Pristine Bliss

Pristine Bliss


We are a hard working 3 piece alt rock band who thrive on making music that moves people. We like to combine dynamics, power and emotion to make varied songs that encapsulate people. We love to rehearse, gig and record and relish the opportunity of playing bigger gigs to more people.


The band is comprised of 3 guys who have all been in previous bands. Ben has played in a few metal and alt rock bands playing drums while Dar has played guitar and vocals in a few previous alt rock bands. Vince has played bass for years including back at home in France. The overall influences of the band would be Smashing Pumpkins, Feeder, JJ72, Telephone, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Placebo, The Smiths. Taking all this into account, we have our own sound. We sound how we want to sound and aim to move ourselves with our songs and hope to move others also. We combine powerful hard hitting drums, a throbbing bass and a dynamic crystaline / distorted and well toned thick guitar sound with soft to aggressive vocals. A sound I do not hear in the charts at the moment. The 3 of us have all landed in the right frame of mind at the right time and are all dedicated to making the Bliss a success and are great friends which makes rehearsing, gigging and recording fun aswell ass what we are very serious about.


We have only recently recorded a 3 track EP entitled "Severina". This EP also has 2 other tracks other than the title track, they are "Will You Be Mine" and "In Another Lifetime".

We have no tracks currently getting airplay as the EP has only just been finished.

Set List

The set list is normally the 3 tracks from our EP, "Severina", "Will You Be Mine" and "In Another Lifetime" along with 2 other originals "Losing Control" and "For You" along with a cover, "Buck Rogers" by Feeder which tends to be a real crowd pleaser. We can play for 40 mins which has been our longest set to date.