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"Procession Came Opposite"
Fast, furious, and technical. Reminiscent of time to fly meets a band like over it; good melodies, and some good solid dark heavy breakdowns to match. a band you should definitely keep your ears open for, because they're going to definitely make an impression on the scene. Buy their new EP, "oceans," today! - Emotional Punk

"Procession Came Opposite"
7/31/2003 by Adam from Moundsville, WV Rating: Fast, melodic, intelligent, and beautiful. This is the second installment to my collection from these guys. The layout and design for this EP is wonderful, and the style of recording is excellent as well. The lyrics are poetic, inspirational, and very well thought out. The drumming is fast, skillful, and original. Vocals are driving and powerful. The riffs are another original addition to this fine piece of work too. The music's lyrical content mainly refers to the mystic beauty of the ocean. With the lyrics, they found a way to parallel the ocean to life. The lyrics are very meaningful and it are backed up by crystal clear talent. I look for Procession Came Opposite to head to bigger and better things with a force like no other. I recommend this band to anyone that enjoys a fast, poetic style of music. Keep rocking guys! - Interpunk

"Procession Came Opposite"
It’s not often that I hear a self-release that puts most “scene heavyweights” to shame. PROCESSION CAME OPPOSITE is coincidentally from my area (give or take 30 minutes), which is even more exciting. Just looking at the very professional artwork and packaging, it’s obvious that these fellas mean business. Not surprisingly, their DIY attitude is reflected in their engrossing sound.
The opener, “Music,” shows an appreciation for earlier 90’s emo a la SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. In my mind, that is a whole lot better than a TAKING BACK SUNDAY clone or even worse, THE USED clone. On the whole, this band rarely shows any trendy quirks, which keeps them in my good graces. Once the ice is broken this band really stretches their legs with some energetic, melodic punk rock. From time to time PROCESSION CAME OPPOSITE show a few pop punk tendencies in the vein of the recently deceased, FACE TO FACE. This in no way hinders their impact on the listener; if anything it adds some diversity to their sound. One thing I could live without is the ambient noise track “The Sounds of the Ocean Surf,” but thankfully the best is yet to come. That song transitions smoothly into “Moving with the Tides.” This song has a beautifully sung build up which explodes into an energetic fusion of punk rock and melodic drive. Keeping the momentum is the song “Where the Sky stops pt. 1,” which is probably the most aggressive track featuring some subtle screams and even a little gang vocals. It takes confidence to throw a few screams into an overall melodic sound. Thankfully, this album’s progression warrants such a leap of faith and gets me singing along every time. All of this is captured just right with a very clean production job that just reeks of professionalism.
The lyrical themes on here are bit different than most, but they are none the less interesting. Basically the whole concept of this EP is how music is what holds people together. The title, “Oceans,” is an analogy of such a magnificent thing. It’s actually - Euphoniczine

"Procession Came Opposite"
Anybody who has ever dreamed of being Axl and Slash and looking like Gods on MTV has had the experience of getting together with your friends and starting a "pots and pans" band in the kitchen. For most of these bands, the final show is in front of your parents, lip singing and pretending to play along to their Moody Blues records. This is not the case for Newtown, Pennsylvania's Procession Came Opposite. Drummer Gregory Labold, singer and guitarist Trevor Leonard, and bassist Michael Fenin have been dreaming about being in a band together since those days of banging on pots and pans. Procession Came Opposite have grown up together as friends and as a band. With over 3 name changes, numerous style changes, and 11 years behind them, PCO have just released the self-released EP “Oceans.” Oceans is a hybrid of the music that these three having been listening to since elementary school. The addition of guitarist David Klyman to the mix in recent years has rounded out the sound we hear on the EP. Mixing all the pop punk bands they grew up listening to with more mature bands the members of the band listen to today, the “Oceans” EP gives us a sound unlike any other band. Mixing punk and hardcore with space rock and (dare I say it), also incorporating some “Jam Band” elements, PCO cannot be dismissed as just another punk/emo band that's trying to milk on what's selling nowadays. Trevor's vocals can be compared to the likes of Saves the Day, but lyrically Trevor sings more than just about girls and break-ups. With members all under the age of 21, it is refreshing to hear such a mature sound coming from such a young band. The band's goals are simply “to write and play music that makes us happy and satisfies our creative palates while at the same time building toward a hopefully successful future in music. Also, we try to put as much energy and sincerity into our live shows as we possibly can and hope that we leave anyone who sees us with a positive feeling” states Dave. With 11 years of writing music already behind them, four very talented and creative members, Procession Came Opposite have a very promising future. Expect only great things to come from this band.
- Wonk Vision Magazine


Copyright 1999
Recorded at Skylight Studios by Vince Ratti

1. Cheers All Around
2. Never Alone
3. No Inbetween
4. Second Glance
5. Zachary
6. Looking Up

Copyright 2001
Recorded at Skylight Studios by Vince Ratti

1. Music
2. 7pm Waves
3. The Silver
4. Sounds of the Ocean Surf
5. Moving With the Tides
6. Where the Sky Stops (Part 1)
7. Where the Sky Stops (Part 2)

December 1, 2002

Featuring: A Life Once Lost, Little League, This Day Forward, Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer, Late Night Desperate, I Dreamed of Pompeii, Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, Metroplex, SDS, Bradford Trojan and the Traffic Jam, Halfway to Holland, Fire Down Below, Go! For the Throat, When in Roam, Revenge of the English Student, Days Away, Late Night Television, Cranked Up!, Stick Figure Suicide, Racing Daylight, This Radiant Boy, 5 Days Ahead, and Procession Came Opposite!
10. Where the Sky Stops



In 1997 Procession Came Opposite was formed by 3 lifelong friends -- Trevor Leonard (vocals,guitar), Michael Fennen (bass), and Gregory Labold (drums). In 1999 the band went through several name changes and juggled different sounds and styles. They began to form their own style of music based on melodic punk and psychedelic rock. They recorded two EPs with Vince Ratti (Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer) @ the Skylight and started to make a name for themselves through energetic and intense live shows. Check out songs from their latest EP "OCEANS" out now!