Problem With Dragons

Problem With Dragons

 Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA
BandRockDoom Metal

Problem With Dragons are silence slayers!


Coming from the fertile Western Massachusetts metal scene, Problem With Dragons combines punky, fuzz-laden stoner-rock riffs, sludge-filled bass, droning doom-metal vocals and science fiction based lyrics to create perhaps the trendiest metal band in recent memory. But the trio manages to transcend buzzwords, creating a holistic brand of hard driving rock & roll that invites easier comparisons to Motörhead or early Metallica than Mastodon or Pallbearer. Consider the outfit a version of The Sword with more street-cred, expressing the time-tested themes of heavy metal through the latest aesthetic rather than mindlessly trend hopping.


Jesus Chainsaw Massacre

Written By: Problem With Dragons

We don't pay them to tell us what to do!
We don't pay them to tell us what to do!

The Jesus chainsaw massacre!
The Jesus chainsaw massacre!

Oops upside your head
Oh I swear I wasn't dead
and the kill has not been bled
and the killers have not been fed

They're the ones building the walls
They're the ones making the calls
and nobody's got any balls
and nobody's got any...

Oops upside your skull
Oh promised a life so dull
and the killers they build the walls
and the killers they build the malls

The Jesus chainsaw massacre
The Jesus chainsaw massacre


'Failures' EP, 2008

Set List

Jesus Chainsaw Massacre
Death Blossum
Middle The Room Fly
What's Right