Probably Vampires

Probably Vampires


Indie, Jangly, Sunshine, Psych, 60's Pop


Probably Vampires are a Chicago-based, 5-piece, 60's-influenced indie pop band that incorporates staples of the golden age of pop rock music -warm, fuzzy guitars, colorful vocal harmonies, searing organs and electric pianos, and playfully syncopated drums and bass- and injects those staples with an appetite for modern musical daring that makes them sound at once comfortably familiar and startlingly audacious.

Band nerds, masochists, and discipline addicts at heart, Probably Vampires core members Dan Smart (vox, keys), Matt Ostrowski (lead vox), and Rob Jensen (drums) met one another in (where else?) High School Marching Band drumline. Soon, the newly coalescing band also welcomed the addition of Rob’s old rhythm section-mate and associate band nerd from the low brass section Jon Ozaksut (bass) to the fold, and a new quartet was born. Once at college, Jon accidentally bumped into decidedly anti-marching band, ex-football player Henry Bianco (guitar, vox) and, despite the long, bloody, and sordid history between “marching band members” and “football players,” the band eventually ballooned to a quintet and decided (purely on a whim, mind you) to call themselves Probably Vampires.

With their personnel finally solidified, Probably Vampires began rapidly building their reputation over the past several years on an infamously bombastic live-show, a sly yet charming sense of wit, and a knack for the kind of hooks on which acts as assorted as The Zombies, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Fountains of Wayne, and Quasi have rested their reputations. Their self-released first full-length album, Dang!, comes across as a veritable style book of early pop sub-genres and offers 14 unique tracks of classic rock and roll, blues-rock, soul/r&b, shoegaze, and 60's pop. In Spring of 2007, the band entered Chicago's Engine Studios to work with famed producer Brian Deck on an EP entitled Sons Of Guns which within its 4 tracks, generously showcases the band’s increasing trend towards highly mature, classic 60’s pop.


Dang! - 2006
Sons of Guns EP - Oct, 2007