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Prize Fighter


They may be the local music scene's best-kept secret at the moment, but with a finely honed, radio-friendly sound, K-W rockers Prize Fighter probably won't be for long. - Jason Schnieder (The Kitchener/Waterloo Record)



New single, "Union Station", produced by Brian Moncarz (The Junction) and mixed by David Bottrill (Silverchair, Peter Gabriel).

First single, “Hold on Tight” added to heavy rotation on CKBT (Corus) 91.5 The Beat (October 2007); View on-air acoustic performance at

Featured artist at CKBT 91.5 The Beat’s BEATtoberfest event with Jully Black, George and Mariana’s Trench (October 2007).

"Hold on Tight" featured as track of the day (September 2007).

Additional information and video at



Prize Fighter comes out swinging – every time; just listen to their most recent EP, Come Hell or High Water. Packed with seven pop-rock gems, each so unique, it’s hard to believe the Southern-Ontario based quintet were able to weave the album together so seamlessly.

Born as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Zubin Thakkar (vocals/guitar) in 2001, Prize Fighter was at first nothing more than an untitled basement recording project fuelled by an old computer and a junky guitar. But with big ideas, come big sounds and it wasn’t long before Thakkar recruited a full band to bring the songs to life. Propelled by Mike Snyder (drums), Darren Thomas (keys/synth), George Carothers (guitar) and Justin Currie (bass), Prize Fighter took self-determination to the next level, maintaining a rigorous schedule of writing, recording and playing while carrying full-time university workloads.

With two previous EPs under their belt (selling over 2000 discs collectively), and shows alongside Can-Rock staples Hedley, The Trews, Mariana's Trench, Jully Black and even Kalan Porter, the band has developed a loyal fan base in Southern Ontario. Case in point: the nearly 450 fans that turned up at Prize Fighter’s sold-out CD release party for Come Hell or High Water.

Released in early 2007, Come Hell or High Water is a seven song knockout, co-produced by the band and driven by some of the catchiest hooks heard this side of pop music. It’s immediately apparent that Thakkar and Co. have trimmed the fat from their arrangements, meticulously crafting each track into a sleek, confident, radio-ready package.

The disc’s opener, ‘Fire & Snow’, is an upbeat dance rocker whose pace is set by a buzzing synth lead and a biting acoustic guitar. The album’s anthems ‘Hold on Tight’ and ‘No Reason or Rhyme’ mix the electro-pop sensibilities of The Postal Service with the alt-rock edge of Jimmy Eat World. But don’t let the record’s slick production trick you into thinking these boys are all digital 1’s and 0’s. The stripped down, up-tempo acoustic ballad, ‘Union Station’, exposes the band at its best, showcasing four part harmonies and a wistful lyrical hook compelling enough to coax even the most apathetic twenty-somethings into singing along. Not to be overlooked are the album’s gentler touches, ‘Anne Esthetic’ and the title track, ‘Come Hell or High Water’, a play-by-play of a crumbling relationship – the type that everyone’s been in but no one knows how to leave.

Prize Fighter’s live show packs a stylish punch, complete with sampling, four part harmonies and electronic drum breakdowns. Their infectious charm flows effortlessly from the stage, breaking down the walls between performer and audience; don’t be surprised to see the entire crowd clapping in four-to-the-floor fashion, singing ‘woah ohhs’ back to the band, and shaking their money makers in perfect synchrony.

In an age where listeners download and discard, opting for variety over consistency, Prize Fighter’s mixtape approach to song writing proves that a band can keep listeners hooked by re-inventing themselves from song to song. Couple that with a live show that’s brimming with energy, precision and arena-worthy rock-outs, and you’ve got a band that’s not just a serious contender, but one hell of a sure bet.


Fire & Snow

Written By: Prize Fighter

The tick tock of the clock, it just can't lie
It sends panic down my
My spine while I try to realign
The synchrony we had designed when
Our paths were intertwined then
But now our tethers will unwind again
While the seconds pass us by

Round and round and round we go
When I am fire, then you are snow
And in the seasons we'll decay and grow
'Til we've got nothing, dust and stone

So truth believe and truth be told
Like a traffic jam we are stop and go
If calendars could be controlled
Then our symmetry would unfold

We're so still, so static, so alone
But we've been running circles
That make old tires look like home
And in a dizzy haze we'll drive through
A maze like tiny mice do
But concrete walls can't hide you
'Cause from a bird's eye view I see

Hold On Tight

Written By: Prize Fighter

If love was black and white, I'd be mesmerized
And the pupils of my eyes
Would dilate when you divide my sight
But I'm not colour blind so I'll see the signs
That tell me hearts are not that kind
So how can we separate
A perfect love from this hate, as we guide
Through twisting turbulent tides
Our ships they crack and collide
We float on, we survive

Hold on tight
Our hearts are breaking
But our souls are burning bright
Hope we never fade
Hope we never fade
Hope we never fade away

And it's time to fight
For what we cherish
And the time will start tonight
Hope we never fade
Hope we never fade
Hope we never fade away

We're in a constant state of making amends
And through our gritted teeth we grin
It smells like, tastes like, sounds like
We'll never trust again
If sympathy had a song
We'd all pretend to know the words and sing along
We're all islands inside
With stormy oceans we'll hide our wrongs

Union Station

Written By: Prize Fighter

When there’s no one left to listen to you cry
When there’s no one left to dry your worried eyes, know

That tonight you’re only equal to
The sum of all your fears are true
But honey, don’t you worry, you’ll make it through

In the memories I hang myself on to
Like a photo or a song that remind me of you
Do you remember the time
Do you remember the place
Do you remember the smiles that crossed our face
When love came alive I was lost inside

When there’s no one standing, waiting for your train
To arrive at union station don’t you blame, yourself

You’re not tried to the tracks
And no one here will say you lack
The value or the worth, just don’t look back

So listen now, and listen fast
It’s not a crime to live the past
But the future’s in our hands, do you understand

Come Hell or High Water

Written By: Prize Fighter

I can't walk away, but I'll regret it if I stay
So I'm lying my way through another day
Through smoke and mirrors I'll dodge her
But my charades have alarmed her now

This ain't out of the blue, no
No this is long since overdue
From the nights she'd cry wolf on cue
To the bitter smiles that I can see right through
So come hell or high water
I've gotta leave her and start over new

I'd scream and shout
I would twist my arms, slap myself square across the mouth
Just to force my tongue to form the words I can't get out
So speak here now or forever I'll…

I'll be your falling star
And I'll watch you fall apart

She stands by the door
Arms crossed, calm, threatening to go
While the tv's red-orange glow
Casts shadows on her face and shadows on our score
I thought goodbye would be easy
But I can't let her replace me, no

I wanna feel the corners of your lips
One last time for one last kiss
Is this a bitter sweet mistake that I will miss
Come hell or high water, speak now or never
Come hell or high water now…


1. Come Hell or High Water EP - 2007
"Hold on Tight" in heavy rotation on CKBT 91.5 The Beat.

"Hold on Tight" and "Union Station" receiving rotation on campus radio in Ontario.

Set List

Fire and Snow
No Reason or Rhyme
Anne Esthetic
Hold on Tight
Union Station
My Reaction
Come Hell or High Water
The Blackout
So Runaway
This Town

Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston
Crazy in Love - Beyonce ft. Jay-Z
Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles