Encinitas, California, USA

We try to write complex songs and make them sound simple, or conversely to write simple songs and make them sound very complex. If we find ourselves with a dense and technical rhythm, we'll strip down a simple, memorable melody as a counterbalance. We always seek that sense of balance in our music.


Operating out of San Diego, Privet combines complex rhythms and haunting melodies often presented in unusual song structures. Privet is Matt Lynott (drums), Tim McNally (bass, vocals), William Hagan IV (keyboard, guitar, vocals), and Sean Walsh (guitar, vocals).

“Just on the edge of mathy, jazzy, and at most times very exploratory, Privet is a group of guys who either know exactly what they’re doing or they have the rhythm and music theory gods in their corner.” –

“Privet list Pinback and Radiohead among their many influences, and the similarities throughout this album are undeniable.” – SD CityBeat



Written By: William Hagan IV, Sean Walsh, Elliott Winicki, Julien Cantelm

In the beginning, just land lines, simple times.
So quickly did things change, become strange. I’m to blame.
I waited for you waited more.
Attacked. Assaulted. Exalted.
Nothing I send makes its way in.
Take not too lightly this fight we
carry on for those who don’t care anymore.


Written By: William Hagan IV, Sean Walsh, Elliott Winicki, Julien Cantelm

Worry about everything that you do.
It’s overwhelming what they are selling to you.
Hurry before it becomes too late.
It’s condescending and never-ending.
You got your money and you got your car,
but your happiness still seems so far away.

CS Big

Written By: Privet

Never liked to dance, always had a different point of view.
Never held it in, always spoke the words that came to you.
See us run.
Always taking cues from an older brother, wise and strong.
Never came to be. Never managed to last quite so long.
See us beg.

A Better Hand

Written By: Privet

Let it be what it is.
You didn't think it would be easy?
We never had something like this.
How were we to know?

Somewhere we hold on to the better parts.

Give it all away and see what happens next.
Give it all away and see what happens then.

If you've been faking it all of this time,
I might as well.
I wasn't faking it all of this time.
I might as well head toward...

Somewhere where we both hold a better hand.

Don't Chew With Your Mouth Full

Written By: Privet

Maybe living alone is not the best option for you.
When you're moving forward only just think it through.
I'm not saying you won't come through with a great performance here.
But I suggest that you don't listen to the whispers in your ear.

If I had a choice, I'd never take it back, no.
So leave the remote at the end of the table.
And write me a note when you're willing and able.


Düo (EP) 2012
Privet (LP) 2011

Set List

Rotary (5 min)
Honesty (4 min)
Fear (5 min)
CS Big (4 min)
A Better Hand (4 min)
Juniper (3 min)
Interns (4 min)
Creeper (4 min)
Long Paws (6 min)
So Long, So Well (4 min)
--time permitting--
Play William Tell (8 min)
Eyewalk (5 min)