Priyanko Sur

Priyanko Sur

 Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, IND

World Music Fusion..Embracing all genres of music..from Rock-Pop-Jazz-Classical-Folk-Techno...blended with Indian Traditional and Western Contemporary Sounds.


Singer...Composer...Violinist...Songwriter & Producer. Career History: Started his Music Career as a Western Classical Singer & Violinist at the age of 6.

Then went on to undertake lessons in Hindustani & Carnati Classical Music. Later trained in Nada Bramh and Vedic Chanting under Music Guru Surya Sadhak Shree Viswanarayan.

Formed a Fusion Band ‘Sanjeevani’ whose 1st Cd released in 2000. Set his benchmark as a Composer & Recording artist. Performed live on Doordarshan, Zee & other Media & Entertainment Channels. Released a Hit Single Music Video of a new genre ‘Spiritual Trance’ in 2003.

In 2005 Venus Records & Tapes Pvt. Ltd. released a Double Cd Pack of Vedic Mantras Internationally as World Music Fusion . The SiddhiVinayak Temple Trust released an Audio – Visual Album of a Sanskrit Stotram on Lord SiddhiVinayak exclusively shot inside the Temple in 2007.

New Age World Music Album Coming Soon!!!!!


Spanish Raga

Written By: Priyanko Sur



21 Names of Lord Sun < Vedic Fusion < Released from Venus Records & Tapes Pvt. Ltd.

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Hymn of Lord Ganesha Siddhivinayak < The Auspicious Hindu God with Elephant Head..giver of Boons and remover of all obstacles < Released from the Siddhivinayak Temple Trust, Mumbai.

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