ProbC and the DH
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ProbC and the DH

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Another onslaught of bands, some beers, and - as always - Rock!"

Probcause and the DH are a great live hip-hop group that found a great fusion of jazz, blues, and rock overlaid with speedily delivered high impact rhyming. -

"On one stage, Chicago's rising rappers"

"It's a new generation of hip- hop, and it's a lot different than what people are used to." - Chicago Sun-Times

"Designated hitters: Roxbury hip-hop band DH have ProbCause for success"

PROFILE. Just because ProbCause and the DH play live hip-hop doesn’t mean they sound like The Roots. The Disfunktional Hipnotik — a full backing band of five for emcee ProbCause that includes drums, keys, sax, guitar and bass — play funk so heavy that it feels like it’s from the waning days of the ’70s.

“We’re not really looking for a sound,” says drummer Jonathan Meacham. “We just let it happen.”

What Meacham alludes to is how the band straddles the line between an uppity jam band and hard funk celebration: Think of a jammy live performance al la Wattstax.

ProbCause is an unassuming Chicagoan who, when he’s on the mic, can master his flow to ride the tide of an alto hook or drive as hard as the kick drum and snare.

Already signed as a solo artist with two albums on his hometown’s Bonafyde Records, this is his first venture as a front man. Who needs a DJ when he’s got the DH?

“There’s no major difference between these guys and a deejay,” says ProbCause. “It’s just more interesting because your flow isn’t in sync with a metronome. It’s a live thing.”

Since forming a little more than 10 months ago, the sextet has become one of Roxbury’s best kept secrets, keeping themselves busy in their basement studio. They signed their own deal with Bonafyde. Headlining their EP release party at Harpers Ferry tonight, the group is poised to give fans a taste of their style and what to expect on their full-length album due later this fall.

“All of the tracks we recorded in the studio were live. We didn’t record every part to mix in later, we just sat in the same room and played. All of the instrumental parts were live takes and some of them are first and second takes,” says bass player Greg Nordholm.

ProbCause and the DH add to their uniqueness as a group by thriving on some of the sounds that influenced hip-hop to begin with — funk, a sound that never goes out of style and is best heard live.

T.K. Hall
- Boston Metro


"You Don't Know the Half" EP



“From hip-hop to jazz”, reggae to rock, funk and fusion, ProbC and the DH deliver a live hip-hop experience that cuts down genre barriers and keeps a crowd on their feet. Developed in Boston, but currently based out of Chicago, PCDH stands out as a premiere live hip hop group with few rivals. They have seamlessly combined different genres and musical backgrounds to create a truly original sound all their own. ProbC and the DH have the ability to morph and rearrange their ensemble around the four original members allowing for a wide variety of live show capabilities. Currently working with Chicago artists, producers, and labels, such as Longshot, DJ Grimmace, Wes Restless, Panthro, TGIK, Gravel Records, EV Records, and Bonafyde Recordings, PCDH has the know how and talent to produce, promote and present an unforgettable live show experience.