. Here, the climaxes are always kept on a short leash without exploding into overwrought harmonies. Its armor of fuzzed-out pop has cracks; synthetic echoes and murmurs lurk nearby.

For one further example of 'trash pop' validation, "Vacant & Impatient" is a more straightforward, bluesy number that oozes with aliveness. It is catchy, dark, and urban - and very replayable.

Head over to Barboza on the 19th of October to catch Prism Tats accompanying a good lineup through and through. Tickets are $13 and doors open at 7pm. Listen to "Lizard Scum" below and visit his bandcamp to hear a handful of tracks. Whooping Cranes Records is releasing a debut 7'' on Nov. 20 for $6. Preorder here.

"13 of the best new songs to come out of seattle this month"

Prism Tats, "Death or Fame" (out now, self-released, The clangorous first offering from ex-Koko and the Sweetmeats frontman Garett van der Spek's new project is deliciously minimal, composed of--and needing nothing more than--a series of metallic guitar riffs and van der Spek's keening, highly memorable vocals. - Seattle Weekly

"City Arts Preview"

Prism Tats is the name of the new project from former Koko and the Sweetmeats frontman g vandercrimp. The sound he makes is self-described as “future trash pop” and it’s stripped-down, catchy garage rock with some electronic elements. Prism Tats (a name that still makes me chuckle each time I write or type it) makes music that is easy to like, if you’re already pre-disposed to that sound (and I can be), and you’ll enjoy it more on subsequent listens.

The my favorite single on vandercrimp’s Bandcamp page is called “Pacific Masochist” and it begins with the line, “I don’t want to make art, I want to make money.” It’s a well-crafted pop-rock song that sounds like it was recorded in a garage. It’s got a nice chorus, and I like the way that vandercrimp sings his lines. It’s straight-forward rock and roll, and you (should) like it.

The City Arts Fest guide sez:

Making and performing music since birth, South African singer/songwriter g vandercrimp has arrived as Prism Tats. Since the dissolution of Koko and the Sweetmeats (Seattle Weekly’s Best Garage Band 2011) in early 2012, Prism Tats has quickly come to fruition yielding an album’s worth of material. Using guitars, vocals and sparse electronic elements, Prism Tats pulls from various visual and musical inspirations to create the new sound described as “future trash pop”, mastering the art of minimalism for MAXIMUM IMPACT. Prism Tats creates waking dream sub-realities that devastate and elate. Get ready to be transported to an alternate dimension.

Whatever the hell that means. It’s just good rock music.
- Another Rainy Saturday


Still working on that hot first release.



Making and performing music since birth g vandercrimp has arrived as Prism Tats, the final incarnation of his musical expression. Since the dissolution of Koko and the Sweetmeats (Seattle Weekly's Best Garage Band 2011) in early 2012, Prism Tats has quickly come to fruition yielding an album's worth of material set for release this summer. Using guitars, vocals and sparse electronic elements, Prism Tats pulls from various visual and musical inspirations to create the new sound described as "future trash pop".