Prodigal Son Hood

Prodigal Son Hood

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Complex, Diverse, East Coast Mentality, Unpredictable, life Lesson, Street Knowledge, Poetry, story telling,freestyle type I learned from Reasonable Doubt, Ill Matic, All Eyez on me, Ready 2 Die, Tha Carter 2, and The Documentary


When I was 10 years old I stole my fathers CD player, he had Lil Wayne 500 degrees which became my first ever Hip Hop album I listen too. In 2002 I started writing, at first I used to write poems about my neighborhood, and the girls I used to like, then in 2005 I bought The Documentary by The Game, and after that I knew what I wanted to do. I'm from the East Coast and I love Hip Hop from what it was to were it is now, this is my life its more than music.


None... but I have over 60 songs recorded and 162 freestyles recorded that i been holding on too

Set List

There might be about 4 to 5 songs usually 3 to 4 minutes long