Prodigal Sons

Prodigal Sons


Prodigal Sons is a 5 member band who is very passionate about music and is giving our talents to the Man. We have decided to use our passion for music to reach out to a lost world. Our songs are inspired by his love, life, and his influence on our own lives and the effects he has had on them.


We have all walked away if only for a moment.That is our motto.It represents every sinner that has ever walked this green earth.We are a five piece that could not be any more diverse as individuals but when we play we come together for one common goal:To spread the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Ben Houdersheldt is on vocals and is a father of four. Fatherhood has definitely opened his eyes to the unconditional love of the father. Rob Dettinburn


Just finished our first four song EP called "Its contagious"

Set List

We have a set of our own music of about 10 songs.We also cover other mainstream worship songs when we play churches or other venues for worship.We are pretty flexible in that we will play to our time restrictions for the show.