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Prodigal Sista

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Prodigal Sista:
“..exceptional talent that goes beyond most vocal artists…voices of angels bringing the world of romance and joy to captivate the audience for hours.” Jo Gomizel, MGF.

Kim Mullins and Celine Davies have seamlessly merged their considerable talents to craft the dynamic female vocal duo, Prodigal Sista.

Prodigal Sista focus on songs which have a positive influence; Kim and Celine’s varied musical background and cultural influences show through Prodigal Sista’s distinctive mix of rnb, jazz, folk, Latin, pop and funk. They aim to create a buoyant, up-beat ambiance whenever they perform.

Prodigal Sista spent two intensive years developing their own sound; a mélange of smooth vocal arrangements, viola and acoustic guitar with modern sounds and drum grooves. The duo is at once irresistibly enjoyable, unique and memorable.

Kim and Celine each had successful performance careers before their paths crossed, Kim performing here in Australia and Celine in France and Spain before making Australia home eight years ago.

Kim studied music from an early age, experimenting with a number of instruments along the way before focusing on voice. Kim’s experience led her to perform at premier events across Queensland, including headlining the opening event for Festival Cairns with the Kim Mullins Band.

Celine has performed at many prestigious concert halls and theatres throughout France and Spain, including the L’Olympia theatre in Paris. Her studies in jazz voice and classical viola from an early age lend a classically-trained element to the duo.

Kim and Celine discovered a unique chemistry, naturally complementing each others’ talents. Two gifted women from opposite sides of the globe were pre-destined to meet in a small corner of North Queensland, Australia. They forged a friendship, and Prodigal Sista was born.

Kim and Celine’s musical compatibility shines through their current songwriting project, their recent collaboration producing six new songs within a short week. Prodigal Sista is continually developing their own unique style and their international appeal suggests a burgeoning recording career and exciting times ahead.


Return To Love

Written By: Kim Mullins, Celine Davies

L’amour et une pierre precieuse.
Oui je sais que c’est dur de se sentir seul,
Mais notre amour te fera survivre.

Love is a gemstone.
Yes I know it’s hard to feel lonely,
But our love will make you survive.

Lying alone in your bed
Impossible thoughts in my head
You don't have to do it alone
It hurts justy as bad on your own
So hold me close, I'll make it alright,
Let me be there for you, let me be the one

Unleash your fear
Release your love
Accept what I can give to you
Unwind with me
I know it ain't easy
Receive and you'll return to love

No more careless conversations
(I know you care)
No more nervous reservations
(I'm not going anywhere)
Your history is under lock and key
Rest you head on my heart, let it be
There comes a time, when you need to share
And lay down all of your troubles with someone who cares
Just trust in me, c'mon and let it go


Sometimes you will find people willing to be there
So why let the chance pass you by?
When it comes to the heart don't let thoughts drag you down
Your heart is your life, your life is your own

Spoken word:
Tu sais que je t’aimerai, je t’aimerai toujours.
Laisse toi aller, profite de mon amour.
Recois mon amour et l’amour te reviendra.

You know I will love you, I will always love you.
Let yourself go, take advantage of my love.
Receive my love and love will come back to you.



Releasing first ep at the end of 2008. Two demo tracks currently streaming on