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This band has not uploaded any videos


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“What exactly does Pro Audio have to do with robots?” you might be asking yourself. It could be related to the blips and bleeps that emanate from the amps of keyboardists Jason “Fish” Fischer and Bri Dellinger. Maybe it’s linked to the feeling of alienation coming through in bassist John Hoelle’s lyrics. Or perhaps it has something to do with the way drummer Ryan Thomson pounds away at his kit as if he’s fighting off an army of evil androids.

Whatever it is, one thing’s for certain, this Los Angeles based quartet has not been taken hostage by robots and is in no way being forced to inject subliminal messages of robot domination into their unique brand of indie rock.

Take for example Pro Audio’s debut CD, “Saturday We’re Even…” Twelve tracks that alternate between John’s fuzzed out pop treats and Fish’s humorous musical adventures. It’s a true album with a beginning, middle, and end, not a front for thinly veiled robot propaganda.

John met Fish in 2001 through a service similar to speed dating, but one that matched bandmates instead of potential lovers. The two immediately bonded over such groups as Quasi, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Ween. “Robots are our friends,” says John of their early practices. Ryan and John have known each other since childhood. Ryan played every instrument but the one that the band was missing, so he bought a drum set and joined up.

The group performed in clubs around Southern California, but as is the curse of naming themselves “Pro Audio,” the shows were inevitably plagued by technical problems.

After a brief hiatus due to John’s exile in New Zealand, the band reformed and added multi-instrumentalist Bri Dellinger to the mix. They refuse to comment on whether Bri’s addition was to benefit the growing complexity of the group’s sound or if it was a calculated move to appeal to people who think girls who play in rock bands are cool.

Either way, the future looks bright for Pro Audio. They are writing new material, eager to play more shows, and have purchased a less complicated web address. Says Fish of the band’s prospects, “Robots are flawless, they would never turn against their human masters.”