Private Dancer

Private Dancer


Dudes from radical bands(Stnng, Herione Sheiks, Falcon Crest, Hockey Night, Total Fucking Blood) start rock'n'roll band. Sounds like summer vacation with Clark Grizwald on Hamms and trucker speed.


Have you ever hada really good hot dog? Private Dancer has, and they've been writing songs about it. Blend the forces of a hodge podge of musicians from the Twin Cities scene, who's resume includes:Herione Sheiks, Stnnng, Falcon Crest and Hockey Night, the listener is stimulated by the good times sonic blender that is Private Dancer. The feel good rock band has finally arrived. They won't drink your beer, they will shotgun it with you, because they brought a case. Don't forget about the after bar... Bring the White Castle.


"Trouble Eyes" LP LCR021-1

Ride To Work 7" LCR027-7
"Alive In High Five" LP LCR031-1