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Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review by British Urban Review (UK)"

“We sent our review team to Swindon to check out Prita, an Australian newcomer on her UK autumn tour. They came back singing her praises (as well as some of her catchy songs). Oh and what a voice! She had our two chaps a little besotted by her and her music. She sings about personal experiences, from being on the road to home life back in the land of Oz.” British Urban Review – Live Review! 25/11/2011

to see full review click link below - British Urban Review

"Live Review by Wil Fitzgibbons (UK)"

“The performance made wide use of one of Prita’s distinguishing musical features, the loop pedal. The use of the pedal reflects Prita’s love of harmony.“It’s a great way to have a solo show and then still make a bigger sound,” Prita explained. The loop is just one aspect of a technically rich performance, underwritten by a flexible yet always impressive voice, which succeeds in giving layers of musical depth to this one-woman show.”
Prita @ McQueen, 23 November 2011. Review and interview by Will Fitzgibbon

to see full review click link below’s-musical-career.htm - Australian Times UK

"Radio Review by Rob Harrison"

“Prita is without doubt one of the finest female singer/songwriters anywhere out there. I first got into her music through a colleague at Radio Caroline in 2011 and I’ve been playing her on my show every week since then. Every single track on her album is a gem and she’s just as good live. Make 2012 the year it happens for this amazing lady. She’s going to be huge.”

Rob Harrison

Full English Breakfast Show /Riviera Radio Sportstrack
Riviera Radio – Monaco ( Jan 2012 ) - Rob Harrison

"Live Review by Andrew Lock (UK)"

Live Review by Andrew Lock
Posted in: News

Headline set time and Prita hailing from Australia gave us a dynamic, full of originality performance covering several genres effectively incorporating live loops (so all of the music produced on the night) which added numerous layers of extra vocals and guitar to some numbers, not used all the time and for some songs we just simply had Prita’s gorgeous voice and guitar work flowing over us..
Standout numbers in a set of real quality included the laid back ‘Mellow’, the haunting rhythmic sounds of the emotional ‘Jungandi Wardu’ (really moving and obviously about a subject very close to Prita’s heart) and making fantastic use of the live loops the funky ‘I Got the Fire’.
Of the many different influences to her work the one that stood out for me was Tracy Chapman especially during the powerful ‘My Home’ her take on the refugee/boat people issues in Australia and the fact that apart from the Aborigines everyone in the country arrived on a boat or plane.
One of the most original pieces of stage craft I have witnessed at a show occurred during this set when Prita invited a member of the audience onto the stage and asked him to say any words he liked into the live loop machine (sure it has a more technical term!) and she would then incorporate the repeating recorded words into a song, she did this twice so we had spontaneous performances on the subjects of “When a man loves a woman” and “Science revision”.
What a cracking set to end a fantastic evening of live music I can honestly say I enjoyed every number, a night of such variety of sounds and genres with top musicianship all round, the whole night a complete success and proving what we all know live music is best (if you disagree I am afraid you are wrong).

Andrew Lock
April 2012 - Andrew Lock (UK)

"Prita - Self Titled Debut EP"


Self Titled Debut EP

Smooth, funky and full of groove, the self-titled debut Prita has all the charm and talent of a woman with soul. One of Perth’s own, Prita’s songs have a sense of real life situations & realizations that are easy to identify with and to connect too.

Starting the album off with an up beat & catchy track and then ending your experience with a sexy love song, Prita’s sultry & velvet like voice calls out to you, making it far to easy to sing along with and before you know it, you will be humming her chorus’s everywhere you go. Bringing on board a wealth of artists & friends to complete the full-bodied sound of the harmonies, cello, double bass & keys it all intermingles deliciously & mirrors the complexity & simplicity of the well-written and yet passionate lyrics. Perth is known as a place that houses great talent and here is yet another amazing artist to step up to the plate, after listening to Prita you will be converted. See Prita at the Conscious Living Expo

- Concsious Living Magazine

"Prita @ Clancy's (review by Jordan Mulroney)"

Article by Jordan Mulroney
Dropping into my local, who am I to find, but one of Freo's finest up and coming musicians, Prita Grealy.
Clancy’s is one of those pubs that on the outskirts screams ‘seedy old man’s bar’, but inside you're greeted warmly by the scruffy bartenders and you feel less than obliged to drink, but feel it only suitable as you find your old groove in that couch in the back corner. Then you somehow find yourself stumbling out at midnight, thinking to yourself you were going to have a quiet one, but once again Clancy’s has sucked you in, and you feel all the better for it. This feeling is only enhanced by some local, original talented musicians, with few better than our headliner this particular night, Prita Grealy. By the time Grealy was on stage Freo's last 'real' pub was suitably humid and the crowd marinated to perfection by support acts Sian Brown and Maera Paki. Brown, the better of the two, delivered her quirky little diddys, whilst Paki gave a well resounded, but what seemed a somewhat standoffish performance.
Grealy opened with 'Red Wine', a favourite amongst the regular punters. For those of you who don't know, Prita Grealy has been writing her own music in Fremantle for a few years, supporting popular local bands such as Dave Mann collective. Whilst the strum, strum, sing, sing folk musician is part of the furniture in most pubs around Australia, at least certainly Fremantle, Grealy also uses her voice, her greatest asset, together with a loop pedal and at times a stomp box to create a sort of one-man-band, or should I say woman, in order to create her own flavour of folk. It is this innovation that sets Prita apart from the other folk musicians in the local scene, and it’s this point of difference that will hopfully see the success of her new disc to be released in the next twelve months.

The crowd's spirits rose as Prita introduced 'Mellow', the first song of the evening to incorporate her unique use of the loop pedal. The combination of guitar and looped vocals a brilliant compliment to the well crafted familiar story of wasting time feeling blue. This was closely followed by a song about our friend, the ‘Wharfie’, a regular at every Freo pub, there to hear and tell us the blues of day-to-day life or take us on the rollercoaster journeys of their own lives. Familiar stories such as these are what make Grealy so popular amongst local crowds, in a town like Fremantle, familiarity is an unbreakable bond between musician and punter, and is essentially why musicians such as Grealy can draw a crowd from such a small population by doing what they love. The next song 'I Got The Fire' was the musical highlight of the evening, giving the crowd insight into her ability to combine several vocal loops along with rhythmic stomp box loops, adding significant depth to an already soulful tune.

Grealy retired to the safety of her guitar and a few more loops for the most part of the mid section, treating the crowd to some newer tunes and some golden oldies. The set rounded out with a mouthful of scotch to see some of Grealy's best tales of love, both 'Whiskey Heart' and 'I Want You For Myself' pulling the crowd in as she told of both lost love and a love everlasting, universal themes that comforted the crowd for a close to the set. It didn't take the much convincing for an encore, Grealy not even taking time to come off stage between songs to finish with 'Before Goodbye', a more than appropriate tune to leave the more than grateful crowd.


Prita EP, EP, 2005
Bootleg Live, EP, 2009
New Life, Album, 2010
After the Storm, EP, 2011



Prita’s unique sound is ‘Hip-So-Fo’. It combines her love of Hip-Hop, Soul and Folk with the use of a live loop pedal and effortlessly layers funky urban harmonies, acoustic fingerpicking guitar and beat boxing. These contrasting dynamics add another element to her live solo show, which audiences have described as ‘captivating, inspiring and uplifting’. Prita’s songwriting is both storytelling and Jazzy, with her big bluesy soulful voice and a natural ear for harmony; she has been likened to KT Tunstall, Tracy Chapman and Norah Jones. Fans say her candid approach to song-writing and performing is like ‘watching open heart surgery’.

Prita’s success includes supports for Simply Red and Marcia Hines in front of 11,000 people, sold out shows with Ed Kowalczyk of ‘Live’ in Perth; John Paul Young ‘Love is in the air’; Ross ‘Eagle Rock’ Wilson; Mental as Anything; Thirsty Merc; Monique Brumby, and Paul Greene. She has played alongside ‘Gurumul Yunipingu’; Michelle Shocked; Lior; The Waifs and John Butler at Festivals around Australia and has joined the stage with Nathan Gaunt, Dave Mann, Toby, Tin Pan Orange and many others..

Her grassroots fan base is growing steadily over the past 4 years of independent touring, and festivals in both in Australia and Europe, with stints in the USA, and Thailand, Prita has also released 4 CD’s – ‘Prita EP’, ‘Bootleg Live’, her most recent EP ‘After the Storm’ recorded in Athens, and her debut full length album ‘New Life’. Festival appearances include Fairbridge Festival; Nannup Music Festival; Broome Blues and Roots; Port Fairy Festival; and Stony Live amongst others. Prita plans to re-locate to Europe this year after successfully signing for UK representation with ‘Connection Promotions’ in June 2011.
Her recent tour of the UK and Europe covering 5 countries and over 30 concerts has confirmed her popularity amongst audiences, Prita is one to watch, a star on the rise…

‘Prita also uses her voice, her greatest asset, together with a loop pedal and at times a stomp box to create a sort of one-man-band, or should I say woman, in order to create her own flavour of folk. It is this innovation that sets Prita apart from the other folk musicians..’ Soulshine live Review