Private Underground Residence

Private Underground Residence


Fugazi/At the Drive in meets post rock with a side helping of electronic sauce


Private Underground Residence started playing together in 2007. The band embrace a wide cross section of influences from the likes of Fugazi, At the Drive In, the Oxes, Shipping News, The Ex but also electronic acts such as Aphex Twin, Ochre, Trentmoller etc. Rather than pigeonholing themselves into one genre the band prefer to let the music cross freely between several and let the songs take the form they take freely rather than forcing through a typical verse chorus verse chorus bridge approach taken by so many. The band hope to have an official release soon.


Car Crash

Written By: Private Underground Residence

We will be ok when we meet protocol.
We will be happy when we meet protocol.
If our governments don't develop some imagination we will stand still,
Like a car crashing at a thousand miles an hour.
But they still say we will be ok.
When we meet protocol.

Wind Tunnel

Written By: Private Underground Residence

I chose darkness but it'd be nice if we could glide for a little while.
I know I never said goodbye when...


Written By: Private Underground Residence

Everybody is all time nowhere new as nothing more than anybody else.
You are equal to everybody when you equal yourself.

Set List

Our set list when played in its entirety stretches to just over an hour. Songs range from about 4-6 minutes typically. Most of these are guitar only songs but we currently have 3 heavily reliant on the microkorg and plan to extend these.