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Probably Vampires

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Probably Vampires @ Canopy Club

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Probably Vampires @ private block party

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Probably Vampires @ UUCC

Park Forest, Illinois, USA

Park Forest, Illinois, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"the members of chicago band probably vampires have all barely entered their 20s, so they're way too young to have firsthand experience with the kinds of 60's/70's power-pop - warm organs, vocal harmonies, syncopated rhythms, and bright melodies - that they ably emulate. considering probably vampires formed five years ago, when its members were solidly in their teens, their musical chops are pretty impressive. think of them as an un-hyped but better version of the redwalls."
-the onion, may 19, 2006 - The Onion

"Probably Vampires captures a certain feel of classic and psychadelic with an added flair. THis band possesses so much more personality in their msuic in comparison to new school mainstream 60's mock bands. All of their tracks are distinctive from the last, instead of just meshing into a whole album of very similar songs."
May 2006 -

"With their extremely pleasant combination of instrumentals when they seem to beckon the listener to move around and gravitate towards the dance floor, like a musical flame attracting a moth with headphones."
may 2006 -

My friend Ryan says Probably Vampires are like an up-beat version of The Zombies. I kind of agree. They're also a bit like The Doors, and '60s west-coast pop, with some blues and Motown thrown in. Their name is really cute, but if we suddenly see a rash of vampire-named or themed groups, I'm going to start calling it the apocalypse.

You should go make friends with them; they're from Chicago and they rock out. - AREYOUFAMILIAR.BLOGSPOT.COM Sunday, November 20, 2005


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Driven by aggressive and sophisticated levels of musicianship, off-the-cuff dancing, razor-sharp wit, and well-crafted song-writing, they play a refreshingly diverse batch of 60's-influenced power pop, soul, funk, and blues-rock tunes that sound fresh and catchy, but retain the swagger and sway of the barn-burning blues of old. Renowned for their uncanny penchant for becoming absolutely possessed by the sheer power of their bombastic rock and roll, these guys can win over any crowd, anywhere, anytime with their quite-possibly supernatural conjuring of such timeless musical specters as The Zombies, The Animals, James Brown, The Doors, Bill Withers, and The Rolling Stones. Formed in late 2001, the band consists of energetic front-man Matt Ostrowski on lead vocals (age 22), riff-roaring Henry Bianco on electric guitars (21), devil-may-care keyboardist Dan Smart on vocals, organs, and electric pianos (22), mysterious dance-aholic Jon Ozaksut on bass guitar (22), and the hard-hitting Rob Jensen on drumset (21). A barrage of virtuosic drum fills; searing keyboard solos; face-melting guitar riffs; syncopated bass lines; infectious harmonies; and soulful use of multi-percussion, theremins, lap-steel guitars, analog synths, and harmonicas ensures that there’s always something happening that will grab even the most cynical of ears and refuse to let go. Seeing their live show is definitely a must if you want to witness the raw energy, innovative use of audience-participation, and beloved cover songs (everything from Bowie to The Turtles to Johnny Cash) that make Probably Vampires utterly unforgettable.